A Tea Party and TDOR

It was Nov.19, and what was constructed to be the first annual Tea Party took place at the Sunset Theater in Normal Heights. It was a T-Party for transgender community members, family and friends and allies of the community rolled out by T-Spot (thetspot.org). The theme was Alice In Wonderland, with playing card cut-outs as […]

Let’s talk rents

There are many reasons people choose to rent homes rather than to buy them. They may be trying out an area, intending to live in an area for a short period of time. Or they may not have the down payment necessary to purchase a home and home prices may simply be too high. Those […]

Thanksgiving and refugees

The story of Thanksgiving has evolved over the years as we have recognized that the tale taught in elementary school wasn’t true to the contributions of native peoples and their treatment by Europeans. At its best, our current Thanksgiving tradition reminds us that we are a nation of immigrants who owe at least a debt […]

Grateful for Ben, friends and community

This Thanksgiving has not been easy for me as I lost one of my best and most loyal friends, Ben Dillingham, who I loved like my brother. He was family to me and loved me unconditionally, “warts and all.” This was a friendship of over 30 years and when Ben gave you his friendship he […]

And the winners are …

In the past year, Donald Trump has gone from historically unpopular candidate to historically unpopular president, with an approval rating consistently under 40 percent. In four congressional special elections this year, Democrats rode that anti-Trump sentiment to better performances in Republican held districts, but no victories. On Tuesday, Democrats claimed their first major wins since […]

Two great queer-themed films open

Opening this Friday, God’s Own Country has been described as the British Brokeback Mountain, which is both accurate and hyperbolic. Both are about star-crossed lovers who meet while tending to livestock in a sparse landscape, but this time it’s Yorkshire, not Wyoming. Johnny (Josh O’Connor) is the only son of a debilitated farmer (Ian Hart), […]

Is transphobia lite dangerous? TDOR is a good time to reflect on it

“She’s a bit TERFie (Trans Exclusionary).” “He doesn’t understand trans people.” “They are TERF-lite.” These are remarks I’ve heard, comments by LGB people about San Diego lesbians and gay men who have received awards and recognition for their outstanding service to our community. I can’t help but wonder if people were homophobic-lite, would our community […]

Learning about elderly neglect and abuse

Over a year ago I moved into a five floor senior housing project (residents must be 65+) and being the busy bee that I am, I’m gone a lot and therefore in and out. I have gotten to know some of my neighbors who are mostly elderly women living by themselves. Last week there was […]

Gayborhood Weinsteins

The revelations about Harvey Weinstein have spurred discussion about harassment and assault in the workplace. While it can happen anywhere, there are some common threads among the worst industries. The victims are often seeking employment with some level of “desperation”, either for a job at all or for a break toward advancement. This is in […]

A beautifully shot but somewhat tame biopic

I can’t remember the first time I saw one of the drawings by Touko Laaksonen, better known as Tom of Finland. It’s as if they were already in my head, iconic of gayness and man-ness, when I came out in 1992. I’d been titillated by some of the drawings of superheroes in the comic books […]

Pride Card Deals


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