But for now we just fight on

Sept. 5, Equality California, joined by the GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) and the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR), filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California challenging the Trump administration’s transgender military ban, Stockman v. Trump. It was the fourth lawsuit filed over the ban. Nov. 6, […]

The other side of queer

It has been a decade since I began pondering the queer nature of my sexuality, ten years that feel like a lifetime when I consider the person I’ve become since those “I kissed a girl and I liked it (way differently than she did)” days. Despite the depth of self-reflection around the queerness of my […]

And the winners are …

In the past year, Donald Trump has gone from historically unpopular candidate to historically unpopular president, with an approval rating consistently under 40 percent. In four congressional special elections this year, Democrats rode that anti-Trump sentiment to better performances in Republican held districts, but no victories. On Tuesday, Democrats claimed their first major wins since […]

Is transphobia lite dangerous? TDOR is a good time to reflect on it

“She’s a bit TERFie (Trans Exclusionary).” “He doesn’t understand trans people.” “They are TERF-lite.” These are remarks I’ve heard, comments by LGB people about San Diego lesbians and gay men who have received awards and recognition for their outstanding service to our community. I can’t help but wonder if people were homophobic-lite, would our community […]

Learning about elderly neglect and abuse

Over a year ago I moved into a five floor senior housing project (residents must be 65+) and being the busy bee that I am, I’m gone a lot and therefore in and out. I have gotten to know some of my neighbors who are mostly elderly women living by themselves. Last week there was […]

Being a US territory should mean something

Imagine you live on an island in the Caribbean Sea. Your home is one of more than 7,000 islands in the immediate region. Your island is one of only 27 territories and sovereign nations into which a local galaxy of isles are politically organized. You, your family, your friends, and most of your fellow islanders […]

So much more than a word

My queer identity is constantly evolving. For too long I resisted this growth process, worrying that my inability to find a perfectly fitting label would cause others to question the validity of my sexuality. So much of my initial journey was consumed by this deep insecurity that the rest of the LGBTQ community wouldn’t find […]

Gayborhood Weinsteins

The revelations about Harvey Weinstein have spurred discussion about harassment and assault in the workplace. While it can happen anywhere, there are some common threads among the worst industries. The victims are often seeking employment with some level of “desperation”, either for a job at all or for a break toward advancement. This is in […]

People, politics and opinions

San Diego was the first city to have a Harvey Milk Street, then Salt Lake City followed. Now Portland may be the third city as political trailblazer Terry Bean is heading up this city’s campaign and he tells me that already 75 percent of the current street businesses have agreed to the name change. Ric […]

The Amazon Trail: Friends and other wonders

We’ve spent the past few days galivanting up and down the Oregon Coast with friends visiting from the U.K. Two months ago, we were doing the same with a couple up from Palm Springs. Last year it was my family from Massachusetts, the year before, my sweetheart’s sister from New Jersey, and in two weeks, […]

Pride Card Deals


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