Mayor Faulconer’s ‘State of the City’

The annual “State of…” speeches by presidents, governors and mayors have become an American tradition when they inform citizens what their priorities, mayoral projects and goals for the year will be. City Council candidate Chris Ward picked me up and we went to hear Mayor Faulconer’s first such address. It was a good, solid, well [...]

One more day of decision

The “original” Day of Decision for marriage equality in California was May 15, 2008, when the state Supreme Court endorsed a constitutional right to same-sex marriage. On Day of Decision II the same court declined to overturn Prop. 8. In 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against DOMA and overturned Prop. 8, followed by a [...]

A dream for Claire and her community

If you’re active in San Diego’s trans community, you’ve likely heard of Claire Russell. She’s known for being imaginative, being service oriented and for being an organizer. Her work includes volunteering at the LGBT Youth Center, creating an online San Diego Trans Resource Center and she was a key organizer for the first annual Trans*Pride [...]

Troy Perry and Phil Wilson to be honorees at Milk Breakfast

If you Google the Rev. Troy Perry and Phil Wilson you will immediately know why they will both be honored with Lifetime Achievement Awards at the eighth annual Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast to be held Thursday, May 21 at the Hilton Hotel by the Bay. Rev. Troy Perry is the founder of the worldwide Metropolitan [...]

This rapidly shifting Senate race is beginning to heat up

Kamala Harris--

Oh the trials of writing a weekly political print column. Last week, in the day between submitting my big questions for the year and printing them, Sen. Barbara Boxer answered one of them by announcing she would not seek re-election in 2016. Since then, some of the major players have stolen my opportunity for impressive [...]

Allison Woolbert’s resignation: An object lesson on the value of thorough vetting

Allison Woolbert

If there ever is an object lesson about vetting leadership for transgender specific organizations, Allison Woolbert’s elevation to executive director of the Transgender Human Rights Institute (THRI) start-up nonprofit and creation of the Trans* Violence Tracking Portal (TVTP) should be that lesson. Allison Woolbert recently resigned as executive director of Transgender Human Rights Institute (THRI) [...]

People, politics and opinions

Carl DeMaio _

Carl DeMaio to wed in 2015? Recently, I had dinner with Carl DeMaio and his life partner Johnathan Hale who have been together about seven years. They had returned from a week’s vacation aboard a cruise liner and looked tanned, rested and ready for a new chapter in their life together. While many Republican Party [...]

Let the 2016 races begin!

Susan Davis -

Barring an unexpected vacancy, 2015 should be a boring electoral year, as there won’t be any major offices open at the federal, state or local level. That doesn’t mean it will be a boring political year, particularly as candidates begin jockeying for 2016 races. The following are some of the major questions that will get [...]

Parental ‘compassion’ for Leelah was reparative therapy

There’s a reason why, in the mid-2000s, my first blogging gig was for The Ex-Gay Watch. My parents made it a requirement for me to live in their house that I go to a Christian therapist to “treat” me for my “transvetism.” My parents and I were Pentecostals, and I wanted to be cured of [...]

Community helps bury woman who died of AIDS

Many years ago, the Imperial Court de San Diego established the Ben F. Dillingham Fund for special emergency needs. Among those it has helped is an 89-year-old-man whose apartment was totally burnt down (no insurance) and a lesbian mom who had one of her legs cut off. But more than half of the Dillingham Fund [...]

Pride Card Deals

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