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Will LGBT radicals shut down Pride parade?

Commentary: Conversations with the Mayor of Hillcrest

San Diego LGBT Pride | Photo: San Diego LGBT Pride

The San Diego Police Department and San Diego LGBT Pride have gotten word that a group of LGBT radicals along with Black Lives Matter activists are thinking about attempting to shut down this year’s Pride parade. This, after last month’s Washington, D.C. Pride parade was stopped for over an hour, and re-routed by about a dozen Black Lives Matter and trans activists. San Diego officials are taking these rumors very seriously and will be prepared for any attempts to shut down our parade by any group.

While I have discussions about this possible situation with police officials, including Police Chief Zimmerman and Pride officials, I cannot release all the information but can report that I have been advised that anyone attempting to shut down our Pride parade will likely be immediately arrested. Rumors are this “shut down” is supposed to be in front of the police, sheriff and law enforcement Pride contingent. Word is that the same radical people who showed up at The LGBT Center event honoring police officer Garcia are behind this possible action. My message to them is don’t even try because this time you will be arrested and taken to jail. A word to the wise.

Do not add black and brown to the rainbow flag

As a very proud Latino gay man I say “No” to those who want to add black and brown colors to our rainbow flag (Philadelphia activists have already done so.) So what about our LGBT Asian, Pacific Islanders and Native Americans? Why have they left them out? And what about our LGBT Caucasians? Should we also add the white color? Let’s leave our rainbow flag alone as it stands for all of us!

Eric Heinritz

Welcome Eric Heinritz

San Diego Pride’s new Executive Director Eric Heinritz has been meeting with LGBT community leaders and activists and is getting a very warm reception. Eric, who moved here from Milwaukee, where he was a director of that city’s Pride is a proud father of two beautiful young children and I believe he will do a great job. I believe he will create a new direction for Pride, improving its community relationship and communication. Welcome to America’s Finest City Eric, and we wish you every success.

LGBT event on naval base

An LGBT Pride celebration was held in Coronado on Naval Air Station North Island. In attendance were the base’s top command as well as LGBT military, friends and allies. A very special guest was Brigadier General David Brahms, USMC (Ret.). I was very honored to be asked to be a speaker along with CPO E. Giulian Jacobs, USN (Retired); Tracy Elbers; Jody Taylor, equality advocate; and Corporal Evelyn Thomas, USMC veteran, teacher. It was a historic and very prideful event with all credit to the leadership of LGBT veterans Mick Self-Loveland and Lisa Kove. Bravo to these two outstanding women.

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36 Comments for “Will LGBT radicals shut down Pride parade?”

  1. Who wrote this mess. I say “no” to the white washing and hyper militarization mentality this supports. Fear has no home here. “Radicals” my ass. #blacklivesalwaysmatter #getusedtoit

    • I suspect the so called “Mayor of Hillcrest” wrote this. But, even if not, LGBT Weekly is proving their own investment in the silencing and further marginalization of already oppressed ppl. The voices of indigenous folx targeted by Wells Fargo and its investment in DAPL, the voices of Black and Brown trans/nonbinary/gnc folx; whose forebears started the gay liberation movement, erased by non-Black or white passing queers. Melanated queers, you have nothing to lose but your chains and an entire movement to gain. #smashFASCISM #thisiswhatantiBlacknesslookslike

  2. Here’s a “word to the wise”: Anyone dedicated to their cause will not be deterred by the threat of being arrested.

  3. I’m extremely disappointed to see LGBT Weekly share content that demonizes peaceful queer protest and threatens to criminalize and incarcerate San Diego’s queer communities of color. This article is a perfect example of why these No Justice No Pride protests are happening in the first place — how are our black queer community members supposed to feel safe and included at Pride when organizers paint Black Lives Matter members as dangerous radicals who need to be criminalized?

