More new multifamily projects for San Diego


I reported in May on the surge in building activity in San Diego, and in particular the addition of multifamily projects, some quite large. We attributed the demand to the millennials, fans of mixed use communities and lacking an objection to dense infrastructure. I mentioned the inconsistency of costly modern apartments being built in areas […]

The election and real estate


After 18 long and agonizing months, the presidential election is finally over. For this alone we can rejoice, although half of the electorate is unhappy. It is interesting to prognosticate on what effects the ultimate decision will have on so many things, including our favorite topic, real estate. Of course, this is all speculation, as […]

What to do about not enough housing?


The population of California is growing and there are just not enough homes to accommodate all the folks who want to live in our fair state. It is reported that 3.5 million more homes are needed by 2025 to keep up with demand, 12,000 units a year just in San Diego County. What’s the state […]

Spotlight on Palm Springs


Palm Springs has long been an attractive getaway spot for Southern California coastal urbanites. Escape to the desert for some peace and quiet has long been a theme. In the years this cachet was at its ultimate – the Don Draper ’50s and ’60s, folks came from far and wide. The former glamour now looks […]

Coworking: An idea whose time has come


The Internet has changed the world. It’s made many things obsolete and others rise to the fore. Shopping malls, once an innovation, loom empty. Office buildings too. So many of us are able, thanks to our devices, to work from home, from a coffee shop or from our cars. 9 to 5 is almost history; […]

Yes, prices are going up! Again!


In 2005, we hit the proverbial height of the real estate market. Prices were at an all-time high and the median price for a single family home in San Diego County was a steep $517,500. Then came the crash and all the foreclosures and short sales that accompanied it. In 2009 the trough hit bottom […]

A mortgage expert speaks: Part 2


Our mortgage man-in-the-know Matt Young, loan officer with MDC Financial Service Group, was kind enough to answer some pertinent questions about the current state of the mortgage market. We covered a bunch in our first article, but Matt’s answers were so comprehensive, we couldn’t cover them all in one incarnation. Here’s the second part of […]

A mortgage expert speaks


We turn once again today to our mortgage man-in-the-know Matt Young, loan officer with MDC Financial Service Group, to take the temperature of today’s mortgage market. We all know what an enormous effect loan availability and terms have on the real estate market in general, and Matt is on the front lines and has kindly […]

Still golden, Golden Hill


The drooping sails of an anchoring fleet The shadowy city at our feet With the Mountains’ proud peaks so lofty and still ’Tis a picture worth seeing, from Golden Hill. This poem, written back in 1887 by Daniel Schuyler, paints a picture of the then lovely setting that was to become the neighborhood known as […]

San Diego getting too pricey?


The economy is looking up for many and according to the Case-Shiller index tracking resales of single family homes, this trend is being reflected in home prices. Nationally, prices are up 5 percent in the last 12 months, but in popular San Diego, that number is even higher. At a rise of 6.3 percent our […]

Pride Card Deals


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