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Haunted HouseEnjoy the frightful delights of this haunted house story with 1980s song titles mixed into it. I love Halloween just about as much as I love 1980s music! Have fun finding as many of those songs from that great decade as I had writing this ghastly tale. I counted 84 musical hits in this warren of wickedness!

It was a strange twist of fate that suddenly brought us together that October night all those years ago. We were too old for trick-or-treating, but too young to drive cars in pursuit of some naughty girls. We figured we’d just cherish the moment anyway and bust a move down to that haunted house. We truly had an obsession to get inside that old place and it was the perfect way…on Halloween.

It was late in the evening when we finally got up the nerve to walk our way into the twilight zone at 123 Sentimental Street. The house was known for its notorious past and we eventually found ourselves inside of it and at the point of no return.

We were shaking from head to toe and lost in emotion as we held our flashlights with limited control. The musty air and cobwebs were bad and could’ve been there for many years it seemed. We slowly ascended the staircase and our hungry eyes surveyed everywhere for anything out of the blue on that crisp autumn night that seemed like a hazy shade of winter.

We entered the bedroom at the top of the stairs and walked ever so slowly step by step. Our desire to never surrender to our fears led us to the foot of a bed. The filtered moonlight entered from the dirty windows and had cast an electric blue upon our horrified faces. Hysteria nearly overwhelmed us. Upon that dusty bed was a view to a kill…a blood-stained dress.

Somewhere out there someone must have heard our voices carry from the collective shout of horror that emerged from us after our nasty discovery. We ran out of the room and raced round and round down the stairs in a state of shock to the front door.

The handle turned time after time, however it might as well have been just another brick in the wall. It didn’t seem true that the door wouldn’t open and it appeared we were going to have to stay the night. At that point the look on all our faces showed that we just hoped for the chance to live to tell our scary tale.

The sound of human footsteps came from upstairs and we tried our best hangin’ tough even though we thought we were in trouble. It is hard to say how quickly we sprinted to the kitchen while we managed to hold on tight to our electric torches in our urgent breakout from the entryway. We should’ve known better that the kitchen windows were stuck shut too, and what should have been nothin’ but a good time had fast become shattered dreams for all of us.

We again had heard footsteps and they were coming from down under in the basement this time. A new sensation of trepidation gripped us like a monkey on our backs and it seemed like there was a devil inside that place.

We stayed together forever after hearing those new footsteps. We thought that whoever or whatever wild thing was there would never tear us apart if we were in a group and not alone. Every little step we then took brought us closer to that front door for a second chance of freedom.

We maintained some faith that we’d escape. We fumbled with the door knob for the longest time and one more try indeed worked. The door opened and we soared like the night owls away from that house of horrors. We were dazed but we ran like wild boys to where the old man down the road lived. We all thought at the time we’d have a heart attack and our legs and muscles would give out as we raced against the wind through the shadows of the night.

We were head over heels happy to be alive and kickin’ after that ordeal. We looked back at the house and saw two candles glowing in the upstairs bedroom window. Those eyes without a face flickered for a few moments and then were extinguished like a candle in the wind. It’s a sin we didn’t have a video recorder to capture our frightening experience in our small town.

You might think there are no such things as ghosts, but we are believers. We felt something so strong that night that we will always remember. The house still sits there; waiting for visitors on the dark side of town. Happy Halloween everyone!

This tale of macabre mayhem is brought to you by that ghoulish guide of heinous horror. That big-haired guy with his Members Only jacket is Ron Blake and he can be found sleeping in his crypt at

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