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Todd Gloria should endorse Chris Ward

Todd Gloria

As many of you know, LGBT Weekly does not endorse candidates because we believe that our readers are smart and when informed make the proper decision. Last week, many in the LGBT community were shocked by Mayor Faulconer’s endorsement of District 3 candidate Anthony Bernal, a Democrat, running against candidate Chris Ward, also a Democrat and the frontrunner.

After making strides within the LGBT community, Faulconer literally flushed his goodwill with our community down the toilet. District 3 is known for producing promising LGBT folk who go on to higher office. Chris Kehoe, Toni Atkins and Todd Gloria. In fact, many people believe that the District 3 council seat guarantees LGBT representation on the council.

Everyone knows that the way the council districts are drawn, there is an African American seat, an Asian seat and a Latino seat; guaranteed. Can you imagine Faulconer going to District 4 and not supporting the African American candidate and suggesting someone of another race win the seat? Of course not. That would be political suicide for Faulconer. Yet, the mayor felt that he could meddle with the LGBT seat and endorse Bernal who is straight.

Faulconer should have taken a page out of Todd Gloria’s book and remained mum on the election. Gloria is in a quandary because Bernal has been a trusted aide but he knows that District 3 has been the launching pad for great LGBT politicos in San Diego. I think Gloria should endorse. After all is Gloria’s loyalty to his staff member or to our community at large?

I can understand why Faulconer would stick his nose in the race; Bernal would be a Dino (Democrat in name only) were he to win. Worse, Bernal has taken money from the Lincoln Club, and are your ready … Doug Manchester. Yes, the guy who helped fund the Prop. 8 campaign that eliminated same-sex marriage. Faulconer bragged about his leadership on same-sex marriage through the Mayors for Marriage Equality at the Harvey Milk Breakfast last week but noted he is still an anomaly in his party. I agree. So when Bernal got donations from the conservative Lincoln Club and Papa Doug, I consider that cavorting with people that dislike our community.

Republican money, Republican endorsements, so how is Bernal a Democrat? I think we need to keep the tradition of electing progressive Democrats for city council in District 3, like Kehoe, Atkins and Gloria. That means there is only one choice June 7; I am voting for Chris Ward.

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2 Comments for “Todd Gloria should endorse Chris Ward”

  1. That $1100 that Bernal took from Manchester will be the most expensive money he ever takes.

  2. How funny that at the beginning of the piece it says “, LGBT Weekly does not endorse candidates because we believe that our readers are smart and when informed make the proper decision.” Then at the end it says ; I am voting for Chris Ward.” That editorial sounds like an endorsement to me.

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