Bookwatch: The best of 2015

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As you look back over your year, there are a lot of things you notice. You had fun – probably more than once. You had some really great meals with really great friends – also probably more than once. And in my case, there were books – definitely more than one. Over three hundred twenty, […]

Book review: ‘Naughtier than Nice’ — enjoy a little spice with your Christmas nog!

Naughtier Than Nice

You have to tell somebody. There’s a secret inside you, one you’ve been keeping far too long and you’re about to burst. You need to talk about it. You need some advice, some perspective. As in the new novel Naughtier than Nice by Eric Jerome Dickey, if you don’t talk about this issue soon, it […]

An inspired novel you won’t put down


Six degrees of separation. That, supposedly, is the difference between you and any given person on the planet. Your dentist, for example, knows somebody who knows someone who … and pretty soon, you’re linked to a famous scientist or Hollywood star. It’s a fun pastime, that Six Degrees thing, and surprisingly easy to do but […]

Book Review: ‘Fear and Clothing: Unbuckling American Style’

Fear and Clothing

Veronica Lake had her “peek-a-boo.” Jackie O loved her pearls. Mary Quant made a teeny-weeny mini, perfect for the twiggy body of Twiggy. Kate Moss was waifish, Joan Collins pushed our shoulders out to there, and JLo and Nikki push the envelope every chance they get. So what’s your style? Dress up, dress down or, […]

Book review: ‘Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die: James Dean’s Final Hours’

Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die

The minute you glimpsed the red-and-blues, you knew you were sunk. Yep, and now you have a traffic citation to pay for stepping on it, having a lead foot, a pedal to the metal. You knew better than to exceed the speed limit, but you couldn’t resist and, as you’ll see in the new book […]

This new short-story collection will make you ponder


And they lived happily ever after. Even today, years after you’ve outgrown fairy tales, those words make you smile. Ohh, how you love a happy ending, even though (and maybe because) life doesn’t always work out that way. As a matter of fact, in Nothing Looks Familiar, a new short-story collection by Shawn Syms, sad […]

This ‘Stonewall’ is rock-solid


Your favorite hang-out isn’t all that fancy. It’s comfortable, though: you’ve got places to sit, flat surfaces for your stuff, and your friends are always around. It wasn’t always that way, though, as you’ll see in Stonewall: Breaking Out in the Fight for Gay Rights by Ann Bausum. For years, it’d been illegal in many […]

Book review: ‘The Right Side of History: 100 Years of LGBTQI Activism’

Right Side of History

Somebody got you started. That’s the hard part and, oftentimes, that’s all you need: a forward-thinking person to lay the framework so you can roll with a project, adding, subtracting, shaping, refining. Somebody just needed to get you started; you can take it from there, as you’ll see in The Right Side of History by […]

Book review: ‘Holy Cow!’ by Boze Hadleigh — A book that isn’t just horseplay!

Holy Cow

From the time you were old enough to communicate, you took to words like a duck to water. You’ve verbally hammed it up ever since. Yes, it’s probably driven your friends and family batty, all this talk-talk-talk of yours. And yes, there are times when what you say is a bunch of bull, but you’re […]

Book review: ‘After Woodstock’ by Elliot Tiber

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You can do it all. That’s what we’re told these days, from the time we’re able to understand language until the moment we run out of life. You can become whatever you want, they say, with a little luck and hard work – and so author Elliot Tiber did. In his memoir After Woodstock, he […]

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