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The one finger salute from Secretary Clinton?

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Is Secretary Clinton giving the trans community the one finger salute?

Well, it seems like it to me.

Before I start here, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a #BernieOrBust gal. If Secretary Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate for president this November, she has my vote. And, I vote.

But, I want to know where Secretary Clinton stands on the issues I care about most – transgender civil rights issues. I care deeply about ordinary equality and social justice for the transgender people of our nation, be they trans women, trans men, genderqueer people or gender nonconforming people. These are all my community siblings.

And, my community has public issues that need addressing across a broad spectrum. We have public basic civil rights issues, such as housing, employment and public accommodations issues. We have public access issues regarding access to appropriate healthcare, access to appropriate identification documents and equal access to education. And, my community has civil rights issues around immigration, incarceration and open military service that need addressing.

The Trans United Fund’s 501(c)(4) created a questionnaire that asked the three remaining presidential candidates in the two major parties what their stands are on transgender public issues. Here’s a sprinkling of the questions:

• Do you support access for trans people to medically-necessary transition-related healthcare, as defined by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and support by the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association?

• Do you support rules for allowing trans servicemembers to transition, socially and medically and to be protected from discrimination?

• Law Enforcement – Trans people, particularly trans people of color, face disproportionate rates of negative interaction with law enforcement, arrest and profiling, detention and imprisonment, particularly for victimless crimes. Research shows that nearly half of trans people fear to approach law enforcement officials when they are the victim of a crime. How would you address discrimination by law enforcement systems and work to reduce the negative impact of these systems on trans communities?

• Incarceration – Trans people are disproportionately more likely to face discrimination, be subject to solitary confinement and face sexual abuse in prison, jail and detention systems. How would you reduce incarceration of trans people, prevent discrimination against trans prisoners and mitigate violence against trans prisoners?

• Immigration – Trans immigrants face higher barriers to emigrate to the U.S., to obtain asylum, to obtaining appropriate healthcare, and to find work that allows them to remain in the U.S. Moreover, trans people that are subject to immigration-related detention face staggering rates of violence and sexual abuse. How would you work to ensure trans migrant populations are properly cared for in the U.S.?

There are many more questions, and some as tough as or tougher than these. Sen. Bernie Sanders answered the questions, and was very supportive of the transgender community – but he’s not likely at all to be the Democratic nominee for president at this point.

If Secretary Clinton doesn’t answer the questions on the questionnaire, she’s not on record on what policies she does and doesn’t support, and what she can say she’s taking a defensive posture on without saying she broke a promise to the community.

I’m guessing Secretary Clinton’s campaign is calculating we’ll vote for her whether or not she fills out the survey – better not to be on the record having promises to break or giving ammunition to the Republican opposition – the fairly unpalatable Donald Trump.

What pressure is there that we can bring to bear to get Secretary Clinton to answer questions from the trans community? Because it will take pressure for her to respond, I’m sure.

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3 Comments for “The one finger salute from Secretary Clinton?”

  1. Secretary Clintons proactive actions for Transgender rights at the State Dept speak much more strongly than words on a questionnaire . Yes, her powerful and unequivocal words in favor of the Equality Act speak pages… But the unequivocal fact that her record on trans rights is so positive should be overwhelming
    Give me a candidate who has walked the walk and the only one is Clinton!

  2. Haley Nighbert

    Hillary Clinton was against gay marriage until 2008 when she ran against Obama. That is the first time she said she supported it. Before this she was adamantly against it saying marraige is between a man and a woman. And she wont give an answer as to what changed her mind. When asked about this in interviews she bullies the interviewer for asking that question. Yet another example that she will say anything to get votes.

  3. Haley Nighbert

    And she is not the only one who has walked the walk. Look up what Sanders has been doing for the past 50 years. His convictions have always stayed the same. Everything his campaign is about is what he has been fighting for since he was a young man. He truly and HONESTLY walks the walk. Hillary is a proven liar. I was actually glad when I heard she was running until I realized what a completely untrustworthy person she is. If she and Trump truly end up being our options it will be devastating.

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