Marty Block broke his word. Atkins for Senate


If you look up the words “integrity” and “honesty” in the political dictionary, you would probably find a picture of Toni Atkins right next to these two words. Atkins has never forgotten where she came from – the Appalachian mountains of Virginia, a coal miner’s daughter. She grew up in a home with no running […]

About Nathan Fletcher and Lorena Gonzalez


This past Tuesday I joined my good friends, Nathan Fletcher and Lorena Gonzalez, for lunch for a pre-birthday celebration of this popular state assemblywoman’s birthday. And we all know that what we wish more than anything for our best friends is their happiness. I have long admired former Marine Nathan for his long history of […]

2015 Nicky Award winners


The 40th Annual Nicky Awards were a great success and a sold-out event at the Marriott Hotel. There will be some major new changes next year and hats off to producers Allan Spyere and Michael Zarbo. And the winners were … Outstanding Business: Green Fresh Florals; Community Organization: Human Dignity Foundation; Businesswoman: Joyce Rowland; Businessman: […]

Support SeaWorld


I am glad that SeaWorld is finally really fighting back against PETA’s extreme and false claims by recently launching some educational public service and educational media outreach. The facts are that for over five decades no organization in San Diego County has done more to rescue and protect all ocean wildlife than SeaWorld. Yes, there […]

Is Faulconer San Diego’s last Republican mayor?

Nicole planting

Mayor Kevin Faulconer is on his way to a very smooth re-election as every possible major Democratic officeholder has bowed out of the mayoral race and Faulconer continues to be polling in high numbers when it comes to his approval rating by San Diegans. This is a testament to his non-partisan approach in many of […]

A Bob Filner tell-all book?

Nicole 4

Yes, it was in this column that I wrote that former Mayor Bob Filner would be writing a book and now comes word that it could be nearly finished! My good sources tell me that the possibilities of this “tell-all” book being a reality are very good and that there should be some very nervous […]

Remarks by Nicole Murray Ramirez at St. Paul’s rainbow lighting ceremony

Nicole_St Pauls

SAN DIEGO: Remarks by Nicole Murray Ramirez at St. Paul’s Cathedral rainbow lighting ceremony, July 14: Good Evening, it is my deep honor to have been asked to speak tonight. These are indeed historic times for our great nation and all Americans. The Confederate flag is coming town in many Southern states and the White […]

The Union Tribune and the LGBT community


The San Diego Union Tribune has had a mostly negative relationship with the LGBT community, especially in the 1960s, ’70s and early ’80s, referring to us for a long time as the “homosexual community” and refusing to use the word “gay.” They ran negative articles and editorials, including ugly cartoons. (“Being gay” was not even […]

The gay baiting of Carl DeMaio and Dave Roberts


During Carl DeMaio’s congressional campaign I gave a warning in this column that if the LGBT leadership did not speak out against the vicious false sexual smear campaign and gay baiting against DeMaio that in the future others would use this same tactic to destroy gay candidates; now County Supervisor Dave Roberts is being subjected […]

Al Best’s memorial: June 28


Some decades ago, long before Kehoe, Dumanis, Atkins, DeMaio, Gloria, Padilla, Roberts, Beiser, etc., an openly gay man named Al Best announced his candidacy for the City Council of San Diego. Yes, he was making history with this announcement and he was immediately fired from his good paying job because his “gay candidacy” was bringing […]

Pride Card Deals


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