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iStock_000056911340_WellnessI brought out the grab bag for this week’s fitness pomp and circumstance. I’ve included a slew of topics that will keep my A.D.D. readers quite happy.

Get to your physician for your yearly physical. Guys are notoriously bad about adhering to this. There are some men who haven’t turned their heads and coughed for the good doctor since the summer before their eleventh grade soccer season. Go get your checkup. They even have male nurses now who can take your vitals and instruct you to disrobe.

Situps will not solely get rid of that gut. They will strengthen your abdominal muscles but you will still have that layer of fat over them. However, you still need to continue those situps.

In addition you will need to watch your diet and perform some kinds of cardiovascular activities in your weekly plans. Over time all this work will pay calorie and fat burning dividends and you will indeed see something strange in the midsection. Those will be the abdominal muscles.

Try walking around your living room instead of sitting when you watch the next big football game. Clear some space and walk like an Egyptian. You’ll burn off those nachos and pizza much faster than if you were simply affixed to the love seat.

You could even safely toss a small ball back and forth to your friends in the room during the game. As long as you’re moving you’re burning calories. Just be careful around the vase and remember Bobby Brady and his experience with wayward ball throwing in the house of Mike and Carol.

Try eating exotic fruits. There’s the pepino from Peru, the mangosteen from Southeast Asia, the jambolan from Hawaii, and the tamarillo from Sri Lanka. Turn this into a scavenger hunt and see how many exotics you can uncover in your city’s grocery stores. Your body will give its highest regards to you for the added health benefits.

Try something vastly askew from your normal routine today. Get a group of friends and go skydiving. Go to a different denominational church than you would usually attend. Sing Quiet Riot songs on karaoke night at that dive straight bar in the suburbs. Just leave the Barbara Streisand T-shirt hanging in the closet on that particular night.

Help the lady in apartment 6C move her furniture and boxes on her moving day. The 56-year-old dame will likely offer you some lemonade or possibly a pint of your favorite lager for your efforts. Your reward will be a great physical workout and twenty virgins when you enter heaven.

Use a condom on that guy you meet at Club Regal Beagle tonight. There are plenty of excuses out there though: condoms take away the sensation, the guys you meet say they are disease-free, and condoms interrupt the intimate moment. Stand your ground anyway and use that prophylactic. Your immune system will gladly show its gratitude tomorrow, next week, next month, etc.

That’s some clever stuff. Huh? It’s not only the clanging weights and the treadmill that will get you health and fitness results in life. It takes a whole village of ideas. There are plenty of ways to approach your well-being. My noblesse oblige dictates me to encourage you to move your thinking cap outside of the box. The torch is in your hands now.

This apple a day advice is brought to you by that guy with an ounce of prevention. That pound of cure guy is Ron Blake and you can send him a stitch in time at

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