Lost lives honored at Transgender Day of Remembrance

TDoR 2

SAN DIEGO — Thursday, Nov. 17, over 100 members and allies of San Diego’s Transgender community held a march and ceremony to embrace transwomen and transmen who lost their lives to violence this past year. The Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) is held yearly on or around November 20, to memorialize those murdered as a […]

Three thoughts pondered

Transgender Flag 1

In past years for this column, I’ve written about the first Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR), and how the day came into being. I’ve also written about how Marti Abernathey maintains the current, official, list of the names of the dead. I came out in February of 2003. For several years I participated in organizing […]

Protect the things you are thankful for


When President Obama campaigned for Secretary Clinton, he would rattle off reasons that Donald Trump was “temperamentally unfit” to be president. When the crowd hissed their disapproval of Trump, Obama said “Don’t boo. Vote.” He knew that actions are more powerful than words as agents of change. (This is not always easy for a writer […]

Your community apologizes, Police Officer Garcia

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It is a very difficult life to be transgender … dealing with the reality that you were born in the wrong body. The cold hard facts are that not only do a vast majority of Americans not understand our transgender brothers and sisters, sadly many gays, lesbians and bisexuals do not and many do not […]

The Amazon Trail: Our only hope

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in the original Star Wars

The calamity of this election has confirmed an unimaginably deep disturbance in our society. As always, the progress we have made brought along with it a tailspin of backlash. In the endless cycle of history, there is no choice but to press on immediately and cohesively toward our goal of an inclusive society. I’m not […]

Softball questions for a presidential candidate on trans issues

Hillary Clinton

When an LGBT news publication has the opportunity to interview a presidential candidate on transgender issues, should the publication ask at least one question where the candidate doesn’t have an answer on the record, or should the publication stick to asking only a question or questions where the answer or answers are already knowable? When […]

When I knew …


For me, it was Wisconsin. That’s when I had to accept President Trump. I watched results at work on slate.com, and saw promising signs for Clinton across the board. High turnout in Florida was likely to carry her to victory, and Ohio and Iowa seemed more competitive than forecast. I got home and saw Indiana […]

Has the proposed Hillcrest LGBT Historic District ended before even starting?


Ask anyone anywhere in the world, gay or straight, with even a passing knowledge of San Diego, and they will tell you that Hillcrest is our ‘gayborhood.’ Although now as the saying goes, “we are everywhere,” we had to start somewhere; and Hillcrest has remained as the place where LGBT locals and tourists alike live […]

America has taken a major step … backwards

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We the LGBT community has survived the McCarthy Era, Anita Bryant, John Briggs and we will survive Donald Trump. We must organize more than ever and support in Washington, D.C., the Human Rights Campaign, the LGBTQ National Task Force and the Victory Fund. And we need to remember that our continuing civil rights movement must […]

Election 2016: What to watch on Tuesday

United States presidential election day 2016, message Vote, patriotic background

All Day: slate.com News outlets have traditionally avoided announcing election results until the polls in a state have closed, out of fear that voters might stay home if they knew what was happening. Believing the point of journalism is to provide citizens with information, not protect them from it, slate.com has partnered with VoteCastr to […]

Pride Card Deals


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