What shall we do with the ‘Yes on 8′ donors?

I know that in 33 states, workers can still be fired for their sexual orientation or gender identity. I remember the days after the Prop. 8 vote, misting up at random times when I remembered that a majority of my neighbors took away my right to marry. So I hope you’ll forgive the twinge of [...]

The military’s sexual harassment problem is not unique

Kirsten Gillibrand

As a physician, I make life and death decisions. When I lead a team of trainees, I am at the top of the chain of command. Medical students gather information to make decisions with the interns, who can seek the advice of senior residents, who in turn come to me. They try to limit it [...]

The flag over Barrio Logan

This June, San Diegans will be voting on the Barrio Logan Community Plan. I’ve seen the map, and it’s complicated. It has Residential Zones, Business Zones, Buffer Zones and seemingly every option in between. I’m still not sure if the blue area is the ocean or another type of land use. Fortunately, I don’t have [...]

We’re here, we’re queer and we’d like 3-tier!

Politically Aware

One of my favorite TV moments is the West Wing episode in which President Jed Bartlet meets Dr. Jenna Jacobs, the Dr. Laura proxy, at a reception for talk radio hosts. In response to Jacobs’ claim that “I don’t say homosexuality is an abomination, Mr. President, the Bible does,” Bartlet unleashes a tirade of questions [...]

Everyone has a piece of the truth

Stampp Corbin is my publisher, and has been a guiding force in my involvement in politics. Hilllcrest Mayor Nicole Murray Ramirez saw something that made him suggest me as a City commissioner. As I consider both to be my mentors, I have followed their recent dueling columns with all the joy of a child watching [...]

Marriage equality: it’s not over ’til it’s over

The string of victories for marriage equality since the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decisions on the Defense of Marriage Act and Prop. 8 have the LGBT community understandably excited, and some pundits surprisingly unhinged. David Cohen and Dahlia Lithwick of Slate have declared “It’s over” of the court debate. Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post’s blog [...]

Commentary: The NFL – to change or not to change


By announcing his sexuality, Missouri Defensive End MIchael Sam has introduced a number of questions. Will NFL locker rooms change? Will the NFL become more accepting? I hope both are true, but there is something I hope won’t change. NFL broadcasts. I’m going to let you in on a secret. For gay men and allies [...]

It’s still Todd Gloria’s San Diego

Wednesday, we learned that Kevin Faulconer would be the next mayor of San Diego. While the final vote count will continue to trickle in, he appears to have defeated fellow Councilman David Alvarez by a comfortable margin, taking an early lead with absentee ballots and holding it well into the night. Alvarez needed a surge [...]

Fighting the scourge of human trafficking

Since 2010, when New Jersey was chosen to host Super Bowl XLVIII, business leaders have been building the infrastructure for a successful event. Rooms have been booked. Travel plans have been made. Pipelines have been built to guarantee enough product. For T-shirts, that’s great. For liquor, it’s at least legal. For victims of human trafficking, [...]

What to make of recent mayoral polling

If recent polling is to be believed, the last six weeks have seen two seismic shifts in the San Diego electorate. According to SurveyUSA/U-T SanDiego/KGTV polls, the city lurched 15 points to the right between 12/6/13 and 1/10/14, giving Kevin Faulconer a 16 point lead. Public Policy Polling (PPIC) data released this week says the [...]

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