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In response to ‘A stunning defeat’ (Nov. 10 issue 212)

Dear Editor,

I believe you (Stampp Corbin) are wrong, this is more a stunning victory for Mr. Trump. For you to blatantly and in a transparently racist rhetoric, lay your predominant blame with “angry white conservative voters, who also live among (amongst) us”, is nothing but self-delusion. Mr. Trump gained amongst black American votes as compared to Mitt Romney, as he did with Hispanic American votes. But much more than this, Hillary Clinton self-destructed by her lies, corruption, pay to play schemes, her accurately perceived unworthiness to be trusted, Benghazi’s fiasco, where men were brutally raped, beaten and murdered while Obama slept and she did nothing. Like Susan Sarandon stated, “I do not vote with my vagina” and as a gay man, who is a Berkeley graduate, as a Navy/Marine Corps veteran, I do not vote for criminals simply because I am gay and a registered Democrat.

Mr. Trump did not tap into “white anger” he resonated with disgruntled Americans of all color, so quit your divisive remarks and pandering to falsely perceived racism behind his win. It should not alarm you that “college educated white (again your racist tones at work) voters went for Trump”.

Thinking and educated Americans of all color and race did. Your ridiculous comments about him being a “misogynist and a racist” are idiotic and unfounded. Publish your absolute evidence to substantiate such a boldly false statement!

Clinton’s defeat shows that Americans did not trust her, and I suppose WikiLeaks lied too, correct? They canned Deborah Wasserman Schultz for her corrupt activities tied into undermining Bernie Sanders and Donna Brazile was fired by CNN for fraudulently feeding Mrs. Clinton questions prior to the debate!

You call Mr. Trump “a boorish, white man (here is your racism surfacing transparently, yet again!) who makes racist, misogynistic and anti-immigrant comments”. Let me correct your misinformation here, first he is not anti-immigrant”, he is anti-illegal lawbreaking felons, who knowingly break this country’s federal laws, to gain for themselves an unfair advantage over those pursuing to follow the lawful route to become legal immigrants, lo entiendes? It just happens to be the undeniable truth that 99 percent of illegals/aka lawbreaking felons are from Mexico!

Mr. Trump has an extensive track record of hiring many women for management and executive positions and I am certain that every one of them would disagree with you! Hardly a “misogynist” as you so ignorantly label him.

Again you show your distinctly racist inclinations by writing: “Clinton’s defeat indicates that White America (again your racism and ignorance are evidenced) has bonded together across social and economic lines to say… we are still here, in control, and still run the show”. For someone of your alleged education and open minded thinking, this is so disgusting and I am “stunned” by your appalling rhetoric.

The “permanent divide in America, whites (here you go again with your obvious racism) trying to go back to a time “, is laughably insulting to our intelligence, and to yours as well!

I ask you a pointed question, what did Obama really do for you, as a black American and what did Hillary do for you, or would she have done for you, in your thinking?

Quit fearmongering, quit being a “doomsday prophet,” quit lynching Trump and burning white hot crosses on his lawn! He is not the evil enemy you portray him as.

Oh and by the way, I am half Hispanic and half white, a registered Democrat and a man with a conscience, which is why having a felon such as Hillary Clinton for a Democratic candidate, not only offended me morally, but pushed me to vote for Donald Trump! I blame the DNC, Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile and all their cronies who had their claws in many fraudulent and unethical activities! But most of all I blame Hillary Clinton!

So please drop your racist rhetoric and blame. So suck it up and pray that Mr. Trump does well for all of us, united!




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7 Comments for “Letters”

  1. I love how trolls, after regurgitating every bit of anti-Clinton GO/TEA P rhetoric, conclude their rant with, “oh, and I’m a registered Democrat”. Yeah, right.

    • COme on Maxx you can do better than that, just call the author a troll and walk away?
      The worst mistake the Democrats made was backing Hillary Clinton, had you folks had the good sense to back Sanders you would be crowing instead crying now.

      Trump and Sanders had one thing in common; they both were not establishment candidates. They both represented a departure from the one party we had before they ran for President. When Clinton stole the primary elections from Sanders that pissed off a lot of you Democrats, many of you told your friends you would vote for Hillary even though you hated her…
      Turns out many of you voted for Trump, true story.

      Every recount that has now been carried out gave Trump more votes. Trump was right the election was Rigged.

      So maybe next time you folks won’t be spectators, you will actually get to know your candidate and if they are worthy, get off your asses and support him or her.

      I supported my candidate..


  2. Many good points in Dahlberg’s letter.

    If whites have “united” to support Trump, that should be a surprise to no one.

    We have a terrible legacy of slavery and oppression against blacks in this country.

    On the other hand, no other country besides our own has been as willing to address such injustices as the United States, and it began doing so soon after its founding when slavery was outlawed in many Northern states.

    A predominantly white nation — Britain — outlawed slavery in its colonies and stopped the Atlantic slave trade in the mid-to-late 1800s.

    There was much resistance to this banning by people of color in the colonies. After all, slavery had been practiced on all continents, by people of all races, for centuries. It wasn’t just “white thing” as so many historically ignorant people (including college graduates) now believe.

    Then came the American Civil War, which at least in part was fought by the North to end slavery — at the cost of hundreds of thousands of white American lives.

    One hundred years after the end of the Civil War, mandatory segregation was ended in the South and equal rights became codified in the Civil Rights Act.

    Going well beyond that, affirmative action programs were established under which whites could be — and still can be — legally discriminated against in favor of non-whites in order to make up for past discrimination. And I would note that such discrimination doesn’t just favor blacks, but any person of color — even if they just arrived in this country.

    Then came the election of President Obama in 2008 and 2012 — something that couldn’t have happened without white support.

    This all happened while whites were the majority. They didn’t have to let it happen, but they did.

    However now we have liberal college professors and left-wing political activists who insist that just being white makes you racist. The charge of “racism” is thrown at whites just for disagreeing with someone who isn’t white. Looking for the “white boogeyman” has become a major sport on the left, and it is pervasive in the liberal media, the universities and in politics.

    The Democratic Party has forgotten its original core constituency of working class whites. Instead, it has chosen to separate non-whites from whites and “defend” those non-whites from an often imaginary or merely assumed white racism.

    The Democratic Party has even gone so far as to care more about illegal immigrants than about American workers — black and white — in need of jobs.

    The overall message from the political left and from Democrats is that whiteness itself is evil and that the nation needs to become “brown” — the sooner the better.

    Ironically, the biggest contributors to this racial hatred — and that’s what it is — have been white people, not people of color. White people who think it is “cool” to be against their own race (but not against themselves, of course!)

    Well, when people hate you on the basis of your race while claiming to be against racism, and when they discriminate against you on the basis of your race while claiming to be against discrimination, then you begin to recognize that those people do not have your best interests at heart.

    People don’t vote for people who hate them. The Democratic Party needs to wise up to that fact. So do gay leaders who go along with the Democrats and the left.

    How do they think it feels to be hated for being white — in addition to being gay? Gay white males are the only people in this society who can be LEGALLY discriminated against on all three counts — for being gay (in many states), for being white (affirmative action preferences) and for being male (affirmative action preferences.)

    The Democratic Party needs to examine its own racism and hateful rhetoric. And it needs to learn to value individuals instead of groups. Until it does that, it won’t be winning many elections outside of its traditional strongholds of California and New York.

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