  4. This article is trash and the person who wrote it is trash

  5. Shame on Eric Heinritz for allowing the Pride organization to conveniently omit any reference to Community Grand Marshal Susan Jester’s life long involvement in Republican Politics on her official bio on their website. What Cowards and hypocrites. I hope the Parade gets shut down if not just completely boycotted. They have gone to far out of their way especially with True in office to kiss ass to Gay Republicans.
    My letter to SD Pride and the local media.
    Dear Pride Director and San Diego Pride Board members,

    People of all gender’s and identities have great concerns with the current President and his agenda and behavior towards Women, Gay Rights, Immigrants and Science.
    It greatly concerns many in the San Diego LGBTQ community to see a what appears to be a supporter of the President’s Party and Agenda being named a Community Grand Marshal of our Pride Parade.
    I can think of no one less qualified to represent the San Diego LGBTQ community nor the national LGBTQ community than Susan Jester, a former head of the San Diego Log Cabin Republicans, and a Campaign consultant to many Republican Candidates

    To add insult to injury by choosing Ms. Jester, in your official bio of her on the SD Pride website it appears you have purposely left out any mention whatsoever of her connection to the Republican Party, her leadership at Log Cabin Republicans, nor her Campaign Consultant position.
    Why would you do that? Why would you willfully deceive the entire community about someone’s factual past histroy when you chose to honor them?

    Each and every one of you on the Board and Administrators responsible for this choice must answer to the community with the reasoning behind this insult to every single person in the LGBTQ community who receives any ObamaCare benefits, receives Cancer screening from Planned Parenthood, anyone affected by HIV/AIDS who receives benefits from any Medicaid sources, and more importantly every single woman in the nation who has been insulted by the President’s constant barrage of misogynistic insults, behaviors and tweets on a daily basis.

    I suggest you ask Ms. Jester the following questions and provide her answers in a timely manner to all local news media outlets and or a public forum for all to see, and include them in your bio of her on your website where they belong for the San Diego LGBTQ community to see for themselves.

    Have you publicly disavowed yourself from President Donald Trump, for his stream of insults Tweets, and misogynistic actions towards Women?

    Have you publicly disavowed or rejected the current Republican Healthcare Plan that would eviscerate funding for Planned Parenthood that provides essential Healthcare to Women for Breast and Cervical Cancer in addition to family planning?

    Have you publicly rejected the official Republican Party Platform that defines Marriage as between a Man and a Woman only?

    I understand that you may have provided essential services to those suffering from HIV/AIDS at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, but were you not also a supporter of President Ronald Reagan who’s inaction and inability to even acknowledge the disease was directly responsible for the disease’s spread?

    I feel the entire LGBTQ community in San Diego deserves to know your answers to these direct questions before your appearance and participation in the San Diego Pride Parade.

    Should you ignore this reasonable request for the reasoning behind choosing a Lesbian Republican woman as a Grand Marshal of the San Diego Community’s Pride Parade, I can only imagine how further your organization will be digging itself into a hole of public shame and rejection, and further isolate yourselves from the community you purport to serve.

    At this point there is nothing you do whatsoever to be Proud of, and you have shamed the community by your actions.

    Sincerely and #ProudlyResisting

    John Thurston

  6. Just an Observer

    If the rainbow flag “stands for all of us” then bring everyone to the table. Otherwise, you’re exclusive.

    -White supporter of BLM and other “radicals”

  7. Yikes. So tone deaf Nicole misses the entire point. Why are we still listening to Nicole? Please retire before you start condoning arrests of marginalized people. Oh, wait…

  8. Mixed race Lesbian

    I’m all for people protesting but when is the right time and the right place? Can’t Pride be a celebration of LGBTQ and a show of support for our community and the struggles we have overcome and the ones we still face? Why don’t these groups join and march in the parade? 20,000+ people are there, seems like better publicity to me. I don’t think already marginalized groups of people now protesting at each other’s events serves as much as a purpose.

    • Resident Killjoy

      You’re name sounds fake as hell. You obviously don’t understand your history. Learn about Stonewall then speak.

      • I do remember stonewall -I faught for gay rights not for the right to glorify killing police – attacking innocent people – burning down neighborhoods
        All people gay straight all races are welcome at gay pride- it’s not a protest event – if we let it turn into one – what next ? Kkk marching in to protest gays? It’s about us our community – they are welcome to celebrate with us but not welcome to cause trouble and make it all about them
        It’s not the black pride matters parade
        We work so hard for you to have Better life and you want to f it all up?

