Where are they now?


When Jo Becker’s book Forcing the Spring: Inside the fight for marriage equality was published earlier this year, it set off a firestorm of arguments about who had contributed how much to the effort and when. Given the breadth of the title, some long term LGBT activists felt it focused too much on Hollingsworth v [...]

2014 ENDA: a sense of deja vu?

“Was it the same cat?” That was Trinity’s question in The Matrix, when Neo reported seeing two black cats in rapid succession. In the movie, déjà vu is a glitch that portends a dangerous change in the computer program. Watching multiple advocacy groups again remove their support for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) has given [...]

A bad day in court

Last year, the decisions of the Supreme Court’s June term were met with joyful celebration in San Diego’s LGBT community, with decisions bringing an end to both California’s Proposition 8 and part of the Defense of Marriage Act. The final day of the 2014 spring Supreme Court term was markedly different, with decisions that clearly [...]

Primaries: ‘a great night for Republicans’ — really?

Scientists rarely get to create their own facts. Politicians do. Say something enough times, and people start to think it’s true. Like the idea that last Tuesday’s primary was a great night for San Diego Republicans. Sorry, but I respectfully disagree. Let’s start with the numbers. In Congressional primaries, Republicans lost 3:2. They are happy [...]

Addressing the VA health care scandal

Medicine can be confusing. It is therefore often assumed that problems with medical centers and health care delivery are confusing. Sometimes they are, but not in the case of the current scandals at the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA medical centers do not have a medicine problem. They have a math problem, a reality [...]

Equality physics

Escape velocity is the speed needed to break away from a planet without eventually being pulled back by gravity. Hit it, and you can coast to the freedom of open space without hitting the jets again. For Earth, it’s about 25,000 mph. The escape velocity of a political movement can’t be calculated, but there is [...]

Election preview

Tuesday, June 3, is the California gubernatorial primary election. If you hadn’t heard, it’s in large part because the marque state races involve lesser known Republicans running in primaries, all for the chance to fight a decidedly uphill November battle against incumbent Gov. Jerry Brown and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom. In San Diego’s highest profile [...]

Why did Sam fall so far in the draft?

I was thrilled to see Michael Sam become the first openly gay player drafted into the National Football League (NFL). The coverage of his emotional response, including kissing his boyfriend, was tremendous. I remain skeptical, though, of the idea that his sexual orientation didn’t hurt him in the draft. You’ve probably heard the current narrative. [...]

Discrimination is discrimination, whatever form it takes

When Brendan Eich resigned from Mozilla last month, a group of marriage equality supporters penned a public statement “Freedom to Marry, Freedom to Dissent: Why we must have both.” They argued that “diversity is the natural consequence of liberty” and that “disagreement should not be punished.” Then LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling was caught on [...]

Sorry, Dana, DeMaio’s no dream

Carl DeMaio

I doubt there is any real danger that a Fox News item would convince most San Diegans that former Councilmember Carl DeMaio is our dream congressional candidate. Still, Dana Perino’s article (http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2014/04/28/california-house-race-no-one-puts-gay-republican-carl-demaio-in-corner/) Straight talk about gay Republican congressional candidate Carl DeMaio warrants some discussion. Perino’s column begins by suggesting that DeMaio’s biography and Council record [...]

Pride Card Deals

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