Man versus nature

Water overflowing the auxillary spillway of Oroville Dam |  Photo: California Department of Water Resources

One of the classic conflicts in literature, screenplays and on television is man versus nature. Basically, the conflict involves man trying to overcome a force of nature like a blizzard, hurricane or earthquake. Usually, the hero survives and gives hope to the reader or audience. Unfortunately, in real life, nature always wins. The reality is […]

LGBT and civil rights advocacy groups condemn confirmation of Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions

Following yesterdays Senate vote to confirm Sen. Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General, LGBT and civil rights groups were quick to condemn his confirmation. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) said that Donald Trump’s choice of Jeff Sessions to lead the United States Department of Justice places civil rights and equality in jeopardy. “It’s deeply disturbing […]

Trump + Tariffs = Trouble

Made in USA. Red label on wooden box side

In the late 1970s and early ’80s, the beleaguered International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) decided to appeal to their fellow Americans to “look for the union label,” when deciding to purchase things like a coat, dress or blouse. The ILGWU hoped their fellow Americans would decide to purchase garments because they were made in […]

George Michael: An LGBT statesman of a different story

George Michael 4

George Michael came to prominence at a unique point in time, just after the androgyny of the 1970s David Bowie and New York Dolls had changed our perceptions of what a pop star could be, yet before the cultural acceptance of homosexuality that came in the 21st century. George Michael was not alone in the […]



I experienced why disruption happens in an industry the other day when I decided to take a cab. I must admit that I am Mr. Uber. I take the car service to and from work practically every day. The cost is cheap and I can make focused phone calls, relax or simply have a pleasant […]

Registration is open for ‘Recovery Ride’ 2017

Recovery Ride 2017

The San Diego Human Dignity Foundation (SDHDF) announced today that registration is now open for The Recovery Ride 2017. Kick off your New Year’s resolution to get healthier, and join SDHDF for the second-annual Recovery Ride with routes around the gorgeous San Diego Bay. Whether you are a casual cyclist or training for a “Tour,” […]

Commentary: A new day comes


Many are absolutely ecstatic that 2016 has come to an end. Whether it is the incredible loss from those who have entertained us to the election of Donald Trump, most were happy to say goodbye to 2016. A new day has come. President-elect Trump will soon be President Trump and nothing can be done to […]

The Electoral College: A vestige of racism


It is only fitting that the Electoral College did their job and made Donald Trump the president. After all the Electoral College was established for two reasons: to ensure that the general populace could not elect the president because they were not qualified to do so and to guarantee that the “Three-Fifths Compromise” in the […]

President Obama thanks federal employees (VIDEO)

Obama 8

Today, the President issued a video message thanking Federal employees for their service, and recognizing the enormous difference they make in the lives of Americans. To celebrate the accomplishments of the Federal workforce, today the Administration is releasing a list of examples demonstrating the impact Federal employees have had in making Government work better for […]


In response to ‘A stunning defeat’ (Nov. 10 issue 212) Dear Editor, I believe you (Stampp Corbin) are wrong, this is more a stunning victory for Mr. Trump. For you to blatantly and in a transparently racist rhetoric, lay your predominant blame with “angry white conservative voters, who also live among (amongst) us”, is nothing […]

Pride Card Deals


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