Canada: The equality nation


In 1969, the year gay Americans were fighting back against police harassment and discrimination at the Stonewall Inn in New York City, the prime minister of Canada was signing legislation that very same year legalizing homosexual acts in the nation of Canada. Homosexual acts even in California were not legal until 1976. Indeed the great [...]

An interview with Sandy Stone — Part 1

Sandy Stone-

Sandy Stone is a touchstone woman in transgender history. She has a whole section dedicated to her place in transgender and feminist history in the book Transgender History and the book is worth reading if just for that segment. In a nutshell, Stone was the first recording engineer at Olivia Records, a lesbian collective founded [...]

It’s Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

Lorena Gonzalez

This month is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month in the U.S.A. As I often say the Golden State is turning brown with the Latino and Asian communities the fastest growing in California. In San Diego we have a very big Asian Pacific Islander community; in fact, San Diego is home to the largest Filipino population outside [...]

How does Hillary overcome the ‘trustworthy’ question?

Hillary Clinton--

A recent Quinnipiac poll showed 54 percent of registered voters believing that former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is not honest or trustworthy. Despite Clinton beating the entire Republican field, pundits have pounced on the data as a harbinger of doom for the nascent Clinton campaign. Conservative columnists and panelists argue that [...]

Adding to the list of stores I don’t shop at


I don’t shop at Saks Fifth Ave. I occasionally shopped there, but the company tends to stock fashions that don’t match my sensibilities. I haven’t ever shopped at Forever 21. I never actually checked the stores’ fashions out, so I don’t really know if I liked theirs or not. I used to do a lot [...]

Commentary: Why we should be concerned about the recent ‘intentionally spreading HIV’ case

Thomas Miguel Guerra

Tuesday, Thomas Miguel Guerra was sentenced to six months in jail. If that doesn’t concern you, it should. The developing narrative is that Guerra hid his status from a partner as a step toward intentionally, and with disturbing delight, infecting his partner with HIV. According to NBC 7 San Diego, Judge Katherine Lewis, who delivered [...]

In response to Franko’s commentary


Last week’s issue of LGBT Weekly included a “guest commentary” by popular Latina drag queen entertainer Francesca “Franko” Guillen, a former “princess royale” and community activist. Everything seems to be fair game in politics and many times “letters to the editor” and “commentaries” are ghostwritten for well-known individuals. Many of us laughed our heads off [...]

Learning the bad science of Dr. Paul McHugh


Occasionally I go on The Rick Amato Show, and I’m usually there when there’s a transgender issue involved. I’m sort of the “go to” trans person on all things trans there. The Rick Amato Show airs on the One America Now Network (OANN) at 7 p.m. PDT (AT&T U-verse 208 and 1208 HD; and Verizon [...]

The District Three City Council race: It’s about results, not orientation

In the race for the Third District seat on the San Diego City Council, there has been an outpouring of pervasive dialogue insinuating that the District Three Councilmember must be from the LGBT community. This insinuation has even gone so far as to suggest that every seat on the San Diego City Council is reserved [...]

Army General Tammy Smith to be honored at San Diego reception

Brigadier General Tammy Smith will be honored at a private reception in San Diego June 12. General Smith is the first openly LGBT U.S. flag officer of her rank to come out. She has served in Afghanistan during the war and was promoted to general in a private ceremony at the Women’s Memorial at the [...]

Pride Card Deals

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