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My partner Scott and I are on vacation in Central Europe and really are getting a fresh perspective on what Europeans think of President Donald Trump. Most Americans seem to be embarrassed by the president and cannot answer simple questions posed by European citizens. Simple questions like, “Do you support Trump,” “Is Trump representing the views of the majority of America,” and “Do you think German President Angela Merkel will become the new leader of the free world”?

All heady questions, but you know Europeans take their politics quite seriously and many seem to be dumbfounded by our election of Donald Trump. Of course, Europe has its own set of problems, the alt-right party got 13 percent of the vote in the German presidential election winning seats in Parliament. Basically, Neo-Nazis have been elected to be represented in the German government.

Many believe Trump has allowed alt-right groups to come out of the shadows and espouse their hateful views. Which is their right. Yet, when an African American athlete decides to kneel during the national anthem, Trump thinks the “son of a bitch” should be fired by the NFL team owner.

Why did Trump not call for the firing of the alt-right marchers and protesters in Charlottesville? Were their views not as concerning to him as a few NFL players that are making their displeasure known about the treatment of African Americans in many parts of this country?

Trump loves divisive social issues but he always seems to come down on the side that does not support women, minorities or the LGBT community. America is used to dog whistle politics, like when Trump referred to Black Lives Movement protesters as “bad dudes” but there were “good people” on both sides of the Charlottesville issue. Why weren’t they good “dudes”? The answer is obvious and has everything to do with race.

So, the world is beginning to think that America has lost its way. As Americans, we have to stand by the results of the election. But if it is discovered that Trump was elected through fraudulent means, then what? The concept of our line of succession will be under scrutiny. Whoever thought the election of one president could put the concept of American democracy on trial for all the world to see? I hope those that voted for Trump understand their message is being received by the world, the American political system once considered the best in the world is now being challenged by our enemies and allies.



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  1. I guess you can’t see the difference between “Free Speech on the job” and “Free Speech on your own time”. The NFL is paying dearly for what they allowed to take place in the last few weeks, with players politicizing the game, even the attendees at games booed the players for their disrespecting the Flag, the Country and the National Anthem while on the job. I assume the players, moral turpitude clauses in their contracts not withstanding have the right to express themselves on their own time. Politics does not belong in the workplace, any idiot knows that.

    Free Speech as our laws define it is codified in our Constitution and affirmed in law, Political speech is only one of many kinds of speech protected in the US, even Hate Speech is protected in the US, but those protections only extend as far as our public lives and we are protected from any action taken by our government. We are not protected when we are at work, or acting as a representative of our employer.

    I support Donald Trump’s statement regarding the childish actions of a few overplayed cry bullies working for the NFL. Myself and many of my friends have sent the NFL emails expressing our disapproval of the actions of these cry bullies. The NFL has hired some PR genous to try and undo what has been done, many people put this country over a stupid game, and disrespecting this country just gives people more reason to find something else to do instead of sitting passive in front of the TV watching a bunch of overpaid actors play a stupid game.

    Thank You Donald, you hit this one out of the park.

    Liz W.

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