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Fitness after the Jack O’ Lantern is gone

The Art of Wellness

SeasonalThe end of the Halloween season will be just the start of Rossini’s William Tell Overture and all the weight-gaining chaos that is forthcoming. Your waistline is on manifest destiny alert and could conquer even the mightiest of your belts if something isn’t done in time.

The great holiday season has a way with adding excessive baggage to men, women, children, and even the family dog. I’m no veterinarian so I’ll stick to what I know…helping humans stay fit in this joyous last quarter of the culinary year.

Be prepared to tackle Thanksgiving as your first big test. No one wants to insult grandma or Aunt Bertha by not eating as much turkey and fixins as they possibly can. Those matriarchs spend plenty of time preparing their autumnal piece de resistance and expect you to show your love and appreciation. Don’t go overboard! Keep the eating in moderation and show your love through a kiss on the cheek or by giving a pretty rose in a vase.

Then gather up your will power for all those happy holiday parties. There’s the bowling league party, the office soiree, the homeowners association fete, and the Rotary Club gala. Whatever the name and wherever the location there is certain to be enough food to feed the entire football team from St. Mary’s High School. Pace yourself and leave something for your stomach’s imagination.

Find time to talk a lot. If you’re talking it’s probably not likely you’ll be eating says Miss Manners. People have a tendency to start eating from the horn of plenty when they are nervous at a social function. Do yourself a favor and sidle up to some strange faces and strike up some new friendships. It will increase your networking skills and decrease the likelihood of weight gain.

Go easy on the booze! A couple of martinis never hurt anyone. Three martinis and six beers usually have a way with packing on the pounds and often lead to more gluttonous behavior. Reputations and dignity can also feel the ignominious sting from overindulgence which can lead to some embarrassing office holiday party behavior.

Set your limits before reaching the festive destination. Only eat at determined intervals or avoid particular foods. Decide when enough is enough and hold firm to your plan. Don’t get distracted by all the high pressure tactics of the cheese, meat, and chocolate platters. Resistance isn’t futile!

Don’t think that you need to attend every holiday party that you’re invited to. You should only RSVP to a handful of functions if you’d like to make it through to 2010 with your sanity and a respectable weight. Make decisions about when you are available and what is most important for you to attend. Commit to a party a week and enjoy the moderation of the great season!

People don’t plan to fail. They fail to plan. You have the great gift right now of being able to plan out your holiday party calendar. It is exciting to know that you hold all the power in deciding if there will be weight gain during your countdown to the ball drop in Times Square. Plan to succeed!

These words of wellness are brought to you by that guy who is still himself when divided by one. That charming quotient is Ron Blake and he can be found dividing his time at rblake5551@hotmail.com.


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