Simple yes and no health

The house stopped spinning and there was a thud. Everything was quiet and then she opened the door with her little dog too. There it all was beautifully laid out in front of her…and in color. Say goodbye to that insipid black and white Dorothy! Life is full of amazing colors and why not have […]

Look for the positive in life every chance you get

I’m filling your cup with something amazing today. I’m filling it half way, but don’t worry … it will be half full. And that will make all the difference in the world and help you get to healthiness. Your life will improve dramatically the more you view everything around you as being half full instead […]

Energy drinks are sipping you dry

Save your money and stop using those energy drinks! You are deluding yourself if you think these are the answer to getting the power for your workouts and everyday life routine. If you are dependent upon these types of drinks then you are doing something wrong. The energy drinks are nothing more than coffee disguised […]

Be smart about sun and fun

Get the summer soundtrack revved up!  It’s beginning to look a lot like sun and fun. That also means your skin is going to get bombarded with those death rays from that big yellow ball of fire in the sky. That might be a little drag queen dramatic, but you still want to take some […]

Joining a health club

You’ve made the decision to join a health club. Where do you go? Health clubs are about as ubiquitous as Burger King or McDonalds. I think there is an obvious correlation screaming there! You need only to make a list of important health and fitness center criteria to winnow your choices. I have taken the […]

My life insurance flashed before my eyes!

An addition to my life insurance policy recently had the unintended consequence of getting me to take note of my health and fitness level. Anything over $100,000 in coverage requires a visit with a nurse. My request for $150,000 in coverage got me a date with a nurse who was going to be in my […]

A little metaphor for what your life could be!

I know a little frog that used to live an average life at the bottom of an average well. He doesn’t live there anymore. Here is the story of Blake the frog and his journey for more than average. Blake lived a relatively happy life at the bottom of his little well. He had what […]

Wellness and the Oscar buzz

The Oscar season is here and it’s show time for your health and fitness. The red carpet has been vacuumed. The haute couture is in full effect. The paparazzi are flashing their cameras. I’ve introduced all of this year’s best picture nominations (in a unique way) and had lots of fun mixing it in with […]

Blake Late Show

The New Year is full of hope, happiness, and wellness for us all…if we’re willing to grab a hold of it. And I’m starting 2016 with that in mind. I will tell you what I’m doing and my great hope is it will inspire you to do awesome and healthy things in your life too. […]

New Year’s resolutions and the movies

Movies entertain us like no other art form. The silver screen continues to captivate us today just like it did back in the early 20th century. These stories on film also have given us many memorable quotes and I plan on using some of those quotes to inspire you to move forward with your New […]

Pride Card Deals


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