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Just around the corner

Social Chaos: Bill's Briefs


Writing these articles well in advance of the publication dates, I invariably learn of some worthy senior LGBT news too late to make it a topic. I do have two topics this time, however. First, it is flu shot time. Don’t bother telling me, like the anti-polio vaccine people, you’ve never had the flu and so don’t need it. For seniors this is very important. A young person might easily withstand a bout with the flu, but for a senior it could be the end. For most of us it is free; if not, the cost is minimal compared to the cost of treatment.

The second advance notice concerns Halloween. It is just around the corner. Come on. Decorate the house, porch or window. Better, put on a costume or at least a crazy hat and attend a party or seasonal event. It is not childish; it is fun. Once you see some of the imaginative, wild (and naughty) costumes parading around that night, you’ll realize it is definitely not for kiddies. Not on Normal Street! Get out and walk the streets; you remember how. You’ll have a fine time. The spirits here in Hillcrest allow for a great laxity in what is appropriate, so don’t lose this once-a-year opportunity to get dressed-up and be what you’ve always wanted to be. Time’s a wasting. You won’t regret it especially if you participate as a couple or group.

Luckily, being LGBT opens the magic door to costume/fantasy dreamland. While you still can, join in the revelry. Last year I went as Friar Tuck, but was asked if I was Dopey or a lawn dwarf. Oh well, it was fun.

Sorry. No dishwasher


The disconnect between us seniors and the youngsters (definition up to you) is often mind-boggling. Many cannot write in script or add without a machine. Here is another example, my visiting grand-niece offered to “help with the dishes” by which she meant putting them in the dishwasher. Not having one, I explained the stone-age process including scrubbing the pots and pans “This is hard,” rinsing “Ow, that’s hot” and the purpose of a dish towel “But they’ll dry by themselves.” Viewing her tackling the large bunch of silverware I handed her was priceless. It was like a kindergartener’s first encounter with scissors. I pictured her faced with a dial phone or carbon paper.

On the other hand, she finds my Internet and iPod antics hysterical. Adjusting to the new and recognizing the fading usage of the old is often difficult, yet there is no alternative. Fighting the reality of change is a big mistake and impacts time and blood pressure.

The recent, positive changes in our LGBT lives unfortunately came too late for many, but we certainly wouldn’t want to go back to the status quo of even a few years ago. Laments and criticism about modern ways and the actions of the young have in the case of some seniors reached the point of effecting their own happiness and well-being. Furthermore, such continuous negativity brings the possibility of becoming the detested old grouch everyone shuns.

We must try our best to adopt a positive acceptance of change. And let’s admit pushing the button is easier and faster than dialing. And as for carbon paper, do I have to remind you?

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