    • See what you did there? You said “LGBTQ” but the author said “LGBT.” The Q community isn’t invited, which is why folks have to “participate” in other ways

      • Geez it’s gay lesbian queer silly
        How many letters are you silly kids going to ad to it ?
        Just throw in the who alphabet and get it over with lol
        I remember when calling someone a queer was negative lol

  9. […] After delaying the 2016 LA Pride! parade for nearly two hours, Trans activists are taking on another California Pride event and are planning to block next week’s San Diego Pride parade, according to Nicole Murray Ramirez. […]

  10. Resident Killjoy

    Nicole Murray Ramirez is gross. Everything about him receiving an award is gross. I wouldn’t doubt there’s been some illicit exchanges in order for that to occur. F*ck them.

  11. Who's "radical?"

    Maybe we should arrest “radicals,” but we’re not at all on the same page about who that is. Why? Folks have been asking for intersectional analyses for forever, and LGBT Pride refuses. It’s been decades, and shockingly little has changed. THAT is the “radical” position – refusing to accept critique from the QTPOC community despite evidence, experience, and analyses from all kinds of people. By now, it’s refusing intersectionality that’s radical. Since the author is so anti- “radical,” would they be comfortable reading an article threatening them with arbitrary arrest?

  12. Patricia Sanderson

    I’m planning on attending my first Pride Parade with Indivisable, proudly wearing my pink Planned Parenthood hat from the Washington DC Women’s March and wearing my Black Lives Matter pin right up front. I’m not Gay and I’m not Black. I’m just proud to be marching for all the humans on this planet who struggle every day and want a just and peaceful planet. Let’s relax and have some fun together.

  13. Nicole was a radical (in the same negative tone that she used it above) once. She’s a sellout now, having bf etc had a full time job In her life. She been paid for so many times over that it’s unlikely she even remembers having an original thought. I hope the protestors do shut the corporate parade down and shake this community up. Get WOKE people. They are coming for us all.

  14. This article seems written by a fascist. When did Nicole lose his activist roots and become a tool of the patriarchy? He insults the grand tradition of protest by people of color and the LGBT community by siding with the “authorities”. I don’t care if I have to crawl out of the hospital, I will protest just because he told me not to!

  15. Look at the sock puppets coming out of the woodwork.

    Could it be there is upset and division in the Gay Mafia.
    I don’t know what all the butthurt is about, Nichole only said people would be arrested if the parade was disrupted, not demonstrated against.

    Protesting an event is as American as it gets, disrupting an event is clearly fascist. The central problem being; the far left has become the Neofascists that have infected this country like a venial disease.

    Liz W

    • Disrupting the protest is fascist? The protesters are asking pride to give ONE sh*t about the LGBTQ people who are literally dying in the streets. Pride now only stands for a small majority of the LGBTQ community most LGBTQ people I know do not feel welcome there or even feel unsafe. If you say the protesters are fascist you must also think that Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, (two of the TPOC that started Stonewall) are also fascist? Somehow in your mind fighting to not be killed is the same as a totalitarian government that tries to kill marginalized people? It’s just absurd…

      • Oh Please dial the hysteria back a few notches…
        No LGBT person had died in the streets here from police abuse in I don’t know how many years.

        If you feel unwelcome or unsafe at Pride, then don’t go or start your own Pride event. That is the American Way.

        Stonewall is vastly overrated, and is from a time that is most likely before you were born.
        Fighting not to be called is called Self Defense, rioting and disrupting events is called childish behavior.
        Why don’t you and the rest of your kind grow the Fuck UP.

        I transitioned in 1980, that might even be before you were born, the world has changed since 1980, Stonewall and has moved on. I learned long ago to dust myself off and move on, maybe that is why I don’t live in a gay ghetto and live in the larger society.
        I think it is time for you people to grow the fuck up and move on.

        You don’t like pride don’t go and crash someone’s else party.
        I’ll say it again Grow The Fuck UP.

