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New Year ramblings

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When my laundromat dryer didn’t work, I joked it needed a new wringer; the attendant thought I meant the timer bell. And so, as our parents did, we realize our world is slowly receding. It has been taken over primarily by the computer and its allies. Their growing power restricts not only our communication with those younger, but alas, has crept into my crossword puzzles. It’s as bad as asking about the 1967 Heisman Trophy winner or a car question. I never knew a Pontiac from a Hudson. Of course, I’m a whiz dealing with Photoplay or Confidential.

My building’s new minimum age of 55 has resulted in some un-met neighbors who are still working. Last week I was lucky to meet a recently moved in hunk: muscular, full head of hair, looked 40! The encounter was less than auspicious. Sucking in my gut to the edge of a hernia, I introduced myself oozing youth and charm. All for naught. Mr. Not-that-hot replied formally, “How do you do, sir.” Aaagh! I felt a hundred and expected him to offer to help me cross the street.

To tell the truth, age has produced some little changes. Chairs and car seats are a bitch to get out of. They are now so much lower and stairs so much steeper. Then there is the problem of putting on one’s socks. You don’t understand? Wait. But we plug along: tomorrow is another day; every cloud has a silver lining, onward and upward, etc. Corny, but still true.

Whether you are a fan of recent events or not, 2017 promises to be exceptional. I cede the bitching and moaning to the youngsters. Condemn me if you wish, but I am going to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. A fabulous and health-filled New Year to you all.

Another year. Don’t waste it.

Here it is 2017 and many of us seniors realize how different the world is from the one we left behind when we came to San Diego. We told people it was for the weather, but in reality the draw was the established LGBT community here ready to welcome us. This was especially true for those newly emerged from the closet who decided to spend their senior/retirement years within a circle of friends who offer the freedom and acceptance once only dreamed about.

Time passed and now too often we stay home, watch the box and remark, “I’ll do it tomorrow when I have more time.” Hey, tomorrow is here and “it” needs doing. The will to do the task can be enhanced through social activities which also improve our mental and physical health.

San Diego, our long sought haven, is the place where we can join/participate/socialize amongst others with whom we can openly discuss topics long forbidden and secret. We can comment about the man or woman on TV who turns us on with others who will join in the discussion. The bars we couldn’t be seen in can now be fun stops with our friends. The dreamboat may ignore us, but face it, what would we do with him/her anyway? The camaraderie with its fun comments is the point.

While still able to participate, remember the phone works both ways. Call someone (maybe an acquaintance you just met) for a movie, coffee, trip to the mall, Balboa Park on a Sunday afternoon, etc. Keep busy; get information through the magazines or The LGBT Center as to events, clubs, volunteering. The list goes on. Embrace the offerings of this city we have adopted. Do not let these golden years pass you by.

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