Book review: ‘My Thinning Years: Starving the Gay Within’

“You look great!” When you’re dieting, there are no sweeter words. Losing weight is work, sacrifice and lots of self-control. For sure, it’s not for wimps. But how much is too much? Can you shed your past while you shed pounds, too? In My Thinning Years by Jon Derek Corteau, you’ll read about gains and [...]

Marching toward equality

Duty_Worthy Fights

Two new books – Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War by former Republican Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates and Worthy Fights: A Memoir of Leadership in War and Peace by former CIA Director and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta – give insights into Washington’s slow, deliberative but irrevocable move toward ending the discriminatory policy [...]

Book review: ‘This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids’

This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids

You didn’t know what to expect. When your child told you he’s gay, it came as a bit of a shock even though you kinda knew already. As he was telling you, though, he was nervous, you were nervous, but the conversation went well. You love your gay son or daughter– but you have about [...]

Book review: ‘A Cup of Water Under My Bed’

What’s inside? Good question – and once you learned that you can determine the answer by taking things apart, well, nothing was safe. The hidden parts, an object’s guts, were always more complicated and more interesting than what was on the outside. Isn’t life like that; what you don’t see is sometimes better than what [...]

Book review: ‘Male Sex Work and Society’

Money does strange things to a fellow. It can lead to greed, dishonesty, mistrust, even murder. It changes friendships and families. Money puts people on a shelf and it puts food in a man’s stomach, which is what you needed back when you did what you did. You’re not proud of it – or maybe [...]

Book review: ‘All I Love and Know’

Everything’s gonna be alright. You tell yourself that a dozen times a week. Something lost? It’ll be alright. Deadline missed? It’ll be fine. It’ll work out, it’s OK, you’re all good. Keep repeating it, and maybe that’ll make it so. But, as in the new novel All I Love and Know by Judith Frank, it [...]

Book review: ‘Charity & Sylvia: A Same-Sex Marriage in Early America’

Sometimes, you wonder how Grandma coped. For most (if not all) of her life, she lived without a computer or cell phone. She made meals for her family without a microwave, sewed her own clothing and enjoyed each of the four channels she got on her small-screen TV. So how did she do it? Conveniences [...]

Book review: ‘The Glass Closet: Why Coming Out is Good Business’

The view from your office is quite magnificent. When you moved into that space, you also got the perfect desk, a credenza to match and a plushy, throne-like chair. It’s a workspace anyone would envy. Yes, your office is well-appointed. But your closet …? Not so much. Therefore, according to John Browne in his new [...]

Book review: ‘Gaysia: Adventures in the Queer East’

Throwing a dart at a board. That’s one way to decide where you’ll go on vacation. You could also call a travel agent, hop in a car, or head to the backyard. No matter what you do with those precious weeks of vacay, you’ll definitely use them. So how about a whirlwind tour of the [...]

Book review: ‘Sally Ride: America’s First Woman in Space’

And the cow jumped over the moon. You spent many years wondering if that were possible, although countless nursery rhyme books said it was so. Yes, a human could surely go there, but a bovine? Eventually, you learned the truth: men and women can overcome gravity, but cows stay grounded. And in the new book [...]

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