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The assault on the LGBT community

Well it has happened. The Trump administration’s assault on the LGBT community is in full swing. A simple series of tweets by President Trump set off a firestorm concerning transgender military service. Then later in the week Attorney General Jeff Sessions asserted that the federal civil rights law does not apply to “gays.” A banner week for the Trump administration and the LGBT Republicans that voted for him.

In case you missed it, here are Trump’s tweets:

What does Trump supporter Caitlyn Jenner have to say now?

Elections have consequences, as does your personal vote. Caitlyn Jenner was so proud of her support of Donald Trump, as were many in the San Diego Log Cabin Republicans. Who could forget Gregory T. Angelo’s statement, then president of the Log Cabin Republicans at the time of Trump’s primary win: “Could Donald Trump be the most pro-LGBT president that this country has ever had? He might well be.”

Isn’t it ironic that one of the leaders of the San Diego Log Cabin Republicans is transgender? So, Log Cabin Republicans, what say you? I have offered you an editorial page to either support your president or apologize to the community – your choice. Log Cabin Republicans of San Diego President Gina Roberts indicated she would take me up on my offer once the organization addressed other more important and pressing issues; what is more important than the transgender military ban or the attorney general saying that federal civil rights law does not apply to “gays?”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided last week to fight workplace protections for LGBT federal employees. A signature achievement enacted by the Obama administration. Sessions wants to say that “gays” can be discriminated against in the workplace. With everything that’s going on in America, Sessions is focused upon deportation and ensuring discrimination against the LGBT community. This is what happens when Americans vote for someone who was going to shake up Washington. Trump is surely shaking it up and LGBT Trump voters need to be held to account or justify their vote.

I bet you cannot find one LGBT voter who will now stand up for Trump. Remember the gay guys that were interviewed at a Trump rally holding a sign that read “LGBT’s for Trump”? Where are they now? I am sure hiding their heads and avoiding all cameras and interviews. Shame is a powerful emotion. Asking for forgiveness will set you free. Caitlyn Jenner and the Log Cabin Republicans now is the time.



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8 Comments for “The assault on the LGBT community”

  1. I find it ironic that you and the transgender community won’t address the 500 ton elephant in the room the issue of gender identity disorder being a mental illness.
    You know damned good and well the military won’t take people who are mentally ill, they won’t take people with bad backs, asthma, overweight people and the list goes on. You and the transgender community just want something to bitch about.
    If Trump did anything to make you people happy you wouldn’t acknowledge it.

    So if you and your transgender brothers and sisters really feel strongly about this issue stop bitching and get GID removed from the DSM.
    Otherwise you and your TG friends have no credibility.

    Liz W.

  2. STAMPP CORBIN I’m enjoying my evening with my fellow LCR board members. I’ll respond to your comments later.

    • This should be good if the Left will let it see the light of day.

      Liz W.

      • Liz:

        You clearly do not understand who Gina Roberts is based upon your reply. Try to take some time to understand the political landscape in San Diego. It just makes you look silly.

        • Stamp;
          I most likely know more about the political landscape than you do, I have been breathing the air on this rock for just over seven decades and became politically aware in the mid 60s. I think I am fairly politically informed.

          Liz W.

        • Of course you don’t really know me either.


          • You are right I don’t know much about you except from Face book and what I have gleaned from the Internet.
            What fascinates me is how far to the right do so called LGBT conservatives go. Most likely not as far as I.
            I put the Constitution of the United States second only to the Word of Jesus Christ. (Note I did not say the Bible there are reasons for that.)

            But I really do want to know, we could have an interesting discussion I’ll bet.

            Liz W.

          • I don’t imply that I do. You simply need to reply on behalf of your organization to justify the actions of your president, Trump. I have offered you a page to justify your support. You keep stalling.

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