The only constant is change. Whether “change” is positive or negative can only be determined in retrospect. One of the things I remember most from my days at Harvard Business School is the caveat “there are no right or wrong answers,” people make the best decision based upon the information in front of them. Decisions often lead to change.

Americans decided they wanted change in the last election. “Let’s give someone who has no political experience a chance to go to Washington, shake things up and change our political system.” That’s what many Americans said, and they got exactly what they wanted. That is an essential element of drama. Getting what you want with a catch.

Americans wanted change and they got it. The catch; It just was not the change they thought they were getting. At this point, only true believers think that President Trump is making America great again. Whether it is humiliating Gold Star families or fighting with politicians on both sides of the aisle that do not support his agenda, Trump is Trump; a narcissist who is unqualified to be president. Definite change.

Fortunately, the only thing that is constant is change. So, I am at the point of saying, “this too shall pass.” No, the world is not going to end. There may be a devastating conflict but that too will pass. No, Trump will not permanently damage the reputation of America in the world. America’s strength is the core of its democratic principles. Yes, we are being tested with the Trump presidency, but Americans will wake up and elect someone to right the ship. Change.

I am finally at peace with what is going on in the American political world. It is what it is. I have gone through the five stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I accept that Trump is our president and will be for the foreseeable future. Yes, I spent weeks denying that he was elected.

Then, I spent weeks angry at Clinton, the Democrats and myself for things we could have done differently. Which led to bargaining, “If only we had,” then the election result would have been a Clinton win.

Next came my depression. My inability to watch the news or political programs because the Trump presidency depressed me. It took away one of my hobbies; following politics. I could not bring myself to watch Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, CNN or Morning Joe. I just wanted to put my pollical head in a gas oven.

With acceptance comes calm. I know that Trump is going to be the president, but I also believe the world will not end. I won’t be happy with the political news on a daily, weekly or monthly basis but I will survive. And you will too. Sometimes it is two steps forward, one step back. Obama was two steps forward, Trump is one step back. Just remember, change is just around the corner. You can count on it.



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4 Comments for “Change”

  1. Denial is a hard thing to shake, when faced with the lie that one has been living anger is the only human response. Denial over Hillary and company made up the Russia story out of their own experiences involving the Uranium One deal and blamed it on Trump because they wanted to deflect attention away from their own misdeeds in a deal that sold 20% of the US’s uranium stock to Russia, by way of Hillary and Obama. Denial over the fact Trump is a very straight one woman man who believes in traditional values, Potty-Gate was made up and now due to law breaking by the Clinton Campaign will likely get Hillary in more trouble than she is already about to be in. Finally the denial that you and many others backed one of the most corrupt politicians in US history, and what that says about you. Yes emerging from the fog of denial is a real first class chrome plated bitch.

    For someone who follows politics as a hobby and presumably as an editor of a magazine, you don’t do it very well and seem to overlook the simplest of facts.
    Trump did not disgrace himself by saying tactless things to Gold Star widows.
    Even CNN had to show the truth.

    You should take time and listen.
    I really do follow politics as a hobby, and do my homework along the way.
    Find peace in your life and seek out the truth.

    Liz W.

    • So much hogwash, so little time. Girl, you’re not thinking clearly. Would a “pussy grab” help?

      • Pull your head out sir.
        As for fact finding, I come from a place where the leftists know how to conduct a real debate, they use those rare things called facts to support their argument instead of name calling.

        As for Pussy grabbing, just try it.

        Liz W.

  2. Maxx
    I guess sexual harassment is what you do, sorry to see some in the LGBT community stooping to the level of their lower life forms in the straight community.

    Liz W.

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