It’s time to move

One box, two boxes, three boxes, four. I’ve been moving. In December 2011, when I last moved from my then apartment of seven years, it wasn’t for happy reasons. I’d been cyberharassed and cyberstalked as a blogger at Pam’s House Blend. I’d written about a gender affirmation surgery I had in 2011, and those I’d […]

WoLF v. trans women and girls

“A bathroom battle! Transgender students can choose which bathroom or locker room to use at schools, but now a women’s group is suing,” began Lisée Mitri for her Aug. 12 KRQE News report . Its easy shorthand to think of the battle enemy of LGBT civil rights as being religious right aligned organizations. Sometimes it’s […]

Transition and detransition

Detransitioning happens; there are detransitioners who regret decisions they made while identifying as transgender and transitioning. Their numbers are relatively small, but even in relatively small numbers – compared with the size of the larger trans community – these detransitioners add up to thousands of people. Carey Callahan, in her blog entitled Maria Catt, posted […]

The alleged trans voyeur

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. is quoted as saying, “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” King was talking about racism, but I believe one can extrapolate further to just plain bigotry; judging an individual solely by a […]

‘Effective immediately, transgender servicemembers may serve openly’

I remember how tough it was for me to change my documented gender in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) as a military retiree in 2013. It was incredibly tough and onerous: I needed six separate pieces of documentation, to include proof of surgery. Most of the documents the Department of Defense (DoD) required […]


It seems everywhere I look, mainstream, LGBT and conservative Christian journalists are reporting about, and opining on the Orlando mass murder at Pulse, as well as lawmakers saying things and taking votes. If we’re going to talk in terms of groups of people, instead of us as individuals, for a moment, we all see random, […]

Our existence shouldn’t be up for discussion

Recent discussions about basic freedoms for transgender people in public life, however the discussion has been framed, have generally been missing the contending theorizations of what we’re really discussing. The assertion by transgender people is “We exist.” The assertion by the public antagonists of transgender people is “You don’t exist: you rebel against God given […]

The one finger salute from Secretary Clinton?

Is Secretary Clinton giving the trans community the one finger salute? Well, it seems like it to me. Before I start here, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a #BernieOrBust gal. If Secretary Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate for president this November, she has my vote. And, I vote. But, I want to know […]

Government lawsuits take flight in North Carolina

“Let me also speak directly to the transgender community itself,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch said in a May 9 news conference announcing a lawsuit against North Carolina over the provisions of HB 2: specifically the provisions that require transgender people in public agencies, schools and rest stops to use the bathrooms consistent with their sex […]

What our anti-transgender antagonists want

“A person’s sex (male or female) is an immutable biological reality. In the vast majority of people (including those who later identify as ‘transgender’), it is unambiguously identifiable at birth. There is no rational or compassionate reason to affirm a distorted psychological self-concept that one’s ‘gender identity’ is different from one’s biological sex. “Neither lawmakers […]

Pride Card Deals


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