Coming out again … and again … and again

Rainbow flag

We talk about coming out as if it’s something you only do once.  In my experience it’s an ongoing part of life. Sometimes it’s easy, and other times it makes my stomach flutter. I first came out as a lesbian 30 years ago when I was still in college.  Initially I was very careful about […]



It seems everywhere I look, mainstream, LGBT and conservative Christian journalists are reporting about, and opining on the Orlando mass murder at Pulse, as well as lawmakers saying things and taking votes. If we’re going to talk in terms of groups of people, instead of us as individuals, for a moment, we all see random, […]

The race we all missed


The June 7 ballots are almost all counted, and the results largely as expected. Mayor Faulconer won an outright majority, avoiding a November run-off, as did Councilmembers Mark Kersey and Scott Sherman and Councilmember-elect Chris Ward. Barbara Bry did slightly better than expected but will have to take on Ray Ellis in the general, where […]

Orlando: 48 hours in San Diego


Around one in the morning Sunday, June 12, my phone started ringing off the hook. Soon I was in a conversation with Stuart Milk, (founder of the Harvey Milk Foundation), who lives in Florida, and Russell Roybal (Acting national director of the National LGBTQ Task Force in Washington, D.C.) and other national and Florida LGBT […]

Our existence shouldn’t be up for discussion

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Recent discussions about basic freedoms for transgender people in public life, however the discussion has been framed, have generally been missing the contending theorizations of what we’re really discussing. The assertion by transgender people is “We exist.” The assertion by the public antagonists of transgender people is “You don’t exist: you rebel against God given […]

Elections matter


Tell me you like Sen. Bernie Sanders more than Secretary Hillary Clinton. I can respect that. Tell me Sanders is on the right side of some disagreements with Clinton. I may agree with you. Tell me there is no difference between Clinton and Donald Trump. I will stop listening. If you have paid attention in […]

About the primary elections


All of the LGBT community’s eyes were on the District 3 council race to see if the community would continue to have a voice/representation on the San Diego City Council, and Chris Ward did not let us down by easily winning outright this past Tuesday, primary night. It was good to see our community solidly […]

The one finger salute from Secretary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton  Photo: State Department

Is Secretary Clinton giving the trans community the one finger salute? Well, it seems like it to me. Before I start here, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a #BernieOrBust gal. If Secretary Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate for president this November, she has my vote. And, I vote. But, I want to know […]

It’s primary time


With the California primary fast approaching, it’s time to make you “Politically Aware” about the June races. Republican presidential primary: Donald Trump will win California and be the nominee. Conservatives who want to win are falling in line. Others are flailing as the try to save the Senate majority against a Trump debacle. Democratic presidential […]

Bernal, rejected by gay and Latino leaders goes to Republicans


As a Latino American, I would love to see three qualified Latino city councilmembers. Anthony Bernal’s parents were two hard-working Latino Americans, but sadly Bernal never really got involved with his own Latino community in San Diego, and has no record within his own community, its leaders and organizations. That’s why a vast majority of […]

Pride Card Deals


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