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Thanksgiving: For a foodie there is no better day of the year!

The Art of Wellness

Homemade Thanksgiving Turkey on a PlateIt started about 46 years ago. I began to eat…and I liked it. And when you like food; there is no better day of the year than Thanksgiving. Watch as I gobble down everything in the cornucopia. I’ll even let you know how I do it and stay high school skinny.

I will eat pretzels and chips. There are always the pre-party snacks with the festive Macy’s Parade and the two games of televised football. Thanks Mom! We nearly forgot about the sour cream and chive dip…what a good call.

I will eat stuffing and gravy. It will not matter if it’s made in the kitchen or bought from a store. I will eat it at the table or while sitting on the floor.

I will eat turkey. There will be white meat and dark meat and it will be a tough decision as I try to decide. I’m certain I’ll end up taking samples of both; whether they’re baked or they’re fried.

I will eat green bean casserole. It’s warm, crunchy, and delicious and makes my mouth water. It’s so good; I might even swipe that last bite from the plate of my brother’s four year old daughter.

I will eat mashed potatoes. I like ‘em lumpy and steaming hot with just a pat of butter. Please oh please pass that bowl; I don’t think you heard me stutter.

I will eat biscuits. Don’t make me buy a vowel, request a consonant, or solve a silly puzzle. Nothing will stand between my taste buds and great food when its fluffy goodness they want to nuzzle.

I will eat corn on the cob. I will type 60 words per minute while I eat from left to right. You better believe I won’t have any misspelled words from my first to my last bite.

I will eat pumpkin pie. I will dollop whipped cream on it just to get the right flavor. Don’t make me ask twice; I will make sure I’m on my best behavior.

I will eat salad. It will be mixed with juicy tomatoes, crispy cucumbers, and pieces of savory bacon. If you thought that salad is just for girls then you’re obviously mistaken.

I will eat potato salad and coleslaw. Those are staples of every great summer picnic and it appears someone invited the wrong food. But alas, I have included my favorite side dishes as my plus one; do not be rude.

I will eat chocolate cookies, brownies, and fudge. A day like Thanksgiving isn’t complete until these treats are given a salute that’s truly respectable. Watch out, here come the ice cream and spoons to make it even more delectable.

I will eat and eat and eat this fourth Thursday in November. I will also not worry and worry and worry about all those calories I will befriend on this day. I know everything’s going to be just fine for me.

I run 208 days of the year and I work-out 156 days of the year. Find what works for you and make exercise a routine in your everyday life and you’ll have so many more days like this to enjoy throughout the year…without the guilt. Happy (and healthy) Thanksgiving to all you pilgrims and Indians out there!

This article of eat one out of house and home is brought to you by that guy that seldom strays from the eaten path. That guy that hates to eat and run is Blake and he can be eaten a bite at a time at rblake5551@hotmail.com.

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