The alleged trans voyeur

Transgender Flag 1

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. is quoted as saying, “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” King was talking about racism, but I believe one can extrapolate further to just plain bigotry; judging an individual solely by a […]

San Diego election changes will give a voice to more voters

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Last week, the City Council promised voters a chance to change the way elections are run and won in San Diego. By a 5-4 party line vote, Democrats advanced a ballot measure that would require a November run-off between the top candidates. Conservatives have argued that the measure is simply a Democratic attempt to consolidate […]

San Diego Pride 1974 — 2016

Nicole and Susan Jester

In 1974, homosexuals could be, and were, sent to state mental hospitals, and were subjected to electroshock therapy and lobotomies. The police were frequently raiding gay bars (that only heterosexuals owned because gays could not be issued liquor licenses) and beating us up and arresting us for “lewd conduct” (that being dancing with someone of […]

‘Unnumbered Agendas Converge’: Senate gay bashing over employment equality

Jesse Helms

July 19, 1994, Rev. Richard C. Halverson began the U.S. Senate’s legislative day with prayer. After reading from Isaiah about “perfect peace,” he briefly sermonized about the U.S. Senate being a “formidable area of controversy, conflict, compromise, where unnumbered agendas converge.” Later that day I found myself in the Jesse Helms Agenda. No, this was […]

A remake of Louisiana’s 1991 election?

Clinton Trump----

As I listened to FBI Director James Comey’s statement on the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server, one quote ran through my mind: “Vote For the Crook … It’s Important.” That was the unofficial slogan of the 1991 race for Louisiana governor. Whatever the official slogan was, it came in […]

‘Effective immediately, transgender servicemembers may serve openly’


I remember how tough it was for me to change my documented gender in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) as a military retiree in 2013. It was incredibly tough and onerous: I needed six separate pieces of documentation, to include proof of surgery. Most of the documents the Department of Defense (DoD) required […]

Troubles melt like lemon drops


I will never forget waking up and turning on the TV to the breaking news from Orlando. Still lying in bed, I listened as bit by bit the horror unfolded. The words froze in time as I heard them – “gunman,” “terrorist,” “mass casualties” and finally “gay.” It was a gay club. It was our […]

The magic of many different voices blending into one


I’m sitting in a hotel room in Denver as the sun is coming up on Independence Day and I’m thinking about the power of music. I’m thinking about the other 6,000 LGBTQ singers who are here for the GALA Chorus Festival, the largest LGBTQ performing arts event in the world. I’m thinking about the mothers […]

Thoughts on world unity and Pride


Is there ever really a good time to travel? It seems even with all the planning possible we just can’t anticipate what the future may bring while we are away. This was certainly the case with my recent trip to Cuba. Last month, I was a member of the UNESCO World Heritage Reconciliation tour organized […]

Our shared experience makes us part of one big movement

Toni Atkins

Our community once again is preparing to come together for our annual Pride celebration. That means it’s time yet again to reflect on a question that we are often asked. You know this question well: “Is Pride still relevant?” By all accounts, the advances that our LGBTQ community has made just in the last several […]

Pride Card Deals


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