It’s AIDS Walk’s 29th not 25th anniversary

As I always say, “A community that does not know where it came from really does not know where it’s going.” With all due respect to the organizers of AIDS Walk San Diego, this is not the 25th anniversary of this important event. In 1985, out lesbian and community activist Susan Jester founded and produced [...]

Over and out, Roger

Roger Goodell

If the National Football League (NFL) wants to maintain any credibility, it needs to fire or suspend Commissioner Roger Goodell. Should they choose the latter, it should be for at least as long as Goodell suspended Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, because Goodell committed the same crime. No, Goodell did not punch his wife [...]

Ipso gender: A third term for intersex people

Cary Gabriel Costello Ph.D.

Sonja Dalton, writing for Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, once stated “‘Real women’ have two X chromosomes, and they do not have a male sex organ.” This is in line with the current Christian fundamentalist belief that there are only males and females. The scripture most often cited to validate this position is Genesis 1:27: [...]

The inspiring life of Doug Lathrop

Doug Lathrop

The day after Doug Lathrop was born his parents were informed that his legs were broken and he was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. By the time Doug was 12 years old he had been hospitalized at least 25 times for fractures or surgeries. Doug Lathrop accepted the fact that he would never walk a day [...]

Was my phone company intentionally sexist and transphobic?

I’ve been having a lot of issues with my mobile phone provider during the last few months, and I’m not sure why these latest issues with the company occurred. It feels either sexist or transphobic, but my guess it’s a process that has the unintentional problem of appearing discriminatory. It began with a phone billing [...]

About Carl DeMaio and I

Some years ago, a young candidate for City council reached out to me for some advice. He was gay and wanted to come out publicly as a vast majority of San Diegans did not know, though he never hid it. In the last decades I’ve become used to GLBT people of all ages reaching out [...]

The presumption of innocence

“Lock him up and throw away the key.” That seems to be the prevailing sentiment about Thomas Guerra, aka Ashton Chavez, who was charged by the San Diego City Attorney’s Office with “wilfully exposing infectious person to another,” or, in English, lying about his HIV status and infecting his sexual partner(s). If all I have [...]

Fixing a problem as self-care

I had a friend of mine once tell me that self-care is a key to work one does in one’s life, whether the worker’s work is the kind of work that brings home the bacon so the worker could fry it up in a pan (from the words of a 1970s commercial for the perfume [...]

Bishop James R. Mathes honored at 39th Nicky Awards

Thirty nine years ago, the first Nicky Awards were held in downtown San Diego at the then Ball Express Disco (a former large warehouse). This past Sunday, the “gay academy awards of San Diego” returned downtown, this time to our new beautiful library. It was another sold out crowd of our GLBT community family, friends [...]

Shower arguments: the silliness is almost over

Sometime Saturday Michael Sam will find out if he is part of the St. Louis Rams’ 53-man roster, their practice squad, or cut. As the first openly gay player on an NFL team, his fate will be news. His shower habits are not news. Nor is the opinion of an unidentified teammate on said shower [...]

Pride Card Deals

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