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Why support candidates just because they are gay or Latino?

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Stepping Stone

After watching Toni Atkins get attacked for endorsing the re-election of Sheriff Bill Gore I knew that I would also, and really don’t care and absolutely stand by my endorsement. And let me say that just because I am Latino and gay does not mean I am obligated to support and vote for a Latino or LGBT candidate.

I do not especially support gay candidates who suddenly support and become visible in our community a year or so before they announce their candidacy. Think about it, just because one supports a straight candidate over an LGBT candidate does not mean one is against the gay candidate. And, I absolutely will not vote for a candidate just because they are a Democrat. So keep on writing those nasty and ugly letters blasting Toni Atkins and I for supporting Sherriff Bill Gore because we and many others are sticking by this outstanding public servant.

Catholic bishops are true Christians

It was so good to see hundreds of Catholics and non-Catholics show up last Saturday for the special mass for LGBT families at St. John the Evangelist Church. For well over a decade Bishop Robert McElroy and Auxiliary Bishop John Dolan have been speaking out for the voiceless in the Roman Catholic Church and it was wonderful to see well over two dozen priests attend the mass.

While yes, Carolina Ramos and I have been working on this special mass for the past few months, full credit must be given to Aaron Bianco of St. John’s Church. Despite some antigay demonstrators and attacks and threats made on the two bishops (a special thank you to the police department, including snipers on the rooftops) many came out to support this important and historic outreach to our community like Mayor Kevin Faulconer and his wife Katherine, Assemblyman Todd Gloria, City Attorney Mara Elliott, Councilman Chris Ward, School Board member Kevin Beiser and former Chula Vista Mayor Steve Padilla. I want to thank Sherman Mendoza of the Caliph and Todd Gloria for providing the church’s flowers.

Stepping Stone: Over 40 years of saving lives

This past Saturday night, Big Mike and I headed to Swiss Park Ballroom in Chula Vista for the annual gala celebration of Stepping Stone, our community’s LGBT recovery organization that saves and changes lives when it comes to alcohol and drug abuse. The theme was a “Classic Hollywood Gala Event” and it most certainly was in every way and detail from the long red carpet to the glamorous stage.

A big bravo to Co-Chairs Wayne Back and Michael Moore! The place was packed and it was so nice to see so many turn out to support one of our community’s most important organizations. It is especially great to see the legendary Cheryl Houk and the always-nice Chris Mueller leading its hard-working staff. California Cuisine, one of our city’s top award-winning caterers (with top chef Chris Walsh) provided a fabulous buffet as usual.

I have been a supporter of Stepping Stone since it first began decades ago with about four shack-like houses and now it is one of the few LGBT specific programs in California. For too long it seems our community sweeps alcohol and drug abuse under the rug. Thank God we have Stepping Stone and its great programs.

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6 Comments for “Why support candidates just because they are gay or Latino?”

  1. For once I agree with Nichole, vote for the person, and what they support, not what sex they chose to sleep with you get higher quality leadership that way.
    On a related subject, a number of transgender people went to a surgeon who was herself transgender, in return for supporting someone who was of their ilk they received some of the poorest quality reconstructive surgery available anywhere on the planet. I know I have seen it.

    The object lesson in this is to always chose the person most qualified for the job, never vote for a candidate just because she has a vagina, or a candidate because he or she is gay, vote for the most capable person to fill the position.

  2. Both Nicole and Toni Atkins support Republican Bill Gore, who is a vocal and strong advocate for Darrell Issa, one of the most homophobic and transphobic member of Congress and cast the deciding vote in the House of Representatives to repeal and replace Obamacare. Issa has voted against marriage equality, denying LGBT federal contractors protection against discrimination, supported defunding Planned Parenthood, and supported the Trump agenda. Video of it is here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ojnYPulr7Lk

    • ObamaCare needs to go, it has cost too much for the working class in this country. ObamaCare has also dried up resources for those of us on MediCare, I have had to wait months to get glasses because my healthcare provider has paired back to 2 optometrists.

      Planed Parenthood doesn’t need government support, just like the NFL doesn’t need to be non profit.

      It is about time the country had it’s head screwed on straight and true liberalism took hold in this country. The kind of liberalism that supports individual freedom and gets the government off our backs.

      Liz W.

  3. “And let me say that just because I am Latino and gay does not mean I am obligated to support and vote for a Latino or LGBT candidate.” -Nicole, 10/2017


    “And no, I do not agree with Carl on some issues as well as all of Scott Peters’ votes but I do believe that Carl DeMaio’s historic election as the first out and pro-equality Republican congressman in the nation will give the GLBT community a leader and a strong articulate voice in ongoing efforts to change the Republican Party.” -Nicole, 5/2014

    “Finally, there is a City Council District that will produce an Asian-Pacific Islander Council representative as there hasn’t been one for many decades. San Diego has the biggest Filipino population outside of Manila and Chris Cate is the most qualified and educated candidate for City Council.” -Nicole, 10/2014

    Nicole only claims identity doesn’t matter when it favors Republicans.

  4. Nicole honey… where do I start pointing out your hypocrisy. Let’s just say, Bill Gore did a television commercial supporting Darrel Issa, who pushed for and still pushing to deny basic civil rights to LGBTQ federal contractors. Same Darrel Issa supporting Trump denying health insurance for AIDS patients. You and Tony Atkins can have Bill Gore supporting Issa.

  5. Nicole…..please take a knee, take a seat. You have done so much in your day to further the cause of GLBT rights. In your day you created conversations where none were. However, your advocacy has strayed. You’ve strayed from who you were. You’re advocacy is obviously self serving and meant for personal gains. Thank you for all your years of service but please take a knee and let others take it from here. You’re personal interests are now getting in the way of our voices, our turn at the table.

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