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Thank you Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio

It is without question that Marco Rubio exposed the major flaws in Donald Trump’s candidacy at the most recent Republican presidential debate: his questionable business practices. Whether it was defrauding Trump University students, manufacturing a line of ties offshore, or hiring undocumented workers, Rubio put Trump’s conservative hypocrisy front and center.

Unfortunately for Rubio and Cruz, it is a day late and a dollar short. Trump is going to win a lot of delegates on Super Tuesday and create an insurmountable lead. What that means is either Trump will be the nominee or have the nomination ripped from his hands at a brokered Republican Convention. Either way spells a win for the Democratic presidential nominee, likely Hillary Clinton.

If Trump goes into the Republican Convention with the most delegates but not enough to win the nomination, there will be a floor fight like no other. Those delegates for Cruz will never support Rubio and vice versa. So Trump may be the compromise candidate which is the Republican establishments worst nightmare.

The Cuban dual between Cruz and Rubio has no signs of abating, so both will stay in the race to the bitter end. Each racking up delegates that will stay with their candidate to the bitter end. How will this impasse be resolved at the convention? Only heaven knows.

No matter what the outcome of the potential Republican fight, in the end the Democrats benefit, thank goodness. Marco Rubio has given the Democrats a gift, he has put on display Donald Trump’s weakness: his business dealings. As a business leader for most of my life, it was clear to me that this was going to be Donald Trump’s Achilles heel. You don’t build a multi-billion-dollar empire in the construction business without turning a blind eye to the immigrant status of many workers. In Trump’s case it was Polish immigrants without the appropriate documentation. Worse, Trump paid them very low wages.

I am absolutely gleeful that the Republicans have created their own prisoner’s dilemma. If the Cruz and Rubio campaigns could work together they would be able to get their desired outcome – a loss for Trump. But Cruz will stay in the race, as will Rubio, which will create a Trump ascendancy. Neither Cruz nor Rubio is willing to let the other win. Either Cruz or Rubio could drop out and endorse the other, creating a big problem for Trump. Don’t hold your breath.

So I want to thank Marco Rubio for exposing what all Democrats know, Donald Trump is a business billionaire who has screwed the American worker. By the way, Rubio I guess you are one of the immigrants who can’t spell, choker is spelled “choker.”

Stampp Corbin


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2 Comments for “Thank you Marco Rubio”

  1. Trump has been the best thing to ever happen to the Democrats and Independents. I wonder who the Log Cabin Republican club is going to endorse?

  2. As trump wins delegates democracy is at work, it is unfortunate that people the author included discount that. People are seeking change, there is not one person in this race who doesnt have skeletons in the closet. If the candidate is trump the only reason they will loose is because the party is so fractured over it.
    There is huge support for trump in the republican voter base, who would have thought? Why would his support be any different in the republican voter base?
    It will not, that is what no one realizes. Trump embraces his criticism and hillary continues to try and belittle it.
    The people putting trump forward are americans tired of the status quo. Many republicans thought trump would not get this far. Democrats are saying he will never win. Its not about him, its about what the people want, open your eyes

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