Was my phone company intentionally sexist and transphobic?

I’ve been having a lot of issues with my mobile phone provider during the last few months, and I’m not sure why these latest issues with the company occurred. It feels either sexist or transphobic, but my guess it’s a process that has the unintentional problem of appearing discriminatory. It began with a phone billing [...]

Fixing a problem as self-care

I had a friend of mine once tell me that self-care is a key to work one does in one’s life, whether the worker’s work is the kind of work that brings home the bacon so the worker could fry it up in a pan (from the words of a 1970s commercial for the perfume [...]

Love matters

I’ve been reminded this past week about what I love and what I find discomforting living out in my community. This past week I went to FilmOut’s screening of Lady Valor, a CNN documentary on Kristin Beck’s life since coming out. I noticed relationships. I saw some of her experiences with her family of origin [...]

Rep. Susan Davis on pressing trans military issues

Susan Davis

Where do our congresspeople stand on open military service for trans people? For background regarding trans military service members, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) was enshrined into law in 1993. The military services could no longer legally ask a recruit whether he or she was a homosexual, nor could they legally ask whether a then [...]

Years of words from MichFest’s Lisa Vogel

There’s been many words spoken by Lisa Vogel, the founder and 39-year key organizer of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival about the festival’s women-born-women (WBW) policy. This year, she’s referring to the policy as an intention, but six of one, half-a-dozen of the other – she’s referred to the intention as policy in the past. [...]

San Diego Pride and the T-community

Ryland Whittington

In 2010 I was selected as one of the two Champions of Pride, and in 2012 I was a speaker at the Stonewall Rally. In both cases it had to do with LGBT military service issues. Connor Maddocks was a speaker at the 2013 Stonewall Rally, in large part because his participation in trans leadership [...]

Trans* Pride and The Stonewall Rally

Prior to this year’s Friday night Stonewall Rally, July 18, the organizing collective of the first annual San Diego Trans* Pride and March requested a few times of San Diego Pride that a dedicated space be set aside for the marchers in the audience area of San Diego Pride weekend’s kickoff event. The march was [...]

The Transperience of ‘sisTers’

What would an uncensored video production on transgender topics from an African American and trans point of view look like? What would we see from a community perspective that wasn’t produced by middle-aged, white transitioners? Ciora LeGrand is the host, writer and executive producer of sisTers, a new production for Transperience.TV. “I’m doing the show [...]

Trans visibility during Pride weekend

The trans community in San Diego is both visible and invisible. That is to say some are out activists and/or advocates for the trans community and visible in LGBT spaces in San Diego, some are behind the scenes activists and/or advocates and not visible in LGBT spaces, some are out to their friends and families [...]

Burger King and its real obligation to the LGBT community

Proud Whopper

Burger King recently released an ad on LGBT equality, and one store in San Francisco served a burger called the “Proud Whopper” for a short while during San Francisco’s Pride Weekend celebration. They added social media to their campaign. For example, they Tweeted, “We are who we are. And it’s awesome. #BeYourWay” with an image [...]

Pride Card Deals

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