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Look for the positive in life every chance you get

The Art of Wellness

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I’m filling your cup with something amazing today. I’m filling it half way, but don’t worry … it will be half full. And that will make all the difference in the world and help you get to healthiness.

Your life will improve dramatically the more you view everything around you as being half full instead of half empty. It all starts with that morning cup of optimism or pessimism.

That lady in the BMW just cut you off in traffic. She was probably on her phone texting and just doesn’t care what happens to people around her. All those rich women think they are above everyone. Or there is the half full version of this incident. She just did not see you in her rear view mirror. She is really a wonderful person with a nice personality. And she worked hard to buy that beautiful car.

The neighbor guy stares out the window so much. He is such a Nosey Parker and wants to know everyone’s business on the block. He likely has nothing better to do and is kind of creepy. And then there is a half full version of this. The neighbor Omar is a very quiet and shy man. He is also an artist and he looks out his big window occasionally to find his next muse for painting. Many pieces of his artwork are in several museums. He is so cool!

The loud mouth guy at work was on television the other day. He did an interview with one of the big networks. It is about a project he has been working on. All he has been doing these last two days is talking about that darn interview. He is such a narcissist and has such a massive ego. He just wants to let everyone know he was on TV and brag about it.

Now when we pour that cup half full we get quite a different taste. This guy worked for two years to bring attention to a new gun law that he worked diligently on getting passed. His son was murdered by a man that had a gun illegally. This guy is just excited about seeing the new law in effect. He is passionate and super excited about helping others now. He is not self-centered at all. He’s amazing!

The doctor told you there is a slight chance you have colon cancer. One of your relatives had this type of cancer and you are over 50 and are showing some symptoms. You immediately took this slight chance and increased it to only having six months to live. Let’s re-pour that cup to half full. You eat really healthy foods and you do not smoke. You run and workout frequently. Your recent symptoms could just be from the stress of your divorce. Some additional testing will likely rule out cancer.

Look for the positive in life every chance you get. If you look for the negative then you will find it every time. And that’s not a fun life to live. It is most certainly not a healthy way to approach each day. Look at your cup today and decide what kind of day (life) you want to have. Here’s to drinking up healthy and happy!

This wellness is brought to you by that guy whose cup runneth over with hope. That guy with a fantastic future is Ron Blake and he and his red Solo cup are at rblake5551@hotmail.com.

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