The ‘Trump’ card

Donald Trump

  Donald Trump made comments about Sen. John McCain that created a firestorm this week. Trump’s comments questioning McCain’s “hero” status made the Republican candidates rush to castigate Trump, who is the leading Republican presidential contender. Yet each one of the Republican candidates have at some point said inappropriate and hateful comments about the LGBT [...]

Portraits of AIDS research pioneer Mathilde Krim join the National Portrait Gallery’s collection

Mathilde Krim by Joyce Tenneson

The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery added two portraits of AIDS research pioneer Dr. Mathilde Krim to its collection. The Portrait Gallery’s collection represents the story and identity of America through the art of portraiture, and these new acquisitions enable the museum to represent a leading figure in the effort to treat and prevent the spread [...]

Checks and balances


No my message this week is not about your bank account. The “checks and balances” we should all be celebrating this 2015 Pride are in the U.S. Constitution. When you were taught the concept in civics or social studies class, you were probably bored to tears. How would you know that checks and balances would [...]

New infographic details the reality of being transgender in America

MAP infographic

DENVER — Although recent polling indicates that only 11-22% of Americans personally know someone who is transgender, the public transitions of Caitlyn Jenner and, previously, Laverne Cox, mean more people are becoming familiar with transgender people. Few people, however, understand the myriad issues facing transgender people, including legal discrimination; limited job opportunities; high rates of [...]

Remarks by the president on the Supreme Court decision on marriage equality


ROSE GARDEN, June 26 — Good morning. Our nation was founded on a bedrock principle that we are all created equal. The project of each generation is to bridge the meaning of those founding words with the realities of changing times — a never-ending quest to ensure those words ring true for every single American. [...]


Letters You helped me make up my mind Dear Editor, I had long been a proponent of marriage equality on general grounds but had been somewhat ambivalent on the matter of civil partnerships. Was a civil partnership “close enough” to actual marriage? Should same-sex couples be satisfied with that? A quote attributed to Stampp Corbin [...]

Leading From the Rear: Carl DeMaio and the Republican Party

Carl DeMaio

Message from the Publisher: I would have laughed out loud if it wasn’t so sad, Carl DeMaio issued a statement after the Supreme Court ruling that partially said the following “Opposition to marriage equality has cost the Republican Party supporters – particularly among the younger generation. This decision provides a reflection point for the Republican [...]

Transgender forward: Onward and upward

Transgender Forward

The last decade has been one of great progress for the transgender community. There are many who are just beginning to learn, and understand, what it means to be transgender. What is clear is that many people within the LGBT community are on the same journey of discovery. That is why San Diego LGBT Weekly [...]

City of San Diego management at its worst


Cultural heritage is the legacy left behind by former generations that helps future generations understand their history and how that history impacts their lives. Recently, part of the LGBT heritage of San Diego was unceremoniously demolished by a developer who was issued a permit to do so from the City of San Diego. The small [...]

Watch: Sneak peek of season finale of Logo TV’s ‘Cucumber’

Cucumber Finale

Check out this exclusive clip from ‘Cucumber’s’ season finale; the drama series that explores 21st century gay life in all its powerful, witty, dark and uplifting guises through the lens of two disparate generations. In the season finale Henry invites a collection of local LGBT friends and family to move in to his new home, [...]

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