San Diego election 2016 preview: City Council


In presidential election years, the five odd-numbered City Council districts are up for election. As with the California legislative elections, they can be dull because the incumbent wins easily or the general election features two candidates from the same party. 2016 looks to be a bit more interesting than most, with three open seats and […]

Election 2016 preview: State Senate, Assembly and US Congress


Local races for the California legislature are often a snooze fest. Incumbents rarely lose, and the districts have a sufficient partisan lean that successors are anointed by the party or chosen in the primary. Those trends appear likely to hold for incumbent Assemblymembers Marie Waldron (R-75), Brian Maienschein (R-77), Shirley Weber (D-79) and Lorena Gonzalez […]

San Diego election 2016 preview: mayor and city attorney


With Election Day 2016 now less than a year away, it is time to take a break from presidential debate analysis and focus the next few columns on San Diego contests. In the past few weeks, new candidates have emerged in races that had been static for months. There will no doubt be a few […]

Will ‘Speaker’ Ryan unite a divided GOP?


In an attempt to “clean out the barn,” as he put it, outgoing House Speaker John Boehner negotiated a deal that will raise spending, lift the debt ceiling and prevent a government shut down until 2017. Rep. Paul Ryan, who is likely to succeed Boehner as speaker, has attacked the deal. This does not bode […]

Grading the Democratic presidential candidates’ debate performances


Tuesday night, the Democratic presidential candidates gathered in Las Vegas for their first debate, hosted by CNN and Facebook. Not much time was spent on education beyond free college, but that won’t stop everyone, including Politically Aware, from grading the performances. CNN – D. The intro sequence sounded more like the opening to The Jerry […]

Why McCarthy would be wise to keep his current job


In the wake of House Speaker John Boehner’s announcement of his retirement at the end of the month, political insiders think that his second in command, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, has the inside track to take the gavel. That may be true, but McCarthy would be wiser to keep his current job and elect a […]

Debunking the ‘anchor baby’ argument


I have conservative friends with whom I enjoy discussing policy issues. Sometimes I educate. Sometimes I learn. Sometimes we find common ground. Occasionally they say something that lets me know I should give up on a conversation that is going nowhere. Like when they say “anchor baby.” Let’s unpack this, because that phrase is so […]

Kentucky voters will determine if obstructionism is a viable position

Kim Davis still refuses to issue marriage licenses.

Kim Davis is refusing to do her job, but she’s far from the only Kentuckian shirking responsibility. More troubling is that the governor and state legislature are refusing to act. How voters respond will be an important statement about the future of LGBT rights and the rule of law. Davis is the Rowan County clerk […]

The LGBT community must unite against SeaWorld’s oppression


As a member of the LGBT community, I found it disturbing that Nicole Murray-Ramirez would try to persuade us – a group that knows all too well the pain and frustration of being denied rights – to support SeaWorld, a corporation that deprives orcas and other animals of their fundamental rights as well as everything […]

The 2016 Senate contests are worth watching


The 24/7 coverage of Trump-a-palooza and Clinton-mail makes it hard to remember there are other presidential candidates, much less other races. The 2016 Senate contests are worth keeping an eye on, though, as control of the upper chamber is once again up for grabs. Republicans regained control of the Senate in 2014, when Democrats elected […]

Pride Card Deals


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