San Diego Police are not ‘pigs’

Commentary: Conversations with the Mayor of Hillcrest

San Diego Police Sgt. Dan Meyer and Officer Christine Garcia will be honored at the annual Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast May 19.

The anti-police and chanting of “pigs” demonstrations at our LGBT Center against trans San Diego Police Officer Christine Garcia sadly did not stop there. We are in the age of social media and there has continued to be anti-police and Officer Garcia posting for all to see. Postings like “Abolish the police” and “F_ _ k her and f _ _ k all other pigs, She is no sister of mine” etc., but the worse was a cemetery tombstone with a skeleton head wearing a police officer cap that promoted “The only good cop is a dead cop”. Officer Garcia wasn’t the only LGBT police officer in attendance the night of the Transgender Day of Empowerment at The LGBT Center; there were about six LGBT officers including Police Sergeant Dan Meyer and S.D. County Deputy Sheriff David Meyers. Trans Police Cadet Lilly Rubenstein was also in attendance and was subjected to the hate.

The good news is that a vast majority of our community has rightfully been outraged at the anti-police incident at our Center, but about a dozen are continuing their attacks and hate through social media. It is a well-known fact that for the last two decades the biggest ovations given out to contingents in our LGBT Pride Parade by the crowds along the way are for PFLAG and San Diego law enforcement contingents.

We all know that these few radical extremist LGBT activists do not speak for our entire community, but their hate speech has definitely had its effect on all of our LGBT law enforcement officers and their families in San Diego County and I have heard from many of them, as well as non-LGBT officers.

So here are some facts: Of the dozens of transgender people murdered across America these last decades, not one has been by a police officer. Sadly, many of the trans murders have been committed by the victims’ boyfriends, dates or just plain homophobes.

​In San Diego, under such Police Chiefs as Jerry Sanders, Bill Lansdowne and now Shelley Zimmerman the working relationship with the LGBT community and the Police Department has been near outstanding. This includes our County Sheriff Bill Gore, who put in place the first LGBT Advisory Board and working with Carolina Ramos and Connor Maddocks, has installed a new trans protocol in all of San Diego jails for the treatment of trans inmates. Police Chief Zimmerman and Sheriff Bill Gore have given out their private cell numbers to many LGBT leaders and so have Police Officer Christine Garcia and Sgt. Meyer, to any of their fellow LGBT brothers and sisters who have complaints or have been subjected to any police mistreatment.

Attention LGBT community! As I have done for decades if any of you feel you have been mistreated by any police officers or deputy sheriffs contact me at: or 619-241-5672.

​Let me make it very clear that I absolutely know that there are some racist, homophobic, sexist police officers and police departments across this country. Yes in the 1970s I was not only beaten by San Diego Police officers but also the Los Angeles Police … and I led demonstrations against the San Diego Police and Sheriff Departments. I have gone on record about the police treatment of Will Waters (who recently committed suicide) and testified on his behalf in court. As I’ve said there are bad police officers, ministers, school teachers etc. But every day our law enforcement officers put their lives on the line for all of us. And just recently the terrorist killing of openly gay Police Officer Xavier Jugelé in Paris, France was a reminder of what our LGBT police officers and all officers face.

Police Sgt. Dan Meyer and Officer Christine Garcia are going to be honored at the upcoming annual Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast in San Diego May 19 and I know that they will both feel the respect and admiration of the over 1,000 San Diegans who will be in attendance.

To radical trans anti-police activists CZ Firestone and A.T. Furuya (who is on our LGBT Center staff) I can honestly say that the vast majority of your community does not support your extremist views and actions. Period.

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13 Comments for “San Diego Police are not ‘pigs’”

  1. A.T. Furuya needs to go.

    As for the rest of the TG fascists I want to know why they are not shunned by the community?
    All of you who turn your head and look the other way might as well be in league with Firestone and Furuya, and you should be shunned and driven out of the community.
    Take your Leftist Fascism elsewhere


  2. It’s amusing that Nicole is harping about hate on here. This is the drag queen that invented hate towards everyone that she/he/it has come into contact. From her days with the Update to the present, Nicole has attacked anyone and everyone she/he/it disagrees with. For those of you that are older, you may recall her fights with Queen Eddie which were particularly vicious. Do you recall her fights with Carl DeMaio before she did her flip-flop and endorsed him? For those of you that don’t remember the hilarity, Google is your friend. Recently, Nicole’s hate-filled attack on Jan Goldsmith was particularly embarrassing for our community.

