Never let authorities tell you to believe them over your own eyes

“Your eyes deceive you.” Essentially, that’s what lawyers representing the police officers who beat Rodney King half to death said 23 years ago last month. “You did not see what you think you saw.” That’s what Communist Party officials continue to say to Chinese people who were around to see the bloody massacre in Tiananmen […]

Kevin Beiser: public education’s unlikely gay superhero

Kevin Beiser grew up in a family whose challenges included constant moving, homelessness, school suspensions, low expectations from teachers and addiction. Nevertheless, he is now president of one of the largest school districts in the nation, San Diego Unified. “I remember my first couple of days at middle school,” Beiser recalls. “I was following my […]

Commentary: people of color were 20th century’s conscience; will LGBTs be that of 21st?

Massive global interest in the passing and memorializing of Nelson Mandela last week illustrated again that people of color were humanity’s conscience during the 20th century. My question is will LGBT people be the conscience of the 21st century? If the systematic oppression, torture and denial of the basic human rights of a minority class […]

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