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Letters: In response to Nicole Murray Ramirez — ‘This aggression against protesters is problematic’

Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, president of San Diego Democrats for Equality, wrote this Letter to the Editor in response to Nicole Murray Ramirez’s July 6 commentary: “Will LGBT radicals shut down Pride parade?”

Dear Editor,

I am writing today in response to the commentary by City Commissioner Nicole Murray Ramirez, a person who has been an ally and friend to me for the better part of a decade.

Recently, we have heard rather martial language used against the members of our community who might protest or cause a disruption at the San Diego LGBT Pride parade. I think this aggression against protesters is problematic.

I am drawn to a quote by Martin Luther King Jr. who said, “Riots are the language of the unheard” and when asked to condemn those riots he asked people to also look at the reasons behind why they occur. He famously asked, “What has America failed to hear?”

We are not talking about riots today, we are talking about straight-up civil rights activism in the spirit of the Montgomery Bus boycotts; in the spirit of the marches which shut down roads from Selma to Chicago to Washington, D.C.; in the spirit of the sit-ins in the diners which at the time would serve whites only. What’s even more relevant is that this is in the spirit of Stonewall.

That’s why this protest will be a test for our community.

Nicole’s words to the protesters are as much chilling as they are ironic. The idea that protesters should be arrested for shutting down a corporate sponsored private event is not something we as a movement should embrace. To the contrary, we should listen and demonstrate with a message we know well: Love trumps hate.

These protesters will be members of our community bringing to light a very important issue that Black lives matter, that Brown lives matter and that Trans lives matter, and while we may disagree whether or not this tactic is fruitful we must embrace that this tactic is the very type of activism that brought us the Civil Rights Act; that brought us the Voting Rights Act and that brought us marriage equality.

If and when these protests occur I ask all of our community to listen and ask yourself why they are occurring. What are we, as a community, failing to hear? What can we do so that our family members who now protest Pride can feel that they are being heard and that their very serious issues are being taken to heart.

If we are truly “Allied in Action” and “United for Justice” then their quest for justice is inexorably linked with the LGBT struggle.

I ask that our community hear them out and if possible extend their hand in love.

I ask that the San Diego Pride Board of Directors and Nicole Murray Ramirez oppose the arrest or any harsh treatment of protesters exercising their First Amendment right to peaceably protest.

Maybe after their demonstration we invite them to march with us because what they are doing is in the spirit of Stonewall and it’s what Pride used to be about.

In solidarity,

Will Rodriguez-Kennedy
San Diego Democrats for Equality

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11 Comments for “Letters: In response to Nicole Murray Ramirez — ‘This aggression against protesters is problematic’”

  1. Indeed!

  2. Wendy Sue Biegeleisen

    Dear Beloved Ones,

    I just heard about the LGBTQA… protesters who will be at San Diego LGBT Pride Parade this year. We have had many groups of protesters including abusive fundamentalist religious protesters over the years and I believe we’ve had less then a dozen protest arrests since the late 1970’s.

    Police brutality and arresting our LGBTQA… protesters must NOT happen at San Diego LGBTQA… PRIDE!

    Many of us have worked hard over the years, since the first San Diego Lesbian and Gay March, to educate and dispel the stereotypes that police have had toward LGBTQA… people. (I of course include Nicole in our LGBTQA… educators.) Arresting our protesting family members is the wrong message to send San Diego citizens. We have all worked too hard to erase the progress we’ve made with the S.D. police and Sheriff department since Stonewall Riots.

    With the Occupy Movement actions, encampments and protests during the past 6 years, we saw horrible abusive behavior by police officers toward Occupy protesters and those innocent people having to live on the streets.
    I am very concerned this will happen again to those protesting members of our LGBTQAA… community.

    I’ve heard other people in our communities demand that they be arrested if any LGBTQA… and allies chose to protest. Pride has always made space for ‘counter protesters’. Why are some people demanding that LGBT Pride not allow the protesting from our own community members?

    To our LGBTQA… Protesters for Equal Rights, I am with you in spirit! I ask you to PLEASE remember what we brought to our community through ACT-UP, Queer Nation, Lesbian Avengers, SAME and other Activist LGBTQA… Equal Rights groups.

    The teachings of Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Quakers etc.
    Please be safe, stay hydrated and don’t give the cops a reason to arrest you and or abuse you!

    In Solidarity and Love,
    Mama Bear 
    Wendy Sue

  3. This! How soon can we replace Nicole with William on the city commission? Also when is Stamp going to shut Nicole down for good? It’s long past time to put her out to pasture. Hasn’t she embarrassed us enough?

  4. Here’s the thing, people aren’t going to listen, they will support the protesters bring thrown in jail. That’s a fact. Simple fact is the protesters are interrupting the masses fun and the feeling of oneness, with the group at large. If these protesters really want to be heard than think of another way. Otherwise they the protesters aren’t going to change anything at all.

  5. My partner and I along with many friends are not attending the parade this year because we don’t want to be caught in the middle of a potentially violent riot. See you all next year!

  6. Michael Thomason

    Well said, Will!

  7. About Rodriguez-Kennedy replacing Murray-Rodriguez in anything, he is equally as prone to being a person that acts in accordance to his benefit, and to his political alignment(s) than he is prone to act like a moral compass for the community. He is also an ineffective communicator, and a bully who uses his political lackeys as a mob to achieve his aims. While he has great points here, he is no better than Nicole.

    • Will Rodriguez-Kennedu

      Hey Ferd,

      I don’t think there needs to be any replacements. I am just sharing a perspective that I think needed to be share.

      I am a proponent of constructive criticism and open communications so if you would like to discuss any of these points please feel free to email me at wrodriguez787@gmail.com.

  8. What Luke said.

    Oh, and Ferd, you obviously don’t know Will.

  9. You Can't Handle the Truth

    What Ferd Said! And Yes, Will is a self-promoting, lying scumbag that does anything to increase his public profile…let little “Napoleon” know that he can never “measure up” to a Great Community Icon such as Nicole Murray-Ramirez is for San Diego!

    And if you don’t believe me, read this article as to the real reason why scumbag “Napoleon” was kicked out of the GOP:


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