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The after glow

Now that everyone is experiencing the post-Pride after glow, we should reflect on what has happened in the last year. In 2014, I was so happy about the gains that the LGBT community had made that I wrote a message about what 2024 might look like for our community. I was giddy with the possibilities for the LGBT community in terms of marriage and adoption. But I also cautioned about the total assimilation of the LGBT community; the loss of the gayborhood and potential LGBT gathering places. Now that all seems like folly. What a difference three years make.

President Trump has taken our nation backward in terms of rights for all minority groups including the LGBT community. GLAAD has a great study on 25 things that Trump has done that negatively affect our community. I made the mistake that many in the African American community made after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Some African Americans thought that discrimination was over. Other African Americans thought “we’ll see.” We’ll see won the day.

It is clear now that the “we’ll see” folks have carried the day about the future of LGBT freedom. There is still a struggle to maintain the rights that we have worked so hard to achieve. The Trump presidency highlights how fragile our gains are and that they can be rescinded or taken away at any moment.

Why is there a Black Lives Matter movement 53 years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964? The simple answer is in America equality is a journey with no pre-determined destination. The LGBT community should look to the African American struggle to understand that we must remain vigilant. What will happen to our community if another conservative Supreme Court justice is appointed by President Trump? Could they overturn marriage equality? The abolition of sodomy laws?

I hate to beat a dead horse, but once again I offer the opportunity for any LGBT Republican to defend their vote for President Trump. Are you shocked by his horrible policies against our community? Did you not think that he would appoint conservative Supreme Court justices? Oh, that’s right, he told you. Your hate of Hillary Clinton has resulted in fundamental damage to our community. Please defend it. Of course, I would also welcome those who want to express their regret for their vote. Please make your editorial 500 words or less.

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3 Comments for “The after glow”

  1. You keep saying Trump has taken civil rights backward, yet you cannot list an actual incident where this has happened. You and your ilk keep labeling his appointees as anti LGBTQ (whatever the fuck other letters you want to add)
    There has not been one piece of legislation added, or no regulatory changes made that has had a real world effect on any of the whole social alphabet soup.

    One more thing.
    I or any of us on the right have to justify anything.
    Most of us (especially in flyover country) are sick and tired of the political establishment, including the RINOs.
    We are going to push things back to the center.


  2. Instead of worrying about why gays supported Trump instead of Hillary, you should ask what it is about your agenda of bashing white males (gay or not) that is turning people in general off to “progressive” race-baiting and white male-hating politics.

    Just what do you have to offer other than division and finger pointing — which has now reached absurd proportions with threats to disrupt a pride parade because it doesn’t include every divisive, hare-brained, and lunatic left-wing scheme in its agenda?

    I would say you have nothing to offer.

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