Reflections on President Trump’s statements on banning Transgender men and women from military service

Trans woman and Retired Army Officer Veronica Zerrer, Major, USA (Ret) offers a perspective on President Trump’s statements on banning Transgender men and women from military service. President Trump says that Transgender people serving in the military will distract the force from fighting and winning wars. He says people like me are a burden that […]

Dear Caitlyn Jenner, there is one more transition you need to make

Editor’s note: The following piece by San Diego LGBT Weekly publisher Stampp Corbin was originally published on HuffPost June 6, 2015. As usual, our publisher was prescient in his assessment of Donald Trump and what was going to happen. We have all watched with great interest the transition of Caitlyn Jenner who has finally become […]

Commentary: My name is the GOP, and I’m a no-aholic

Thom Senzee, author of this article, is a West Coast-based freelance journalist, and a regular contributor to San Diego LGBT Weekly. The Party of No learned how hard it can be to shake a bad habit last week. This week, 32 million Americans wait to see if the GOP’s bad habit of saying no to […]

The Amazon Trail: You know you’re not a femme

You know you’re not a femme when all you do before you leave the house is change your shoes, grab your vest and give the dog a treat.  Okay, maybe you put on your baseball cap, but you already know whether it’s an Ace Hardware or Yankees or Xena hat day. What with the Butch […]

Some of San Diego’s No Justice, No Pride voices

On the Saturday of San Diego’s Pride weekend, there was a protest of about 50 people at noon, at Sixth and Upas, organized by the San Diego Chapter of No Justice, No Pride. I spoke to Adrian Scott (pronouns: they, them, theirs), a protest organizer, and Adam Powers (pronouns: she, her, hers), a protest participant, […]

The safe spaces that shape us

If you ask almost anyone in our community about where they first felt safe to be authentically queer, they can remember. For some, it was a place, for others, a person; for me, it was Gettysburg, Pa. I have always been a blend of nerdy and artistic, two qualities to which I am happy to […]

#Resist complacency

On Monday, Sens. Mike Lee and Jerry Moran went on record as the third and fourth votes against the Senate’s latest version of Obamacare, denying Republicans the 50 votes they needed to proceed and effectively killing the bill. By Tuesday morning, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced he would introduce the repeal bill passed by the […]

2017 San Diego Pride notebook

Did you know that … Major General Matthew Beevers marched in our parade with the military contingent? That the Walmart contingent had over 400 employees and families marching? That Ms. California 2017 waved throughout the parade at everyone? That the “Burning Man Festival” had a space at the festival? That our popular Sheriff Bill Gore […]

DignityUSA is moving toward radical inclusion

With the Catholic Church being the largest Christian denomination in the world the fight for the dignity and inclusion of its LGBTQI parishioners is a fight for the church’s soul and moral integrity. DignityUSA since its inception has asserted that God loves the LGBTQI community equally.  This year DignityUSA held its 23rd biennial national conference in Boston from July 6-9. Its theme was […]

Demonstrations … Yes! Shut down Pride … No!

As a Latino and gay activist for over 45 years who has organized, led and participated in demonstrations, sit-ins, marches etc., and one who has been beaten and arrested by police in the 1960s and 70s, it is indeed upsetting to see my last column so misrepresented. As I stated, as the 2017 Grand Marshal […]

Pride Card Deals


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