Book review: ‘Dangerous When Wet’ — not your average mother-and-gay-son memoir


Mother knows best. Long before you were old enough to complain, for instance, she knew when you were uncomfortable or ailing and she fixed it. She told you to ignore detractors. She helped you follow your heart. She reminded you to take a sweater. Mom always knew best – except, as in the new memoir [...]

Not quite the tell-all memoir you might expect


According to what you read in the check-out line at the grocery store this week, another celebrity has released a tell-all. The thing is, you’re sure nothing in it will be surprising, nor are you scandalized. Really, is anything private anymore? Can anyone keep a secret for long? Read Frank by author and former Congressman [...]

A fine memoir about a time past and a life well-loved


Throughout your life, your parents ignored many things. That time in high school when you snuck out to party? They knew, but they looked the other way. Same thing with wearing make-up, missing curfew and that one regrettable hair style. They often “didn’t see” more than you’ll ever know. Problem is that sometimes, they ignored [...]

‘I Left It on the Mountain’ — Kevin Sessums delivers a powerful memoir


I’m sorry. There they are: two words you learned (or should’ve learned) as a toddler to make amends, set things right, receive forgiveness and move on. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. If acknowledged, those words are cathartic and weight-lifting. If ignored, they can crush. Or, as in the new book I Left It on the [...]

Book review: ‘A Matter of Breeding’

The cur at the corner of your couch is one of the best dogs you’ve ever had. He’s smart, he’s friendly and he loves the kids. Ever since he was a puppy, he’s been scrupulously clean, inside and out. He watches over you, he makes you laugh, and you can’t imagine life without him. So [...]

This true crime story will keep your attention

Sooner or later, it happens to us all. You happen to meet someone and things go well. You spend time together and soon, you’re in love. And then something happens and you fight, you break up, and it’s the worst. Your heart is shattered and you think you might die. The good news is that [...]

Book review: ‘A History of Loneliness’

Throughout your life, the faith you’ve held has sustained you. In times of fear, you’ve prayed for courage. On troubled days, you’ve asked for favors. You’ve thrown gratitude heavenward, and you’ve demanded condemnation from the Higher Power you know. Some prayers are answered, some are not. But what if your religion failed you or, as [...]

Lee Lynch’s experiences are LGBT history at street-level

Ahhh, the good old days. You hear that a lot from people with short memories. Life was slower in the good old days, less complicated, less structured. But was it truly good? The answer isn’t easy; in your life, you’ve seen plenty of changes, positive and negative, and so has Lee Lynch. In her new [...]

Jason Schmidt shares a powerful, emotional coming-of-age tale

Your people understand you. That’s because you speak the same language, dance to the same music, and wear the same uniform. You might not be related by blood or ceremony, but you belong to them and they to you. You’re family but, as you’ll see in the new book A List of Things That Didn’t [...]

A personal account of being a gay soldier in the U.S. military

The phone call began another very long day. It arrived approximately 10 seconds after you walked to your desk, the first of that kind of interruption, followed by dozens of urgent (to the sender) emails and six cubicle drop-bys. Alas, you didn’t get much done that day. Sometimes, you just want to be left alone [...]

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