Linda Harvey has the perfect Christmas gift for those ‘who claim to be gay’ (LISTEN)

Linda Harvey

Mission: America’s Linda Harvey knows just the thing to get that gay or lesbian friend this year: her new book, Maybe He’s Not Gay. The homophobic pundit’s book  urges people to “leave” the homosexual lifestyle. Right Wing Watch reported Harvey as saying, “If you were wondering what to get your teen or college student for [...]

A friend in trouble

Terry Bean

Everyone wonders how someone should handle the delicate situation of when a friend is at the center of a public firestorm. Should you defend your friend to the end? Should you say nothing because all you know is the friend has been a wonderful leader and nice guy as far as you can tell? Does [...]

Reagan administration homophobia and AIDS


It is not an urban legend that the Reagan administration contributed to the AIDS crisis by its lack of attention to the issue, as well as its general uncomfortable relationship with LGBT Americans. Thanks to the Mattachine Society of Washington D.C., an organization that performs archival research related to gay and lesbian history, and the [...]

Marina Rice Bader launches special giveaway contest as thank you to fans

Marina Rice Bader----

LOS ANGELES — Out filmmaker Marina Rice Bader, profiled last month in LGBT Weekly,  has launched an exclusive online contest to celebrate the success of her directorial debut Anatomy of A Love Seen. The filmmaker is personally saying “thank you” to her fans with 10 exclusive gift bags to be given out Dec. 27, Bader’s [...]

I’m not crying wolf (VIDEO)

Gray Wolf

The reintroduction of the gray wolf into the Yellowstone Park ecosystem has produced results that many did not envision nearly 20 years ago. The new Yellowstone Park is a metaphor for the balance that exists in the ecosystem we call life; what will occur when all LGBT people are treated equally? After decades of conflict [...]


In response to Nicole’s comments about Harvey Milk’s American Diner Dear Editor, I found Nicole’s comment regarding the closing of the Harvey Milk Diner a bit harsh. Despite how it ended, the gentlemen who created and managed the restaurant deserve some kudos for their efforts and hard work. Nicole, who had his finger in the [...]


Peters DeMaio House

There will be many who will run from the Carl DeMaio defeat like roaches when the lights come on, but one fact remains, the LGBT community re-elected Congressman Scott Peters. How can our community take credit? It’s a simple math lesson. When DeMaio conceded on Sunday afternoon, the total votes counted were 183,831. Congressman Peters [...]

DeMaio campaign break-in redux

Carl DeMaio

Now that the election is all but over in the 52nd Congressional District, there is renewed interest in the DeMaio office break-in. When the break-in occurred in May, the DeMaio campaign cast aspersions on the Peters’ campaign then later walked the statement back while accusing Todd Bosnich of the burglary. Todd Bosnich was a former [...]

Tickets now on sale for HWE’s Christmas Concert, Dec. 13


Join the Hillcrest Wind Ensemble (HWE) as they celebrate the holidays, Saturday, Dec. 13, 7 p.m. at the First Unitarian Universalist Church, 4190 Front St., next to UCSD hospital. “Suite for Clarinet and Wind Ensemble,” “Suite for Clarinet and Wind Ensemble,”The evening’s line up will feature music of Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year. Selections will [...]

Lesbian author of new book for donor-conceived children launches Kickstarter campaign (VIDEO)

An illustration in Zak's Safari by Ciaee

A U.S. Navy veteran and lesbian author of a new, professionally-illustrated children’s book for donor-conceived children of two-mom lesbian families has launched a Kickstarter campaign to publish the book. Christy Tyner’s book Zak’s Safari is a book that explains their conception story. “I assumed that because there were so many two-mom families out there, there [...]

Pride Card Deals

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