The force that is Cazwell

Cazwell is an American born rap artist who hails from the small town of Worcester, Mass. It’s a city in Massachusetts that is best known for being the “Heart of the Commonwealth”. It’s also known for being the city where the first Valentine was mass-produced and where the first ballpoint pen and first typewriter were […]

‘Spitfire Grill’ serves up a tasty down home dish

There are some musicals that no matter how many times you endure them, no matter how many friends tell you how good they are they just don’t do it for you. The musical version of the film The Spitfire Grill can fall into this category. The 1996 film bombed. The musical of the same name, […]

Meet Sampson McCormick

Award-winning LGBT stand-up comedian, writer and activist Sampson McCormick, black and gay and watching his stock rise, this young man is among a new generation of LGBT activists helping to reshape the comedy landscape. When it comes to inclusion, history will not look kindly on many black comedians. Taking their hyperbolic machismo ethos on stage, […]

Syfy’s ‘Wynonna Earp’ continues to blaze new trails as it heads into its second season

The ‘Golden Age of Television’ is over and has been for some time. That’s not to suggest that quality content is no longer available, quite the opposite. Between the major networks, cable outlets, outliers like Netflix and Hulu and, with increasing visibility, programming from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, television is seeming […]

‘The Bodyguard, The Musical’

Based on the smash hit film, the award-winning musical lands in San Diego June 13 The Bodyguard the musical will be arriving here in San Diego June 13-18 at the Civic Theatre downtown. The musical, based on the film of the same name, got its start in 2012 and went through many starts, stops and […]

Are you ready for Pride Season?

The do’s and don’ts of turning a one-time encounter into a regular thing We’ve all had that random hookup we hope comes back for more. Maybe they look yum naked or throw down the good-good like Thor’s magic hammer. Perhaps they give great post-bang convo or cuddle like an Olympic-level big spooner. With Pride Season […]

‘Damn Yankees’

Meet the three lead performers starring in this Faustian sports classic Damn Yankees premiered on Broadway over 70 years ago. It starred a young Gwen Verdon, a relatively unknown actress at the time, and was choreographed by none other than famed director and choreographer Bob Fosse. The show won Best Musical that year and since […]

How bad can it get?

An LGBT look at Trump’s first 100+ days Winston Churchill defined tact as “the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.” Tact is rarely associated with self-congratulatory gropers, so it’s no surprise that President Trump hasn’t been able to convince LGBT Americans to […]

Bring on the beautiful, the bizarre and the unexpected

As the San Diego International Fringe Festival turns five LGBT Weekly profiles two of this year’s participants This summer from June 22-July 2 the San Diego International Fringe Festival, celebrating their fifth year, will set up shop in nine different theaters including some in Tijuana, Mexico. As the largest performing arts event in San Diego […]

Cleve Jones: ‘Now is the time to stand united’

LGBTQ icon to receive Harvey Milk Lifetime Achievement Award May 19 in San Diego Cleve Jones is over it. Jones is also at the center of it, the pinnacle of it. In some ways, leader of at least three movements – labor, as well as civil and human rights – Jones is also on the […]

Pride Card Deals


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