Loving ‘40s music

Benny Goodman performing in 1943 Stage Door Canteen

One of my recent passions over the past couple of years has been 1940s music. Mostly I like big band music with vocals, but blues, country, “piano bar” and novelty music from the era are rotating through my iPod playlists. Singers like Fred Astaire singing about dancing cheek to cheek, Fats Waller singing about “feets” [...]

GOP promised I’d be speaking Arabic, paying $5 for gas and could marry my cat by now

Dear Republicans of 2008 and 2012: I thought I’d give you a week or so to savor your progeny’s big wins before throwing a wet blanket over your victory party in the form of a reminder about your unfulfilled promises from the presidential campaigns of 2008 and 2012. I know ‘08 and ‘12 didn’t really [...]

Cleve Jones coming to San Diego Dec. 6

Internationally known gay, labor and AIDS activist Cleve Jones will be in San Diego Dec. 6 when the Human Dignity Foundation will be honoring him at their annual gala. Cleve is the founder of the Names Project/AIDS Quilt and was the historic consultant for the Oscar-winning film Milk about his good friend Harvey Milk. (Actor [...]

Now on to the 2016 elections!

Susan Davis Todd Gloria

Strategy and campaigning has already started for the 2016 elections. Locally, rumors continue that our beloved and super-popular Congresswoman Susan Davis may not seek re-election and if she decides to retire the top two names being mentioned are Todd Gloria and Toni Atkins, who will both be termed out of office in 2016. Republicans have [...]

It’s time to move on

The votes have been counted, and we now know that former City Councilmember Carl DeMaio failed in his bid to oust freshmen Rep. Scott Peters in California’s 52nd District. It’s time to move on and start to heal some of the rifts left in the wake of a largely negative campaign. In that spirit, I [...]

The emotional element of remembering the trans dead

Transgender Flag

“I have always been more for celebrating accomplishments and victories and I have never really loved the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), to be honest,” said Helen Kramer, author of My Husband Betty, to LGBT Weekly. “I know so many vibrant, interesting, awesome trans people, and it upsets me that there are so many people [...]

Mr. DeMaio goes to Washington …

Carl DeMaio got a phone call from Washington, D.C. about five in the morning after Tuesday’s long election night; he was told to report for congressional orientation. Two years ago, Scott Peters got the same call in his tight race against incumbent Brian Bilbray in which Peters was then narrowly ahead. As I write this [...]

Election Day: How did I do?

Election Day is when we hold our elected officials accountable for their policies. The days after are when we hold pundits accountable for their analysis and predictions. I think it’s only fair to take another look at last week’s column (http://lgbtweekly.com/2014/10/30/election-preview/) and see how I did. “The most competitive race is for superintendent of public [...]

Carl DeMaio and sexual harassment

It’s Election Day as I’m writing this and it’ll likely be at least days after the 2014 midterm elections that you’re reading this. Carl DeMaio has had a number of claims made against him by staffers that he engaged in sexual harassment during the run-up for the vote on the 52nd Congressional District with the [...]

Vote Brown, Davis, DeMaio, Cate, Padilla Nov. 4

Next Tuesday, Nov. 4 is an important election as it will decide who will control Congress; but yet most political observers predict a low turnout. Locally there are also important races and let’s hope for a good turnout. I endorse Gov. Brown for re-election as well as Congresswoman Susan Davis. Let’s make history and elect [...]

Pride Card Deals

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