Real estate investment: A checklist


Other folks do it and make a bundle. Why can’t I? Buying real estate for investment is tricky. There are no guarantees that it will be successful as real estate values are cyclical, and you may not be jumping in at the low point. Being successful in making good real estate choices is key, and […]

Do you need flood insurance?


Climate change. It’s here and it is changing the way we live and our expectations. Formerly dry places may get wetter, and unexpected water can cause a lot of damage, especially in locations where runoff has no place to go. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), a mere two inches of water can […]

Marston Hills: A tale of aristocracy in San Diego


San Diego is a city of neighborhoods, and neighborhoods within neighborhoods, and many of them have tales to tell. We peer today into such a community, Marston Hills, an area within Hillcrest bounded by Sixth Avenue to the west, Pennsylvania Avenue to the north, and Park Boulevard to the east. The area is named after […]

California real estate forecast 2016, part 2


In my last article, I discussed the forces at work in the real estate market driving sales ratios and prices. Most notably, the three factors slowing the number of sales were low inventories, interest rate concerns and most especially, the lack of affordability. The California Association of Realtors is constantly tracking all sorts of variables […]

Real estate forecast for 2016


The real estate market is in a sleepy mode, and there are lots of reasons for this. This is the first of a two-part peek at the forecast for 2016, and in this first of the series, we’ll lay out the forces that are at play, setting the stage for what is to come. In […]

Rent or buy, part 2: Doing the numbers


Let’s make up a hypothetical choice for this experiment. Let us compare the purchase of a home for $500,000 with an annual real estate tax of $3,000 and insurance bill of $1,500, to the rental of a luxury apartment for $2,500 a month. Let us say you live in the home for a period of […]

Rent or buy? Another look at a much posed question


If you have been fortunate to have selected a slump time in the market to buy a house, and then sell when the curve swung upward, you are likely a fan of buying a house. If, on the other hand, you bought at a high and were forced to take a loss, you might regret […]

Making San Diego an even better place to live and work

It’s undeniable. San Diego is a great city. The eighth largest city in the U.S., San Diego is prized for the best weather in the U.S., a splendid waterfront, funky neighborhoods and an all-around great place to call home. But even the best can be better, and an imaginative program called Imagine Downtown is at […]

Technology and real estate


Real estate brokerage is a business serviced by individuals who are usually older than their clients. A recent NAR survey found that only about 3 percent of real estate agents were under 30, and 81 percent were older than 45, with 25 percent over 65. Since we know that older people have less familiarity and […]

We can’t all live in California


Climate change is in the news. We reported last week that most of the great cities of the world, built on trade routes, happen to be waterfront. This is not the greatest thing in our coming future of warmer temperatures, melting icebergs and rising seas. In spite of this, we just have this incredible affinity […]

Pride Card Deals


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