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Last September, I moved into a house with a small yard. With a yard, I began work on what I’m calling our Victory Garden (“Victory Garden” being the old WWII term for home vegetable gardens). As I’ve said before, I don’t want to get lost in the day-to-day goings on of the news cycles, and […]

Bring on the ‘Gang of 19’


The Senate is continuing its downhill spiral. President Trump’s cabinet nominees are facing unprecedented opposition, with Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos needing a vice presidential tie-breaker for confirmation. Democrats may filibuster Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination, possibly leading Republicans to end the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees and possibly legislation. How did things get so bad? […]

People, politics and opinions


Recent polls show Mayor Kevin Faulconer behind Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsome in next year’s California governor’s race. That Faulconer, a Republican, is polling a strong second while expressing no interest in the race continues to have people urge him to run. While I believe our mayor would make an outstanding governor, I do believe it […]

Man versus nature

Water overflowing the auxillary spillway of Oroville Dam |  Photo: California Department of Water Resources

One of the classic conflicts in literature, screenplays and on television is man versus nature. Basically, the conflict involves man trying to overcome a force of nature like a blizzard, hurricane or earthquake. Usually, the hero survives and gives hope to the reader or audience. Unfortunately, in real life, nature always wins. The reality is […]

The Amazon Trail: Love song

The Amazon Trail Feb

The only one likely to get any treats this Valentine’s Day is the cat. As my sweetheart said, now that we’re getting old and fat, we need to think of new ways to celebrate loving occasions. So, we treated ourselves to an iRobot Roomba 650. More expensive than a red heart full of chocolates, but […]

Dystopia, here I come

Storms and Lightning in a Post Apocalyptic World Scene

I lost track of time this week. I didn’t know when it was Monday or Wednesday, Jan. 30 or Feb. 1. I’ve lost my cues this week that tell me. Being medically retired and not having a Monday through Friday life, it can happen. I usually have appointments scheduled for Wednesdays and get reminders from […]

How to address Trump


What Donald Trump has done in the days since his inauguration disgusts me. In that time, I have joined marches, breakfasts and rallies to oppose his actions. I have seen signs that inspire hope, invite discussion and incite anger. I can empathize or sympathize with them all, including those that say “Not my President.” Yet […]

Imperial Court 45, a matter of respect

Imperial Court

This coming Saturday Feb. 4, San Diego’s oldest LGBT organization will be celebrating its 45th anniversary of community service: The Imperial Court de San Diego. In 1972, LGBT San Diegans started to meet and discuss the starting of a local chapter of the International Imperial Court System, which was founded in 1965 in San Francisco […]

Justice tempered with mercy


In one of his last acts as president of the United States, President Obama commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning. Under the current commutation scheme, she’ll be released in May. It was an act, in my opinion, that was justice tempered with mercy. Not many remember how Manning was mistreated during her pretrial confinement, but […]

What’s going to happen to my health care?


Normally, this would be the “Year in Preview” column. Frankly, I’m just not ready to gaze into the gathering political storm, particularly since the only bright spots will be lightning from LA Bolts. Instead, I’ll focus on a question I’ve been answering in my day job: “What’s going to happen to my health care?” If […]

Pride Card Deals


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