Who are America’s new political elites and what do they want?

Photo of pinned Annapolis on a map of USA. May be used as illustration for traveling theme.

Thom Senzee, author of this article, is a West Coast-based freelance journalist, and a regular contributor to San Diego LGBT Weekly. A new political class has assumed power in America. They’re the voters to whom conventional wisdom gives credit for putting Donald J. Trump in the White House despite his epic loss of the popular […]

Trump’s 2015 pledge to GOP proves he’s a terrible negotiator

Donald Trump

Despite his vociferous claims to the contrary, Donald J. Trump may be one of the worst dealmakers in modern politics. Proof that Trump’s not the guy you’d want negotiating a deal on your behalf is in the pledge he made last September to the Republican National Committee. Trump promised the Republicans he will not run […]

Tim Cook’s Apple and Mike Pence’s Indiana: One’s the future, the other the past

Economically, the state of Indiana has a surprising number of similarities to Apple Inc. The Hoosier State’s annual gross output is actually greater than the iconic tech firm’s annual sales: $294 billion for Indiana, $199 billion for the iPhone maker. But the leaders of these two large enterprises couldn’t be more different in the way […]

GOP promised I’d be speaking Arabic, paying $5 for gas and could marry my cat by now

Dear Republicans of 2008 and 2012: I thought I’d give you a week or so to savor your progeny’s big wins before throwing a wet blanket over your victory party in the form of a reminder about your unfulfilled promises from the presidential campaigns of 2008 and 2012. I know ‘08 and ‘12 didn’t really […]

Is San Diego the new home of LGBT activism?

San Diego Pride 2013 | Photo: Big Mike

Most people think of New York’s 1969 Stonewall riots as the flashpoint that launched the modern LGBT rights movement. But demonstrations — and even riots — protesting police abuse of lesbian gay, bisexual, and transgender people occurred on the West Coast years before a collection of Stonewall patrons line-kicked their way into history. Still, Stonewall’s […]

Is Obama’s ‘ENDA Light’ as good as it gets?

Valerie Jarrett

A recent media question-and-answer session held by the White House via Tumblr to shed light on President Obama’s executive order requiring federal agencies and contractors to afford the same employment protections enjoyed by racial and other minorities to LGBT employees and applicants shows there is still a universe of work to be done in the […]

How downing of Flight MH17 might also harm LGBT Ukrainians

The devastating loss of noted Dutch AIDS researcher, Joep Lange, who died in the recent downing of a Malaysia Airlines flight in the skies over Ukraine may turn out to be just one of multiple tragedies surrounding the air disaster that have special relevance to LGBT people and our allies. The horrifying downing of a […]

Never let authorities tell you to believe them over your own eyes

“Your eyes deceive you.” Essentially, that’s what lawyers representing the police officers who beat Rodney King half to death said 23 years ago last month. “You did not see what you think you saw.” That’s what Communist Party officials continue to say to Chinese people who were around to see the bloody massacre in Tiananmen […]

Kevin Beiser: public education’s unlikely gay superhero

Kevin Beiser

Kevin Beiser grew up in a family whose challenges included constant moving, homelessness, school suspensions, low expectations from teachers and addiction. Nevertheless, he is now president of one of the largest school districts in the nation, San Diego Unified. “I remember my first couple of days at middle school,” Beiser recalls. “I was following my […]

Commentary: people of color were 20th century’s conscience; will LGBTs be that of 21st?

Massive global interest in the passing and memorializing of Nelson Mandela last week illustrated again that people of color were humanity’s conscience during the 20th century. My question is will LGBT people be the conscience of the 21st century? If the systematic oppression, torture and denial of the basic human rights of a minority class […]

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