Toys or wellness under your tree

It was every kid’s nightmare…clothes for Christmas! Toys were in great demand in those early days of life and nothing else seemed to matter. The older you get the more you’ll just settle for good health and the chance to make it to another Christmas. What a difference that hourglass of time can make. When […]

The holidays through the eyes of a child

The holidays are a great time to experience for anyone. Now imagine once again seeing this wonderful time of the year through the eyes of a kid. It’s so amazing to just let everything go for the moment and feel the honesty and simplicity that children have inside them. Your gift from me this magical […]

The ghosts of Christmas wellness

The ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future are coming soon to a dream near you! Their visits will take a look at your state of well-being. I can just make out the shadow of someone approaching now through the haze and flickering lights. Let’s greet this first spirit of the holiday haunting! It is […]

Thanksgiving: For a foodie there is no better day of the year!

It started about 46 years ago. I began to eat…and I liked it. And when you like food; there is no better day of the year than Thanksgiving. Watch as I gobble down everything in the cornucopia. I’ll even let you know how I do it and stay high school skinny. I will eat pretzels […]

Fitness after the Jack O’ Lantern is gone

The end of the Halloween season will be just the start of Rossini’s William Tell Overture and all the weight-gaining chaos that is forthcoming. Your waistline is on manifest destiny alert and could conquer even the mightiest of your belts if something isn’t done in time. The great holiday season has a way with adding […]

The thriller in the haunted house

Enjoy the frightful delights of this haunted house story with 1980s song titles mixed into it. I love Halloween just about as much as I love 1980s music! Have fun finding as many of those songs from that great decade as I had writing this ghastly tale. I counted 84 musical hits in this warren […]

Don’t be scared of spooky treats

The famed author John Steinbeck once said, “I’ve taken my hangovers as a consequence, not as a punishment.” The talented writer uttered these words some years back in describing his penchant for drinking. You can accept your consequences too during this spooky and eerily delicious time of the year. The overindulgence of candy during the […]

Common sense Billy

You could skip all the exercise and live much longer than that muscle head that works out every day for countless hours. How exactly is that accomplished you ask? Let’s say that our exercise buff isn’t the greatest purveyor of common sense on any given day. He throws caution to the wind and he lives […]

Discover a sanctuary in the heart of Hillcrest

An air of peace and serenity engulfs you as you enter the front room of Bodhi Massage and Wellness Center at 3678 Fourth Ave. in San Diego. Every detail of the room from the all-wood floors, to the natural fabrics and colors of the drapes and furniture to the serenity stones and hand-made candles brings […]

Fountain of Youth

Most of us exercise to maintain a youthful appearance or to feel younger than our age. Get in a healthy mindset by turning back the clock and looking at all the old memories. Retrieve those boxes of nostalgia from your elementary school days. Life was so simple and so much fun when you were reading […]

Pride Card Deals


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