WoLF v. trans women and girls

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“A bathroom battle! Transgender students can choose which bathroom or locker room to use at schools, but now a women’s group is suing,” began Lisée Mitri for her Aug. 12 KRQE News report . Its easy shorthand to think of the battle enemy of LGBT civil rights as being religious right aligned organizations. Sometimes it’s […]

The Dole strategy is bananas


By October of his 1996 re-election campaign, President Bill Clinton held a double digit lead over Sen. Bob Dole, the Republican nominee. Seeking to keep the congressional majorities they won in 1994, Republican leaders made an unusual move. Instead of feigning optimism and relying on the coat tails of an unlikely Dole victory to protect […]

USNS Harvey Milk ship ceremony in San Francisco


Congressional leader Nancy Pelosi called the ceremony not only historic for the LGBT community, but for all Americans and it most certainly was. American LGBT leaders and officials flew in from all over our great nation to pay tribute to a great American civil rights icon who has become a global hero for LGBT people […]

Bill Cosby: An offender against the transgender community, too

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Cos for Alarm Los Angeles (AP) Bill Cosby, who likes to be known for his tennis as much as his comedy, was showing off his tennis form yesterday at the Los Angeles Tennis Club, but his best shots were still in the humor department. He was asked a variety of questions on several aspects of tennis-among […]

Transition and detransition

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Detransitioning happens; there are detransitioners who regret decisions they made while identifying as transgender and transitioning. Their numbers are relatively small, but even in relatively small numbers – compared with the size of the larger trans community – these detransitioners add up to thousands of people. Carey Callahan, in her blog entitled Maria Catt, posted […]

What we learned from the conventions

Fans watch Michelle Obama DNC Speech

The Republican and Democratic Party Conventions are now in the books. What did we learn? Two Americas. In 2004, Sen. John Edwards described an America divided between the wealthy and those who lived paycheck to paycheck. In 2016, the choice is between Michelle Obama’s mutually supportive country struggling to become more perfect and Donald Trump’s […]

After the DNC: A clear choice for the LGBTQ community and the country


The Republican National Convention (RNC) in Cleveland and the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia have come and gone. In their wake there is a clear choice for the LGBTQ community and for the country at large. After seeing the doom and gloom being projected by the RNC, the “Midnight in America” convention, the DNC […]

Victory for the Harvey Milk ship campaign


Many times I have been asked why I am so patriotic and wear my American flag shirts to civil rights rallies and almost every March on Washington where I have been involved and/or spoken. I come from a very patriotic and Catholic family upbringing as my father served in the Army in World War II, […]

Commentary: Transgender servicemembers should ally with vet groups


Now is the time for all good transgender Americans to come to the aid of their country. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter recently announced the military would no longer discriminate against transgender troops. All LGBT troops can serve openly without concerns over expressions of their sexuality. “This is the right thing to do for our […]

The alleged trans voyeur

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Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. is quoted as saying, “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” King was talking about racism, but I believe one can extrapolate further to just plain bigotry; judging an individual solely by a […]

Pride Card Deals


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