Studying trans veterans

According to the USA Today article VA Treats 2,500 Veterans, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA – part of the overall Department of Veterans Affairs, or VA), in 2013 treated 2,567 veterans with the diagnosis of gender dysphoria for transgender specific health care. That’s a significant population of trans veterans in the VA. And, being statistically [...]

Trans anthems

I’ve been put in the position of thinking about musical anthems in past weeks. That’s because Kate Pierson of the B-52s released a song planned to be included in her upcoming solo album – a song she hoped would become a “trans anthem.” The name of that song is “Mister Sister.” It’s strange to think [...]

Meeting the needs of the local trans community

How does one meet the needs of the local trans community? During holiday seasons I often think about my community peers. I’d say my community peers like me, but many of my peers aren’t like me. I’m white; I transitioned in middle-age; I had a long military career; I’m invisibly disabled and can’t hold down [...]

Living with holiday depression

I can frame the hardest month of the year for me by the dates of Nov. 20 and Dec. 25. For me, it’s a month punctuated by anniversaries, holidays and the sun’s low position in the sky that contribute to feelings of depression. Each year, the Transgender Day of Remembrance (Nov. 20) begins my hard [...]

My Cabela’s ornament is no longer ironic

This week saw me putting up my Christmas tree. For years I’ve had rather ironic Christmas trees, and this year’s tree is no different. Three years ago I had a four-foot, self-lit, tinsel tree; last year it was a spindly, five-foot stick tree with mini, lit yellow and red maple leaves, and this year it’s [...]

Loving ‘40s music

Benny Goodman performing in 1943 Stage Door Canteen

One of my recent passions over the past couple of years has been 1940s music. Mostly I like big band music with vocals, but blues, country, “piano bar” and novelty music from the era are rotating through my iPod playlists. Singers like Fred Astaire singing about dancing cheek to cheek, Fats Waller singing about “feets” [...]

The emotional element of remembering the trans dead

Transgender Flag 1

“I have always been more for celebrating accomplishments and victories and I have never really loved the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), to be honest,” said Helen Kramer, author of My Husband Betty, to LGBT Weekly. “I know so many vibrant, interesting, awesome trans people, and it upsets me that there are so many people [...]

Carl DeMaio and sexual harassment

It’s Election Day as I’m writing this and it’ll likely be at least days after the 2014 midterm elections that you’re reading this. Carl DeMaio has had a number of claims made against him by staffers that he engaged in sexual harassment during the run-up for the vote on the 52nd Congressional District with the [...]

Eighteen US allies say open trans military service is doable

Transgender Flag

A week ago Monday, (Oct. 20) the Palm Center, SPARTA and the ACLU convened a conference to discuss open transgender military service in the United States. In the largest gathering of its kind, transgender military personnel from 18 countries that allow open military service for transgender servicemembers attended the conference to discuss that issue. With [...]

Doxxing ‘GallusMag’

Transgender Flag 1

My vocabulary expands frequently. One word I learned from some trans hackers recently was “dox.” It’s a verb that originates from the word “document.” and means “to search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet.” Often it’s done maliciously; sometimes it’s done as reciprocation to someone who has [...]

Pride Card Deals

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