Nicole and me

The last several weeks have created quite a buzz within the LGBT political community because of my message entitled “Conversations with a Republican Mouthpiece” (San Diego LGBT Weekly issue 153). In it I take activist Nicole Murray Ramirez to task on a variety of fronts, and will again later in this message. But first I [...]

39th Nicky Awards: Sunday Aug. 24

Allan Spyere

The new downtown central library will be the site of the 39th Annual Nicky Awards, “The gay academy awards San Diego”. The GLBT community awards show will be held this Sunday Aug. 24 at 6 p.m. The Nicky Awards named after long time gay Latino activist City Commissioner Nicole Murray Ramirez, honor outstanding achievements within [...]


Dear Editor, Again, just what we need, a Republican drag queen – who has crowned himself “the Mayor of Hillcrest [sic]” – giving us a GLOWING report of how he spent his Pride weekend cavorting with all the Republican candidates. I don’t know what to call it: Stockholm syndrome? If you are gay and call [...]

Conversations with a Republican mouthpiece …


How does that sound for a new title of Nicole Murray Ramirez’s column? Nicole has finally jumped the shark. As many of you know, the term refers to a scene from the TV series Happy Days where the Fonz jumps over a shark while waterskiing. The phrase has come to mean the desperation of something [...]

2024: Resistance is futile …

You will be assimilated. Now that everyone is basking in their post-Pride glow; it’s an appropriate time to predict what all of our political success will mean for our community by 2024. After all, the 40th anniversary of San Diego Pride was more than a party, right? I celebrate those who were able to just [...]

This is your platform

In the spirit of San Diego Pride’s theme for this year’s festival, “Reflections of Pride,” I thought I would take a minute to reflect upon one or two things as editor of San Diego LGBT Weekly. At San Diego LGBT Weekly, I strive to bring our readers diverse, interesting, informative and engaging content covering a [...]


Re: 40th San Diego Gay Pride parade. Dear Editor, I am Gary B. Gulley, the organizer of the first Gay Pride parade in our city of San Diego in 1974. I was also an initiator of Gays against the War 1972 and ‘73, the Gay Center 1972 and ‘73 and the founder of the Gay [...]

I am what I am (LISTEN)

I Am What I Am - Gloria Gaynor

As San Diego Pride celebrates 40 years, it is time to reflect upon what has been accomplished in the last four decades. The first San Diego Pride March, which really was a protest, was marred by shame as a few who marched put paper bags over their heads to hide their identity. Fear; fear that [...]

Born on the Fourth of July

78055522. Fourth of July

As we all celebrate the Fourth of July by having barbecues, picnics, family reunions and outings to watch fireworks displays, it is also a good time to reflect upon the true meaning of the holiday. Most of us know that the actual name of the holiday is Independence Day, the day on which the Declaration [...]


Publisher and Editor’s Note: The decision was made to publish these contradictory Letters to the Editor together, to ensure that the community gets to hear the different versions of the issues that are facing the Hillcrest Business Association. As always, we believe our readers will be able to discern the truth as San Diego LGBT [...]

Pride Card Deals

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