Trump’s comment about ‘shithole countries’ gravely impacts its LGBTQ asylum seekers

President Trump’s proclivity for racist remarks comes as no surprise to me. His now- infamous comment stating a preference for immigrants coming from a Scandinavian country like Norway than from Africa and Haiti which he depicts as “shithole” countries  with nothing to offer the U.S is based solely on his ignorance (Also, Mr. President, Africa is […]

King’s dream of ‘the beloved community’ extends to your community, too

This year is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. It’s a painful and necessary anniversary to remember considering where the country is today. Americans on the margins have the most to lose in a nation now eroding if not dismantling decades-long civil rights gains that allowed full protections […]

For black women, being called the Democrats’ ‘backbone’ is no compliment

Black women voters in the recent Alabama U.S. Senate race are being thanked for “saving” the state from Republican candidate Roy Moore, a homophobe, slavery apologist, and accused pedophile. And we’re all now are being lauded as “the backbone” of the Democratic Party. As a voting bloc, black women in Alabama didn’t just suddenly emerge […]

The New Jim Crow targets LGBTQ Americans, too

Last week the U. S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments for the case “Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission.”  The case – which has many of us LGBTQ Americans on pins and needles – will litigate a baker’s rights to refuse to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple-Dave Mullins and Charlie Craig- […]

Should the sins of our spouses fall on us?

Democratic Senate President Stanley C.  Rosenberg, 68, looked heartbroken, shocked and devastated during an impromptu press conference outside of his office at the State House where he publicly addressed allegations that his spouse, Bryon Hefner, 38, groped and assaulted four men who do business before the Senate. ‘’My heart goes out to anyone who may […]

My black lesbian body is a target for police brutality

The reality of unarmed African American women – LBTQ, gender nonconforming and straight – being beaten, profiled, sexually violated and murdered by law enforcement officials with alarming regularity is too often ignored – especially with the focus of police brutality on our males. Like so many African American women,  Sandra Bland’s death in 2015, resulting […]

Could Harvey Milk and Jesse Helms have worked together?

Openly gay Harvey Milk was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors Nov. 7, 1977. It was a momentous moment in American history and helped open once closed doors to other LGBT leaders and professionals which no doubt improved lives far beyond San Francisco. The fortieth anniversary of Milk’s election afforded us the opportunity […]

A Tea Party and TDOR

It was Nov.19, and what was constructed to be the first annual Tea Party took place at the Sunset Theater in Normal Heights. It was a T-Party for transgender community members, family and friends and allies of the community rolled out by T-Spot ( The theme was Alice In Wonderland, with playing card cut-outs as […]

Walking an uncertain path

In the child-free community, they would call me a fence sitter – a person who is unsure about whether or not they want to have children one day. Despite this, sometimes aggressively imposed, label, I choose to embrace ambiguity in this area in the same manner in which I approach labeling my sexuality and gender […]

Thanksgiving and refugees

The story of Thanksgiving has evolved over the years as we have recognized that the tale taught in elementary school wasn’t true to the contributions of native peoples and their treatment by Europeans. At its best, our current Thanksgiving tradition reminds us that we are a nation of immigrants who owe at least a debt […]

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