    Nicole goes on the say that working with the past three police chiefs has been outstanding. Really? All three were about as transparent as a brick. Remember that just because they march in the Pride Parade, it doesn’t make them friendly towards our community. And trust me, they’re not. Zimmerman is a lesbian, but what has she done for our community? It’s still shoot to kill and ask questions later, make sure the cops have their body cams turned off, and don’t challenge her authority.

    Nicole, you are a hypocrite and the meanest, most hateful, most confused person I’ve yet to encounter. And you want to condemn hate while that’s been and continues to be your mission in life? It’s become your legacy.

  3. It’s a shame that donors money goes to support hate action by a center employee. I have talked to multiple pare to of trans youth who try to stay as far away from at as possible because if their spiteful actions towards people. Why are they still employed there? Donors are pulling their donations and rightfully so. The center should be ashamed of having an employee who such as this, especially to be in charge of the youth program? They owe the youth better, and the community.

    • Wow. You got some nerve. You really need to take a long hard look in the mirror. Look up the definition for vile, spiteful and hateful and there is a picture of you. Go crawl back in your hole and just go away already.

  4. Well said Nicol !!!

  5. Nicole is no ones Mayor funny that proclaims to be
    attacking the individual named at and firestone
    speaks about being beaten by police in the 70’s
    sorry Nicole this still happens today and this police issue is not just a trans issue
    its a people of color issue if you cant see it or want to see it then dont try to tell others what they can or cant say
    your rep is well known and your cheerleaders are but a few
    cruise by any neighborhood with folks of color, trans, lgb or otherwise and they will tell you what the truth is about Police
    the peoples voice counts get off your high chair

    • Maybe the people that get beaten by the police should consider their actions may have been a cause for that reaction from the police. I have had encounters with police and some of them ended up being profanity laced yelling matches. The difference may be I never once made a threatening gesture with my hands or stepped toward a police officer.
      In this day and age; in the gay ghetto you have to really get out of line to have a police officer get physical with you.


  6. William E. Kelly

    My thanks to Nicole and the others commenting on the article. But are we all missing the most crucial point. Exchanging words of anger to express differing perspectives rooted in valid but opposite experiences in any community as diverse as ours is counter productive. We seem to never run out of reasons to be angry in our community. We need to better understand that all anger has a source and cause that needs to be understood before it can be resolved. In any activist’s passionate pursuit of justice and equality there needs to be timeouts for taking a deep breath and toning down the inciteful rhetoric.

    Am I mistaken to think that areas of contention are better discussed between the disagreeing parties at a table where each has an opportunity to express their objections and concerns rationally? Differing perspectives born of valid experiences cannot be understood and mutually beneficial solutions found if everyone is shouting and no one is listening.

  7. In the comments here, you can see the element of what is wrong with the LGBT community, that small group who refuse to be tolerant and yet demand tolerance from everyone else.

    It’s a two way street guys.


  8. LizW

    A two way street, get out of here, in your comment you call individuals fascist and start off by attacking an individual
    Do you know the definition of fascist? C’mon
    “you really have to get out of line to have a police officer get physical…” wow
    believe what you wish but stop pronouncing that you know what is “wrong with the LGBT community”


    I appreciate your comment and agree
    however, we cannot stand idle and hope for the best

    as evidenced by the most current traffic stop report regarding SDPD which they did not fully cooperate with data was missing the picture is not good
    police as an institution is absolutely unfair to people of color, including trans
    individual police officers like mentioned in article should challenge the very institution they represent on these matters but they put loyalty to the badge before justice
    it is like days of old when house slaves had it better than slaves out in the field of the plantation and forgot of the pain of their own at the hands of the slavemasters

    lets not give Nicole no more space to attack people

    • I know the definition of Fascist better than you do perhaps.
      Given that some of you are aligned with Soros and Company, that makes you fascist. Youism. think you are not in alignment with a corporation you are.
      BAMN and ANTIFA are corporations that have the goal of destroying the nationalist governments and establishing a world government based on communism. You want to live under communist government, or maybe one that supports Sharia law?
      Get the hell out of the US, you are in the minority, even in the LGBTQQ minority. We want a free and open government, one that is based on the Bill of Rights and one that recognizes the First Amendment.

      We don’t want your valance based government that allows you and your kind to make threats against our freedom to speak as we wish.
      ANTIFA and BAMN are on their way out.

      The First Amendment Rules.

      Liz W
      A True American

  9. Veronica Zerrer

    I am so glad that Christine Garcia and Dan Meyer are being honored at this year’s Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast. Both professionals are examples to our LGBT young of strength of character and hard work.

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