The smearing of Carl DeMaio

In my over half a century of being involved with politics and public service I have never seen such a constant, ugly, disgusting and destructive smear campaign as has been waged against Carl DeMaio. As many of you know, I have always had an up and down relationship with Carl, from introducing him to Latino [...]

Update: The path to control of the Senate

The GOP started the 2014 cycle with high hopes and a clear path to the Senate majority. Despite Democratic gains in 2012, Republicans needed only 6 of the 7 Democratic controlled seats in states won by Mitt Romney: Alaska, Arkansas, Montana, South Dakota, West Virginia, Louisiana and North Carolina. Naturally, things have not remained so [...]

‘Purple penguins’

Purple Penguin

Is it the place of school districts across the country to reinforce western societal gender norms? The National Review posted a story Oct. 8 on the Lincoln, Nebraska School District (referred to as Lincoln Public Schools and abbreviated LPS) headlined “School told to call kids ‘purple penguins’ because ‘boys and girls’ is not inclusive to [...]

A funny thing happened on the way to Idaho


It’s been an interesting week at the Supreme Court. Monday, the Court declined to take up any challenges to Circuit Court rulings in favor of marriage equality, apparently adding the five states involved to the 19 states already allowing same-sex marriage. (Those who remember this column,, will understand why I’m feeling a little smug.) [...]

It’s Chairmen Baza, Kelly, Abrams and Gleason!

Larry Baza with Gloria Steinem

Mayor Kevin Faulconer made history again by appointing long time Latino/gay leader, Larry Bazza as the first person of color to become chair of the city’s prestigious and influential Art’s Commission. Baza is a true San Diego native whose family are fourth generation Californians; they are well known and respected leaders/activists within the people of [...]

The Supreme Court’s Oct. 6 action impacts trans people

Monday, Oct. 6, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) did not take up the marriage equality appeals of five states, so the federal Courts of Appeal rulings for those five states (as well as another six states in the Appeals’ Court Districts covered by those first five states) have, or will in short [...]

Kehoe Elementary School and San Diego AIDS memorial

Many of you will probably remember that I started talking about naming a public school after Sen. Christine Kehoe and finally establishing an AIDS memorial in San Diego in this column years ago (as well as a street named after Harvey Milk). The GLBT Historic Task Force was established to focus on these three major [...]

And then there were two

When it comes to out members of the U.S. Congress, Democrats currently lead Republicans six to nothing, including five representatives and one senator. Moderate Republicans hope to change that this year, both to broaden their base and to woo back some large LGBT donors. The road for LGBT Republican candidates isn’t an easy one. In [...]

On Gov. Brown signing bill prohibiting ‘gay panic’ defense

Jerry Brown

The first California specific LGBT issue bill I ever lobbied for was 2006’s Justice for Gwen Araujo Act (AB 1170). The “What This Bill Will Do” section of Equality California’s fact sheet stated, “In order to dissuade the use of appeals to prejudice and bias in an attempt to gain acquittal, a favorable plea or [...]

Lunch with Marine veteran Nathan Fletcher


Recently, I had lunch at Harvey Milk’s American Diner with Marine veteran and former State Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher. Let me tell you that he was in the best of spirits I have ever seen him in. Happy with life as an executive at Qualcomm, especially with his family and two growing little boys and very [...]

Pride Card Deals

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