Re: LGBT affirmative tenants by Bill Hanson Dear Editor: In the Sept. 29 issue of your magazine, Mr. Hanson writes, in the above named article, that “we remember the movie The Bad Seed which was all about a lesbian relationship …” I would like to point out that The Bad Seed had nothing to do […]

Would you like to join our board?


This is a question that is asked by leaders of our non-profit organizations across San Diego. It is flattering to be asked because it implies that a person possesses the skills necessary to help move an organization forward. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Non-profits, particularly in the LGBT community, often have a board […]


In response to Betty Owen’s Guest Commentary (issue 208 Sept. 15) Dear Editor, Thank you for publishing Betty Owen’s brilliant article. I have discovered yet another reason why the lottery application process for the new North Park, LGBT senior building is so unfair. Though the corporate-owned media has woefully neglected to report it, America’s primary […]

Political GameDay


I was completely disgusted with the “new” coverage of the presidential debates by the news media. The news coverage was more like ESPN’s College GameDay. The only difference was instead of an Ohio State versus Michigan matchup, the discussion was Clinton versus Trump. The media has been complaining about how this election season resembles a […]

Privacy and your health


The question of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s health due to her bout with pneumonia has put the concept of health care privacy to the test. HIPAA, the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, was passed in part to ensure that your personal health information is protected. So your employer cannot ask information about your health. For […]

Coalition building


Unless you don’t watch the news, you have heard the San Francisco 49’er quarterback Colin Kaepernick has refused to stand for the national anthem. Kaepernick has done so in protest of the treatment of African Americans by police across the nation. The quarterback has been vilified by many in the press and alternatively celebrated for […]

The hypocrisy of Issa’s ‘NIMBY’ panel


Not in my backyard (NIMBY) is a phrase used for an effort used by residents of a particular neighborhood to prevent a certain organization or business from moving in. Most famously, NIMBY is usually a fight around locating a prison or the housing of sex offenders, but it has also been used against businesses like […]


Megalomania Dear Editor, Thanks for your (publisher’s) message on Donald Trump. You noted that a sign of his character is “… how much he uses the word ‘I.’” There is another narcissist much closer to home in the person of Nicole who probably has the same small hands. Last issue’s column total was 17 “I”s. […]

A race to the bottom


No, I am not talking about Rich’s, Flicks or Urban Mo’s on a Saturday night. I am talking about the presidential race. While I am an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton because of her experience and policy agenda, it is time to admit that Secretary Clinton is a flawed candidate. I understand why Clinton decided […]

Second annual ‘Casino Night’ coming up at The Center

Casino Night

Don’t miss the second annual Center Casino Night, Saturday, Aug. 27, 7 p.m. This is a fun-filled evening of mock gaming with food, drink (including the oh-so-popular bourbon bar), music and truly fabulous prizes! If you were there last year, you know this is a do-not-miss event. If you missed it – time to find […]

Pride Card Deals


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