Higher still!

Drumbeat please! Once again, median home prices have climbed to a new high in San Diego. The San Diego Association of Realtors, who track the statistics like baseball fanatics, reported that the May, 2017 median topped the $600,000 mark for the first time in this decade. The 2005 peak of $517,500 when adjusted for inflation […]

Affordable housing in downtown San Diego

I am proud of our community when it creates a place for those less fortunate to live well. In this regard, I applaud the development of a new 205 unit affordable housing development in San Diego. Named Atmosphere, this newly introduced apartment project offers decent housing for formerly homeless individuals and economically challenged families. The […]

The current state of the real estate market

Whether you are a seller, a prospective buyer, professional in the real estate industry or just a curious person, you are probably interested in the current state of the real estate market. Is it up or down, on the way in either direction, and likely to take a tumble? So here’s a check-in with the […]

Mission Valley blooms

Franklin and Alta Grant fell in love. With each other, for sure, but also with a piece of land along the San Diego River. They discovered it in the early 1900s and thought they would find oil there. Instead, they founded a mine on the 225 acre site, which the family maintained for 70 years. […]

Real estate and the millennials

Real estate brokers eager to capture the millennial market need to change their ways. First, here’s why they should bother. Millennials are the group born from 1982 until 2004. This segment of the population is huge and represents the largest potential market of homeowners. There are more than 80 million millennials in the United States, […]

Landscaping for beauty and efficiency

For those of you lucky to have an outdoor space or two to design, the pleasures are great but the challenges many. It takes money, care and most importantly, thought, to design a garden that is beautiful yet does not gobble up too many resources and is relatively easy to maintain. For those of us […]

Virtual realty

You’re thinking of buying a new sofa so you go online to do some browsing. And there in full color and multiple views are myriad sofas to choose in every color of the rainbow. They look so good. But do you take the plunge and order one, free shipping, and no tax? Well, all you […]

Hillcrest’s new digs

Hillcrest is known and beloved for its Craftsman houses, Mid-Century apartment buildings and tree lined streets. It’s a lively place indeed where residents savor their proximity to restaurants, cafes, boutiques and the trips down memory lane in the now trendy collection of thrift stores. Hillcrest is also treasured for its many festivals including CityFest, the […]

How to be the winner when everyone wants to win

San Diego’s 2017 real estate market has kicked off with low inventory, and herds of buyers hoping to get in before interest rates go up even more. When entering a super-hot real estate market, like today’s market, you’ve got lots of competition. Only one buyer can claim the house everyone wants. There might be 2, […]

FHA and VA approved condos

Why is approval important and valuable? The Federal Housing Authority, commonly known as the FHA, does not issue mortgages, contrary to popular opinion. They do provide mortgage insurance to lenders on behalf of qualified applicants and as such, are important players when it comes to the availability of mortgages. It is estimated that approx. 60 […]

Pride Card Deals


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