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The Art of Wellness

drawing with yes or no choiceThe house stopped spinning and there was a thud. Everything was quiet and then she opened the door with her little dog too. There it all was beautifully laid out in front of her…and in color. Say goodbye to that insipid black and white Dorothy! Life is full of amazing colors and why not have fun with ‘em all. But that black and white can still pack an amazing punch and especially when it comes to simple “yes” and “no” answers. Your fitness answers can and should also be just that simplistic.

Did you exercise today? Maybe is not an adequate answer and will have Professor Snape deducting 10 points from Gryffindor for the reply. Look yourself in the mirror and answer the question. You either did find time today to exercise or you didn’t. Bring accountability to your life with basic yeas or nays.

Were you able to drink at least eight cups of water today?  There’s a bet in Vegas called the over-under where you guess the combined scores of the two teams playing. You bet the cumulative score from both teams will be higher or lower than the predetermined score of the designated game.

It’s black and white with the gaming officials in Sin City and it’s the same with this water intake question. If you didn’t get your eight cups today then you lose. Place your bets you’ll be over that established number tomorrow. Yes is the desired response and will help increase your odds of a winning hand.

Did you get your three meals in today? Before you answer in haste, let me establish what a meal is not. A meal is not a bag of Funyuns from the vending machine. A meal is not two cigarettes and a Mountain Dew. A meal is also not a Snickers bar with a steaming cup of Joe from the corner greasy spoon. Anything less than yes is not healthy and indicates area needs attention. Thankfully tomorrow is another day and the hope is that you’ll be noshing on breakfast, lunch, and dinner then.

Did you take any prescription pain medications today when you didn’t have any pain? Candor is your buddy in this situation. A simple yes or no can at least identify if there is indeed a problem. An answer in the negative is the preferred reply. An affirmative answer is going to lead to more pain in the future and you will be regaled with the ignominy of the Price is Right horn music! Popping these meds to feel better about yourself will only harm your overall wellness. Be honest with your yes or no.

Did you use effective sunscreen over the weekend at the neighborhood street fair? Effective sunscreen according to most dermatologists has an SPF of 30 or higher. Anything less than this is unsafe and is allowing your skin to be damaged when in the sun. You aren’t as likely to encounter as much sun damage if you live along the balmy shores of Lake Superior than if you live along the white sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast. Start making it a habit anyway and punch your ballot with a yes. Hanging chads will not be accepted!

It was such a simpler time back in the day! A handshake was a binding document, families gathered round the table for supper, and it was five cents to see a black and white film at the movie house. Take your health back to those golden days and start giving some simple answers to some simple questions.

This wellness article is brought to you by that nickel and dime guy. That numismatic guy is Ron Blake and you can drop a coin in his slot at

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