Breakfast with Ernie Dronenburg … hum


About a week ago I went to have a breakfast meeting with current County assessor/clerk/recorder – the controversial Ernie Dronenburg. (Four of us – both Republican and Democratic political gay activists.) I have met him before and always thought he was a most eccentric man and he reminds me of Floyd the barber on the [...]

Talking to San Diego County School Boards about trans students

“There is a Trans Action Committee that’s part of Canvass For A Cause,” stated Canvass For A Cause’s Holly Hellerstreet in an interview with LGBT Weekly. “And we have been working to support transgender people in San Diego. We’re really excited here in California that we have the School Success and Opportunity Act which is [...]

Cesar Chavez, Harvey Milk and the gay community

Cesar Chavez

This Last week, I went out to see the movie based on the life of Latino icon and civil rights leader Cesar Chavez. It was a most moving movie and like the Oscar award-winning movie on Harvey Milk it brought back so many memories for me and had me crying, laughing and leaving the theater [...]

What shall we do with the ‘Yes on 8′ donors?

I know that in 33 states, workers can still be fired for their sexual orientation or gender identity. I remember the days after the Prop. 8 vote, misting up at random times when I remembered that a majority of my neighbors took away my right to marry. So I hope you’ll forgive the twinge of [...]

Roseanne Barr and transgender people

I know I’m getting old. I used to watch the television show Roseanne when it was in the first run, and thought it was pretty funny. I thought it was pretty progressive, often having lesbian characters sprinkled through storylines. And, with Roseanne Barr being an executive producer on the show I thought she must have [...]

‘Noah’ is one hot mess

At first I thought that some of the Christian leaders heavily criticizing the just-released biblical epic movie Noah were just too sensitive – ‘til I went to see this movie and it is just one big hot mess! I think any Christian would be insulted and upset because the producer has taken way more than [...]

The military’s sexual harassment problem is not unique

Kirsten Gillibrand

As a physician, I make life and death decisions. When I lead a team of trainees, I am at the top of the chain of command. Medical students gather information to make decisions with the interns, who can seek the advice of senior residents, who in turn come to me. They try to limit it [...]

Maryland’s potential referendum on trans civil rights

Trans people are often tagged as either being predators or enabling predators in public restrooms. It seems to always be the one sure thing that will be trotted out when arguing against civil rights for trans people, especially public accommodation protections. Within the last month, Maryland has passed legislation that adds employment, housing and public [...]

Mayor Faulconer … a ‘Dine Out’ waiter!

Nicole and Todd Gloria

Almost every major city has a Dine Out For Life day when local restaurants and bars give a percentage of their receipts to HIV/AIDS agencies. In the past San Diego’s mayors have participated but Mayor Kevin Faulconer will be the first to actually wait on customers on Thursday April 24 during lunch at Harvey Milk’s [...]

Bonnie Dumanis endorsing Ernie Dronenburg! Really?

At first I thought it was a joke when I heard that District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis had endorsed the re-election campaign of County Clerk Ernest Dronenburg, whose one-man effort to halt marriage equality in San Diego made ugly headlines last year. True, Dumanis has a tendency to endorse the candidates the Republican Party wants her [...]

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