What our anti-transgender antagonists want

trans flag

“A person’s sex (male or female) is an immutable biological reality. In the vast majority of people (including those who later identify as ‘transgender’), it is unambiguously identifiable at birth. There is no rational or compassionate reason to affirm a distorted psychological self-concept that one’s ‘gender identity’ is different from one’s biological sex. “Neither lawmakers […]

Will candidate Trump end the filibuster?


The filibuster, a Senate rule requiring 60 votes to begin and end debate, is already on life support. The 2016 election could put the final nails in its coffin. In 2013, Sen. Harry Reid ended the supermajority requirement on judicial nominees (except for the Supreme Court), using a maneuver so controversial it was dubbed the […]

Atkinson needs to stand up for gay marriage!


When asked at the San Diego Republican Party Central Committee if she supported the GOP state party platform that states that marriage is between a man and a woman Republican Congressional candidate Jacquie Atkinson stated that as a state delegate she did support the party platform. Other times she has been asked about marriage equality […]

Commentary: Yes Hillary, it should be Warren

Clinton Warren

As the media now pivots to vice presidential candidates for presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, she should take a page out of her husband’s playbook and buck conventional wisdom. When Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton picked Tennessee Senator Al Gore as his running mate for the presidency, conventional political wisdom believed the choice of Gore was […]

Commentary: A Trump Jenner political embrace

Donald Trump and Caitlyn Jenner

If leading GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump had endorsed North Carolina’s law requiring people to use bathrooms based on their biological sex rather than gender identity, it would have put his hotels at an economic disadvantage in the marketplace. Mr. Trump’s announcement, breathtaking to some in the GOP, is an important political moment in the […]

The Amazon Trail: Gender buttons


Where do little kids get their urgent need to know my gender? Is it intrinsic, some part of survival of the species? Parents should at least teach them that their question is rude. But no, the parents are as unsettled by what they perceive to be gender non-conformance as their children. That leads to bullying, […]

Commentary: Corporate economic testicular strangulation in Dixie


During my totally unpleasant 5-year association with the San Francisco Pride Celebration Committee, reportedly a non-profit membership organization responsible for the city’s annual LGBT Pride festival and parade, I listened to moronic debate about acceptance of corporate donations, “sponsorship,” and inclusion of corporate groups carrying their corporation’s identifying brand name with pride colors, and slogans. […]

EEOC Commissioner Chai Feldblum on North Carolina Title VII discrimination complaints


The anti-discrimination complications of North Carolina’s HB 2 are many, but probably one of the lesser known ones is that HB 2, which limits transgender people’s use of restrooms in state buildings to the gender listed on their birth certificates, is in direct conflict with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) interpretation of Title VII. […]

How Sanders can help Democrats lock up the general election


In his book What’s the matter with Kansas, Thomas Frank describes how a state with a proud progressive tradition became reliably conservative. Part of the process involved persuading middle income voters to choose their heavenly prize over their own economic interests. Business elites accepted their religious and culture wars to keep their votes, but never […]

City should settle Walters’ lawsuit!


It did not surprise many of us when the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of gay activist Will Walters’ lawsuit against the city and San Diego Police Department, and was granted a jury trial. Judge Harry Pregerson even stated, “Why don’t we just say that this was a bad call by […]

Pride Card Deals


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