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A Stunning Defeat

I attended what was thought to be an election victory cocktail party for Hillary Clinton. The jovial mood over several hours turned into that of a wake and finally a funeral. Clinton’s stunning defeat is hard to accept but we have been here before. A two-term Democratic president yields a subsequent presidential election where there is a stunning victory for Republicans; George W. Bush.

Back in 2000, many people thought how could America elect a thin-intellect, frat-boy like George W. Bush? I don’t need to remind you of the mess Bush wrought; the grand recession, the wars in the Middle East, and a massive attack on the LGBT community through state anti-marriage legislation.

I also think about 2008 and the defeat of Proposition 8. Many asked “How could California defeat marriage equality legislation”? The answer was simple, most of the same voters who defeated Proposition 8 in California are mirror images of those who helped elect Trump; angry White conservative voters who also live among us.

Trump tapped into White anger; anger about the loss of rust belt jobs, anger toward undocumented workers, anger toward LGBT people and anger about their perceived loss of status in America. Now, these angry White people have “taken their country back.” What is so alarming is that college educated White voters went for Trump. College educated Whites decided that electing a misogynist and a racist was better than a perceived corrupt Clinton.

Clinton’s defeat indicates that white America has bonded together across social and economic lines to say “Wait a minute, we are still here, in control, and still run the show.” It is a sad commentary on what I believe to be the permanent divide in America, Whites trying to go back to a time where they didn’t have to deal with “illegal aliens,” people yelling “Black lives matter,” or yelling “we’re here, we’re queer, get over it.”

Let the backlash begin. Obama’s executive orders preempted by new ones from President Trump. The Supreme Court will now become a body issuing conservative rulings that will extend beyond my life on this planet. Get the bricks, time to build that wall.

A little less than half of America has gotten exactly what it wants, a boorish, white man who makes racist, misogynistic and anti-immigrant comments.  The next four years are unknown, but we are in for a bumpy ride. What scares me is many of us will forced to sit on the back of the bus.

Stampp Corbin


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  1. Agreed. Also, I resist the urge in the national press to say that poor white voters are angry and we have to acquiesce. They are no more angry than poor black voters have been for decades – and rich white people voted for him too. Their agenda is not more important. They did not vote for someone with a good plan to help them out. He has not one political strength but instead offers the simple, brutal force of sexism and racism and religious persecution.

  2. For the first time in my life, I am truly sad and very scared of what has happened to the United States and what is in our future with Trump at the helm. It is very scary that people have been conned.

  3. Thankfully the US won’t have to deal with another installment of the Clinton Crime Family in the White House.

    Thankfully the LGBT won’t have to deal with the betrayal when it comes out Hillary has no interest in supporting LBGT rights.

  4. Stampp –
    For many Americans, last night’s election results and today’s aftermath are a major shock. Virtually no one predicted this outcome, and many are still trying to process not only what has happened, but more importantly, what will happen next. Last night was historic for a number of reasons, but primary among them is how the political pundits, media and even the polls dramatically missed calling this outcome.
    Let’s all start by recognizing that the Republic has endured shocks to the system before, and that for more than 200 years has always endured, prospered, thrived and remained the sole destination in the world for those seeking better lives for themselves and their families. While much of the recent campaign rhetoric was about nostalgia for the past, American is and will remain a people and a country that is focused on the future and the issues that matter most to all of us – job creation, economic growth, and a better life for all Americans. Today may be a surprise, but the future of our country is not in doubt. Stampp, America will persevere, and so will you.

    • I have to disagree; the outcome was predicted.
      The problem was the propaganda the lamestream media was putting out. CNN and others had been caught oversampling democrats, cropping images of Hillary’s events to give the impression they were packed with people, and many other tricks to give a false impression of her popularity. The truth could be found elsewhere, the alternative media had the truth, including DNC emails describing how they would oversample to give the perception of Clinton being far more popular than she really was.

      The way Clinton screwed over Sanders turned many democrats to Trump. The early on statements made by DNC leadership “Your Vote Doesn’t Count” as they stole Colorado and other states from Sanders caused a lot of bad blood, and is responsible for wounding the democratic party.
      Both Trump and Clinton drive a wooden stake into heart of their respective parties.

      You have only yourselves to blame for the shock of what transpired on Tuesday, had all of you done your homework, seen the truth for what it is, and not followed blindly when Sanders was deposed as the party’s popular candidate the outcome would have been very different.

      Grass roots republicans have known what a sham their party was for decades, they backed Trump because he was not from the inbreed establishment, they actually wanted changed not lip service.
      They did something about it.


  5. George W. Bush, thin-intellect? Yale and Harvard aren’t intellectual enough for you? You were simply a vote to Clinton, who is the thin-intellect?

  6. Mr. Corbin claims it was the same white voters who supported Trump who defeated marriage equality in California.

    In fact, it was black and Latino voters who were much more against marriage equality than whites.

    As for Bush “creating the grand recession,” it was President Bill Clinton’s HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo who started that ball rolling when he ordered Fannie and Freddy to buy $2.4 trillion in sub-prime mortgages over a ten year period starting in 1999 (HUD Press Release, HUD No. 99-131, July 29, 1999.)

    It’s unfortunate that demonizing whites and distorting facts is the best we can get from our “progressive” gay leaders. Maybe white Americans — gay and straight — are banding together because they are tired of being attacked and shamed by the left, which plays the race card at every opportunity.

    Hillcrest is about to be bulldozed under and replaced by high rises filled with affluent straight yuppies thanks to a community plan update overseen by our gay councilmember Todd Gloria, but our gay leaders don’t care about that.

    Instead, they analyze everything in terms of race, gender and class, turn people against each other, and shove their extreme left wing agenda down the throats of the gay community. No thanks. LGBT Weekly is getting thinner and smaller for a reason.

    • All the development in the world won’t deal with the homeless people urinating and decaffeinating in the streets, there are plenty of third world cities with new shiny buildings, but the homeless still accost passers by and those passers by have to put up with the stench of politics as usual and big money forcing crappy new developments upon the city’s population… Those new apartments won’t house the homeless or for that matter an old woman on a disability pension.

      When it is all said and done, the people who actually live and work in Hillcrest will still have to put up with the smell of urine and shit in their community. The Gay Ghetto, is turning into a Gay Slum


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