This unlikely couple had much in common


Your closest friend really gets you. You never have to explain yourself when you’re together; everything said (and unsaid) is understood. There may be many years between you, but it doesn’t matter. There may be differences in background, but no worries. Nothing keeps you apart, and in the new book Elizabeth and Michael by Donald […]

Wrestling fans, this book is for you


You are the champion of all-time. Nobody can beat you; nobody can even tie your record. When it comes to thumb-wrestling, you know all the moves and you really throw your arm into it for the win. Hands-down, you’re the best. So now read Accepted by Pat Patterson (with Bertrand Hebert) and take it to […]

New book empowers children to embrace their differences

Its OK

MANSFIELD, Texas – There’s no way to sugarcoat it; societal discord has hit breaking point in modern America, and diversity has – ironically – divided the nation. It’s a dangerous and destructive influence on young children, leading author Dr. Vanessa P Girard to hand them the perfect antidote. ‘It’s Okay to be Me!’ is a […]

Dive right in, the water’s fine


People say you’re all wet. Maybe that’s not the nicest thing you’ve ever heard but hey! If something’s true, it’s true, right? Yep, you love being in a pool, lake, pond, the ocean, a puddle, it doesn’t matter. And in The Joy of Swimming by Lisa Congdon, you’ll meet like-minded people in swimsuits. At the […]

The concept of identity explored


Your father taught you how to take a decent picture. He taught you how to tie a tie, too. Because of him, you know how to create a good meal out of almost nothing, how to keep a car running, and how to avoid being a jerk. You know a lot of things, thanks to […]

Book review: A memoir you won’t soon forget

Boy Erased

Some things, you never forget. You’ll never forget your first kiss, for instance. You’ll always remember your favorite teacher and lessons learned. The day you got your pet, a delicious meal eaten, a great vacation, all burned into your mind. And, as you’ll see in Boy Erased: A Memoir by Garrard Conley, you’d never forget […]

One exceptionally upbeat book


There’s nothing special about you. You’re just an ordinary kid, nothing unique, except, there is. You have your own thoughts, passions, creativity and sense of humor. There’s nobody else like you; you’re ordinary and special and so is Jazz Jennings. In her new book Being Jazz, she writes about being an everyday kid, with a […]

An enlightening read that scores high


As long as your team wins. That’s all that matters, isn’t it – just that they win? You don’t care what they ate for breakfast. And, as in the new book Fair Play by Cyd Zeigler, you don’t care who they sleep with. Less than a generation ago, if a professional athlete came out publicly […]

This timely book is a shocker


You could become whatever you want to be. A ballerina, a cowboy, a fireman, a teacher. The sky was the limit – or so you were told. You could grow up and become the person of your dreams and that was OK. Except sometimes, as in the new book A Murder Over a Girl by […]

Book review: This little gem lacks sparkle

Charm Bracelet

The jewelry you wear tells a story. A ring on your left hand, third finger, says to the world that you stood up once and vowed to love and honor. A brightly-colored stone says you were born in a certain month. Sparkles around your neck might tell of a vacation, an apology or a whim, […]

Pride Card Deals


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