Managing Jesse Helms-style anxiety and stress

Sad young men sitting under tree in the park.

This is the time of year to reflect on health with September Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, October both LGBT History Month and National Bullying Prevention Month, and with World Mental Health Day Oct. 10, Coming Out Day Oct. 11, Mental Health Awareness Week Oct. 2-8, Oct. 6 as National Depression Screening Day, and Oct. 15 […]

LGBT employment and ‘subtle’ discrimination

Difficult job interview

Various off putting and discriminatory terms have been used in employment interviews to indicate management disapproval of a candidate. For example, a young professional woman may be asked if her husband would allow her to take business travel with male colleagues. Of course, there is always the pregnancy question of a professional woman and that […]

Local 2016 races worth your support

Georgette Gomez

Long time readers will remember the “Return on Investment Index” for equality, an idea adapted from Nate Silver of to describe the best place to spend your last hour, or $20, to have an impact on LGBT issues. The analysis favors smaller, closer elections with broad implications, so you won’t see safe seats even […]

The case to support Measures K and L


Among the 31 state and local measures that voters will weigh in on in this election are two important city reforms designed to make sure that critical decisions about our elected leaders and major policy changes are aligned with general elections when most voters traditionally participate. Our current city elections are run differently than how […]

San Diego Human Dignity Foundation’s actions long overdue


First San Diego Pride, and now the San Diego Human Dignity Foundation has let go of its executive director. But, unlike Pride, this action by the foundation’s board of directors was long overdue and supported by LGBT community leaders. When the Human Dignity Foundation was established about two decades ago, its founders were some of […]

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf and the big gay con

John Stumpf

In 2013 the Corporate Equality Index named Wells Fargo the “Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality.” The CEI gave Wells Fargo a “perfect score” on its index “for the 11th consecutive year.”  This leads me to wonder if corporate corruption is included in the Corporate Equality Index. One must wonder how many LGBT crooks […]

The Amazon Trail: Me and my pin

American vote buttons illustration

“I thought I was the only one,” the stranger said in a low voice. It wasn’t 1957, or even 1977. It was last week, at the grand opening of a supermarket in town. He was gray-haired, tall, dressed like a ranch hand. His smile was sheepish, his eyes conspiratorial. He wasn’t talking about finding a […]

Sanctuary cities and Alabama’s suspended Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore

Roy Moore

As a former resident of San Francisco and of Alabama in the era of racial segregation I feel qualified to speak on the sanctuary city issue. At present there are over 200 sanctuary cities in the United States that refuse to enforce federal immigration law. There are other cities and states who refuse to endorse […]

Commentary: In praise of Barbara Boxer

Barbara Boxer

In July 1994, during the Second Session of the 103rd Congress, Sen. Barbara Boxer and seven other United States senators came to my aid. North Carolina Republican Sen. Jesse Helms, informed of my first-of-its-kind position as a gay employment counselor for the federal government, pushed through the Senate an amendment to an appropriations bill that […]

CHW responds to community concerns about San Diego’s first LGBT-affirming senior community


Community HousingWorks (CHW) sent the following to Betty Owen in response to her letter published in San Diego LGBT Weekly, Sept. 15. Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention here at CHW. The time and energy that you and many other members of the community put in to advocate and create a community […]

Pride Card Deals


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