BAR AIDS: Raise your glass to a vision of an end to new HIV infections


With a Bush victory and a promise of a “kinder, gentler nation” taking shape, World AIDS Day was launched. The first official World AIDS Day debuted Dec. 1, 1988, after a long, devastating winter under the Reagan regime. The idea, hatched in August 1987 by James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter, two public information officers […]

The Hills are Alive!


In November 1959, a show opened on Broadway that would go on to win five Tony Awards including Best Actress and Best Musical. In 1965 it was made into a major motion picture starring Julie Andrews and won five Academy Awards. Since then it has been revived on Broadway and in London numerous times and […]

Transgender Day Of Remembrance: A time to honor all who have been murdered simply for being transgender


“We were making out in my car and I reached down and felt something that wasn’t supposed to be there. Then I blacked out and the next thing you know there’s a dead body and I’ve got a hammer in my hand,” said Josh Vallum in a September 2016 prison interview while he was awaiting […]

‘My Harlem’


Filmmaker Jeff L. Lieberman on his latest movie which takes a stand against a Harlem anti-gay church while confronting the tightrope of gentrification, race and sexuality had it right when they wrote about My Harlem, “Filmmaker Jeff L. Lieberman is fighting back against the church in an amazing way, by making it the center […]

Your vote is your voice. Be heard


What an election year. The presidential race features the two least popular candidates in history. California’s ballot has a Senate run-off with no Republican and seventeen Propositions. San Diego has two different initiatives about a Chargers stadium – or is it a Convadium? With 12 days until the votes are counted, here is where things […]

The gayest Halloween costumes of 2016 — and how to get them


There’s no better time of year to be unabashedly, unequivocally, unflinchingly gay than Halloween, and this year pop culture provided us a treasure trove of costume ideas. Here you’ll find the most topical, haute, and hilarious gay-friendly Halloween costumes of 2016. From controversial public policies come to life to the roasting of Ann Coulter to […]

Coming Out


The first thing I did after finishing Alden Peters’ documentary Coming Out was to Google the term ‘coming out.’ It wasn’t that I couldn’t define it for myself but that I couldn’t define it for others. And that was when it occurred to me: the question was also a significant part of the answer. It’s […]

Turing Decodes Turing


LGBT History Month Special Feature Q&A with Sir Dermot Turing, biographer and nephew of WWII codebreaker Alan Turing BY THOM SENZEE Everyone called him Professor. But Alan Turing, the almost universally recognized father of artificial intelligence and modern computer science, was never actually a professor. Yet who would begrudge Turing’s esteemed nephew, Sir Dermot Turing, […]

Jason Stuart: The birth of an actor

Jason Stuart 4

An exclusive insight into Jason Stuart’s unlikely journey to play a slave owner in 2016’s most anticipated film, The Birth of a Nation   If Woody Allen gets credit for coining the aphorism which says that 90 percent of success is just showing up, then lets agree that an ethos of similar import and clarity […]

Madison Paige and the age of the three dimensional artist


The young New York City-based singer, songwriter, model and Instagram ‘It’ Girl proves in this day and age, having it all means doing it all   Madison Paige belongs to that category of personality best known as impish. She’s smart, and clever, and knows just when to dangle the air of personal boredom before roping […]

Pride Card Deals


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