Commentary: Choosing business over humanity


It has become clear as a bell to me that San Diego isn’t as hell bent over ending its social problems as is being discussed with our current administration. At a recent meeting with The mayor’s offices’ Department of Community Solutions, the issues of restraining orders against the homeless in Hillcrest, and providing bathrooms for […]

Of legislation, death, justice and love

This week an editorial from The Indianapolis Star found its way first into my email box, then my Facebook feed, entitled It’s not complicated — pass LGBT rights. Well, maybe if you live in California, but not in Indiana. One of the main problems the Hoosier state legislators are having with their civil rights bills […]

The real winners and losers in Iowa

Monday night, Iowans cast the first votes in the 2016 presidential election. Sen. Ted Cruz won a clear, if somewhat small, Republican victory. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton beat Sen. Bernie Sanders by a razor thin margin to take the Democratic win. The vote tally, however, has only a small role in determining a […]

Mayor Filner book author has two faces

Monster 2

It is well known in political circles that I was a longtime supporter and friend of Bob Filner – from School Board, to City Council, to Congress and to the Mayor’s Office. “Team First Lady” was indeed my idea and civic leader Nancy Chase was my co-chair. In past columns of mine, I have stated […]

Every community should have a public accommodations bill


Jonathan Alexandre, the legal counsel to the Massachusetts Family Institute recently summed up the socially conservative Christian position on equal rights for transgender people in a single phrase. “It’s about bathrooms,” he wrote in an op-ed for the Boston Globe. Massachusetts is a state that this year is considering a statewide bill that would extend […]

Did San Diego Democrats just lose the City Council?

Joe LaCava

Earlier this month, Democrat Joe LaCava ended his City Council bid. It’s a bigger deal than you may think. LaCava was running to replace Democrat Sherri Lightner, who is termed out in District 1. Before Lightner, the District was represented by former Councilmember and now U.S. Representative Scott Peters. If that makes District 1 sound […]

One of the American sailors seized by Iran was gay

US Navy

Iran made international headlines when it seized two Navy boats and 10 American sailors after the ships supposedly drifted into Iranian waters. As you know, the ships and their crew were released days later. Well, the sailors were based in San Diego and during the ordeal I was contacted by one of the sailor’s partner […]

Commentary: Obama goes mad on guns

Handgun lying over a copy of the United States constitution and the American flag.

On January 5th, President Obama announced that he was taking executive action to increase the safety of Americans by regulating guns.   His actions don’t reflect reality nor will they keep us any safer. All Americans should be very afraid of the implications of where the president and the Democrats will go to shred the 2nd […]

The Amazon Trail: Aargh! Just aargh

iStock_000016647461_The Amazon Trail

In our town we have a small, out of the way thrift store, dark and not heavily patronized except by people who are very down and out. The owner— and who knows her story—sells what she can, but is always willing to help out the homeless with clothing or outdoor equipment that they need to […]

Commentary: The LGBTQ community’s #Epicfail on Donald Trump’s Islamophobia

Donald Trump

Another day, another Trump-tacular distortion of the truth. What is it now you ask? Why it’s the Donald’s first TV spot that promises, among other fantastical ideas, to bar all Muslims from entering the country – with a simple are-you-or-are-you-not a Muslim – erecting a Chinese-like wall across the 1989 mile stretch of border we […]

Pride Card Deals


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