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Bill is not perfect …

Editor’s Note: The original version of this editorial said Bill was reelected, the scandal actually happened during Clinton’s second term. Thanks to all our readers who noted our error.

With that simple phrase Hillary Clinton can completely disarm the attacks about her husband that voters expect from Donald Trump in a general election match-up. Even stronger would be for Hillary to add “and your former wives have had a lot to say about your imperfections Mr. Trump, as I am sure you know.” As my grandmother would say, “that will cut Mr. Trump to the quick.”

The last thing that Donald Trump wants is to talk about the allegations his first wife Ivana made in their divorce proceedings. Allegations of physical and verbal abuse that are clearly stated in a deposition given by Ivana. Ultimately the divorce was granted based upon the “cruel and inhumane treatment” of Ivana Trump by Donald Trump.

Having an affair is a far cry from “cruel and inhumane treatment” of your spouse. Sure, an affair is not the highlight of anyone’s relationship but couples get over affairs all the time, as clearly the Clintons have. Bill Clinton had an affair with an aide that was consensual, he then lied about the affair to the American public, was acquitted of all charges, and was forgiven by the American public. Those are the facts, now what does that have to do with Hillary Clinton’s qualifications to be the president? Nothing, which is evidenced by Trump’s contributions to Hillary’s election campaigns in New York.

Yet voters know that we can expect Trump to try to humiliate Clinton because of her husband’s actions. I just hope that Hillary embraces Bill’s imperfections, admits his mistakes but adds the additional sting of Trump’s own actions against his former wife Ivana that led to the Trump divorce. That will shut Trump up quickly. The last thing that Trump wants during the general election campaign is the spousal abuse allegations made by his former wife being rehashed. Because in the end, the only outcome is for him to call his former wife a liar, or for Ivana to say she made false allegations against Trump which is perjury. Neither situation is one that Trump wants to go on for a couple of news cycles. After all, he needs those pesky female votes to become president. Being an abusive husband probably is not the path to victory.

Hillary, just remember Bill is not perfect, but he is so much better than Donald Trump.



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2 Comments for “Bill is not perfect …”

  1. I am pretty sure Ivana Trump has already reversed herself on those allegations
    of physical abuse.She wants to stay on his good side and Marla Maples as far as I know has never made any claims whatsoever.There is plenty to attack Trump on but you will never get it from those two

  2. Get your facts straight about Bill Clinton. He was impeached during his second term after he was reelected.

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