Ray Diaz: immersed in the world of paint

As mentioned in a previous entertainment feature (“Something Big, Thick, Meaty and Lovely to Behold”, San Diego LGBT Weekly issue 116), I collect and display the works of local artists; examples of their oeuvre adorn the walls of the long entry gallery in my North Park condominium. One such artist whose paintings I am proud [...]

The Transgender Day of Remembrance

If one were to look at a national calendar of LGBT community events that are generally celebrated over the entire United States, the one trans specific day on that calendar would be the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR). TDOR is a day where internationally, the LGBT community remembers and allies gather together for marches and [...]

Making history together

With same-sex marriage now a reality in California, many in the LGBT community are turning their minds to planning their weddings. Just like any event the most important factors in planning this most special day are location, location and location. Get the location right and the rest just falls into place. Here in San Diego, [...]

Halloween and the same-sex couple costume conundrum


We all know women love little more than planning events, so I wasn’t at all surprised when my girlfriend broached the subject of Halloween in June. “What should we dress up as?” she asked. “Halloween? Summer just arrived – I’m worried about what kind of vegan cuisine we’ll BBQ on the Fourth,” I started in [...]

‘Priscilla:’ Let the drag races begin!

In 1994 Stephen Elliott wrote and directed the Australian film The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. At the time, with the exception of Terence Stamp, the rest of the cast was filled with unknown actors. Both Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce, who starred opposite Stamp, went on to become recognizable Hollywood actors. Fast [...]

LGBT History Month: José Julio Sarria

Jose Julio Sarria --

In 1961, gay men and lesbians could be arrested for dancing together in bars, or for kissing in public. Homosexuality was considered a mental illness. There were no openly LGBT elected officials, no LGBT characters on television and no laws to protect the lives of LGBT people from harassment, discrimination and even murder. The dark [...]

AIDS Walk San Diego: binding families, building community

Reuben's Family --

The faces at AIDS Walk have changed dramatically over the years, but the mission remains the same – to raise funds for vital HIV/AIDS services, to raise awareness about the disease and to send a clear message of compassion to those who are living with HIV/AIDS. When the first AIDS Walk was held in San [...]

AIDS Walk continues to grow, evolve

Street Challenge

AIDS Walk Street Challenge obstacle course AIDS Walk organizers are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to build excitement and increase participation and fundraising for the event. This year’s addition is AIDS Walk’s first-ever Street Challenge, a dynamic six-obstacle course (with two workout challenges as well) through Marston Point in Balboa Park. “This new [...]

Are tattoos the new black?


Aaron Heier | Photographer: Rob Lucas, Modern Aperture Photography, www.modernaperture.com Tattoos have long been a part of many cultures and the significance they play as well as who the wearers of these permanent pigmented body modifications are differs greatly, depending on where you are and who you are. Tattoos have become a huge part of [...]

Understanding addiction and recovery

Maia Szalavitz

By any measure, the costs associated with addiction and substance abuse in the United States are staggering. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the total costs of drug abuse and addiction due to the use of tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs are estimated at $524 billion a year. Illicit drug use alone accounts [...]

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