        Liz W

  16. As we watch our democracy die an excruciating and mortifying death at the hands of the Republican Party, it is instructive to reflect on how the failure and betrayal of leadership among people of color, women, “progressives” and the LGBT community have allowed rancid fascism to go unchecked. The most recent example is this column by Nicole Murray Ramirez. Embarrassing. Infuriating. Simply wrong. Having attempted to clean up NMR’s messes in several critical moments in the last 8 years in our community’s history: LGBT City display, redistricting, Harvey Milk Breakfast, the ill fated Harvey Milk Diner, the Alvarez v. Faulconer Mayoral campaign to mention a few, I can tell you in no uncertain terms that his first priority is self aggrandizement, followed by doing the bidding of his right wing paymasters, followed by trashing whoever disagrees with him. I no longer believe that doing what is best for the actual LGBTQ community is even part of the equation. I am sure it once was, but it clearly no longer is. Our democracy and our LGBTQ community is fighting to stay afloat in a sea of homophobia, racism, sexism and fascism. This is just the most recent example that NMR is a giant hole in the boat. #timefornewleadership

  17. Just to be perfectly clear
    The people who put on the paraade have a right to do so.
    The people who want to bring attention to their cause have a right to demonstrate against the parade, even join in the parade.
    I for one would advocate Pride allow the protesters a place in the parade, to march.

    However that is where it stops.
    Anybody that disrrupts the parade, stops it, should spend the weekend in jail and stand before a judge on Monday morning, and explain their actions.

    Liz W

  18. See! People like this care more about their big businesses and their own party than the safety and well being of those at most risk in the LGBTQ community. Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera would be ashamed! If you support throwing LGBTQ people in jail for protesting injustice, you are on the same side of history as the police who raided Stonewall.

  19. Fuck them. Fuck them with as massive of a protest as you can. Fuck them for teaming up with and threatening us with the same institution of oppressors that necessitated pride in the first place. Fuck them for forgetting our own fucking history.

  20. Patricia: Pride is not for you. It is for us. Stay in your lane.

  21. The society for coherent writing

    Let’s summarize this piece: we have no idea if anyone will bother protesting this tiny pride event so let’s threaten them with arrest anyway that will get us noticed for once! Oh for no reason let’s talk about the Philadelphia pride flag. Btw something about a naval base.

    We the society for coherent writing have something to say to this writer — please stop. No we are not asking you to change your views, we are asking you to please just stop writing altogether. Reading your incomprehensible words are an affront to forming basic thought and we fear if too many read your fragmented word vomit humanity itself will revert to a pre literate age.

    Once again on behalf of humanity, please never attempt to write anything ever again.


  22. Someone at LGBT Weekly needs to fix the mobile site and place an attribution on this editorial (for those unfamiliar with NMR’s written flatulence).
    The striking shift in roles for Nicole who has broken untold numbers of vice laws, been arrested for pimping etc. to see her threaten others with the same police force as if she herself were commanding them. And then to compare that with the origins of Pride. To utterly fail to aknowledge the tyrany unfolding in front of our eyes, and the utter lack of leadership by the mayor she worships. LA got it right, San Diego, under the leadership of Nicole and those she approves are getting it woefully wrong. It is not enough to go on with business as usual. If there ever was a time that corporations needed to take a back seat to the activist origins of our Pride Parade, this is it. This parade needs to be an instrument that provokes us to action. I don’t support the anti police notions, but let’s not pretend all is right with our department and its relationship with our community and others. Let’s not pretend that the mayor who will show his face at the parade is a genuine friend to the homeless, the underpayed, the working class or that he is willing to stick his neck out in confronting this administration as they wage war on our rights. Nicole has come full circle to an auntie Tom.

    • Perfectly penned! So many have forgotten what SD Gay life was like before Corporate Sponsorship.

      • Oh Please, everything is corporate sponsored now.
        Please come and join us in the 21st century.
        Even Black Lives Matter has a corporate sponsor.
        (George Soros)

        Liz W

  23. What a bunch of spoiled “social justice warrior” brats.

    Completely brainwashed with lies by their “progressive” teachers and professors.

    It’s time to bring back the draft and have a nice “Vietnam War” to give these whining nitwits a sense of proportion.

    “Fascist” my ass! This is what happens when daddy isn’t there and spankings are illegal.

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