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The pulse of Pride

Social Chaos: Bill's Briefs


This year’s Pride will obviously be of great significance providing a chance to show our strength and resilience. A reportedly large number of non-LGBT supporters will be attending this year. How can we do less? I can’t believe I’m saying this: Come out and join the “straights.” It is not over-reacting to be nervous and I am not ignoring the possibility of a disturbance by some homomiasmic nut-case (a clinical term), but such bullies and bigots can only be defeated by bravely confronting them in unity with our allies.

This new support and enthusiasm will give the weekend a tremendous surge of power and make the festival and parade more meaningful than ever. The spunk, gumption, vitality, etc. which showed through last year’s torrential downpour must be at full throttle again to combat a more potent menace and enemy than some rain drops.

Let’s not forget the fun: rev your cycles, wave your flags and put on your fab outfits. BUT (the wet blanket arrives) with the expected influx of first-time attendees and their kids, please keep the naughtiness good-natured. The evening activities are the place to strut your sinful sauciness. Even then, remember, the guardians of our public morals will be on guard against any Folsom Street imitators.

After the parade, I will take the first shift at the FOG (Fellowship of Older Gays) table. My “Ye Olde Kissing Booth” suggestion was met with exceedingly unkind comments, so look for me at the “Cool Zone,” an area with free bottles of water, snacks and a spot to rest. Stop by and say hello. Wherever you fit in the LGBTQXYZ mix, get a friend or join a group and be there.

Remember your answers

Surrounded by mysterious, modern wonders, we depend on help from the young with their pads/pods glued to their hands like Linus’ blanket. But we, who cannot maneuver through the cabalistic intricacies of the Internet, cannot completely escape participation in that mystic world since we must deal with credit cards, bank accounts, doctor’s records and, for some, web sites of various and secret proclivities. All of these demand we provide the inevitable security number or password.

The panic sets in as the seconds tick by and the mind reels with a thousand possibilities. We have been warned not to choose 12345, the fiendishly clever 54321, one’s birthday nor single digits like 4444. What else is there? I settled on a never-to-be-solved number: my birth day, my sister’s birth month and mom’s birth year! It didn’t work. I couldn’t remember which was which.

Then came the choice of “secret questions.” I chose spouse’s home, childhood friend and best movie. As you may have guessed, confusion reigned between the various choices: Tokyo, Tokyo Japan or just Japan. One tiny mistake is fatal and who in elementary school knew how to spell names? Was she Sindy, Cindy, Sindee, maybe Sidney? Who knows what I had written. Likewise, which movie? Of course I (and you too!) should have made a note.

My new semi-reliable system is to answer all questions with the same one-word name or number/date. The machine just wants the space filled. For example, place, color, food and pet topics all get “charles.” If necessary, I add 69 at the end. Robots can be sneaky, so I record it all on my password page. I plan to anyway.

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