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The Art of Wellness

iStock_000038456146_The Art of WellnessMost of us exercise to maintain a youthful appearance or to feel younger than our age. Get in a healthy mindset by turning back the clock and looking at all the old memories. Retrieve those boxes of nostalgia from your elementary school days. Life was so simple and so much fun when you were reading comic books by flashlight on top of the bunk bed. It was also full of wellness and promise for the future.

In a recent survey in Reader’s Digest, older adults said they would worry much less about so many things in life if they had the chance to go back and do it again. They looked at all those problems that were allegedly such problems when they were in their prime adult working years. They now realize it all wasn’t worth the additional stress they put upon themselves.

You are only a memory away from that youthful vigor and wellness. Get out an old painting you did when you were in 2nd grade. Dust off the snowman sculpture you created in art class when you were 9 years old. Look at the class picture from 1980 and imagine being back in a time when all that mattered was the baseball game at the next recess.
Find your Peter Pan moment and use it to create your current foundation for healthiness and happiness. I will share a poem I wrote in the fall of 1978 in Mrs. McCollough’s 4th grade class at Foreman Elementary back in Hobart, Indiana. It reminds me of all that was good back then…and still can be now.

What is Orange?
Orange is a firecracker glowing at night.
Orange is the sunset sparkling so bright.
Orange is the flame after a rocket ship.
Orange is the pumpkin that can hop and skip.
Orange is the car painted so beautiful.
Orange is your hair on your skull.
Orange is the leaves that fall off trees.
Orange is the stripes on cougars, tigers, and bees.
Orange is a rainbow so bright and clear.
Orange is the paint you smudge and smear.

It’s 3:15PM and the bell is about to ring; I’ve got to go now. My friends Rick and Dave already have their jackets and homework in hand and are lining up at the door. The crisp autumn air and the afternoon possibilities await our arrival outside. Life is really good!

This article of wellness is brought to you by that guy with diamond dreams. That guy with his hat of hope is Ron Blake and he can be found wishing upon a star at

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