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A little metaphor for what your life could be!

The Art of Wellness

iStock_000013049543_WellnessI know a little frog that used to live an average life at the bottom of an average well. He doesn’t live there anymore. Here is the story of Blake the frog and his journey for more than average.

Blake lived a relatively happy life at the bottom of his little well. He had what he thought was everything he needed. He could survive and live by his meager ways and have an average life right where he was at.

Blake had an epiphany one day that maybe he should try to venture to the top of the well and see what existed there. He took a chance by scaling up that well wall one day.  There could have been a scary new world that he was not ready for. There could have been a world up there that was not worth climbing up the wall to see.

Blake was amazed at the sight he beheld as he reached the peak of his journey. There was so much sky to see and so much more of everything to look at. He saw a pond near the well and decided to explore this body of water that was so much larger than his liquid cubicle at the well bottom.

This pond was teaming with many fish, ducks, and other little frogs. Blake was ecstatic about his discovery, but was not through with his aquatic travels. He found a river that flowed away from the pond. Blake jumped into the rivers current and went with its flow.

He soon found that his river took him past numerous ponds and vibrant forests on his riparian meanderings. The river finally opened into a massive expanse of water. Blake had only heard about things like this, but it appeared that he was at an ocean.

The size of the ocean was impressive and it stretched beyond his eyesight. This ocean presented so many more seemingly endless opportunities for Blake.  All the awesome moments that were just waiting for him to put a beginning to them were now all around him. He had come a long way baby!

He only needed to take that first step to leave his comfort at the bottom of the well. It was a big first step but it brought him to a place that he had had only read about and dreamed of.

Yes, this is a simple little metaphor for what your life could be. It does however beg the question, “Will you ever leave the bottom of your well?” There are plenty of challenges at the top of the well. There are also plenty of rewards attached to those challenges at the top of that well.

Make it a goal that you will begin your explorations and head to that well top. Prepare for the many and varied opportunities that are out there waiting for you to discover them. Anytime is a great time to expand your horizons! I hope to see you some day in that great big ocean with Blake!

This article of Yes I Can is brought to you by the guy with all of the answers to none of today’s problems.  This omnisciently challenged guy is Blake and he can be reached at rblake5551@hotmail.com.

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