Book review: ‘Pee-Shy: A Memoir’- one incredible journey

Sometimes, you wish you had a better memory. You would never, for instance, forget appointments. You could tell better jokes, win more arguments, save more money. You’d remember faces of the people you met and events that happened when you were too small for it to matter. Then again, as you’ll see in the new [...]

Book review: ‘The Marriage Act,’ a memoir that’s passably OK

The room was crowded, filled with only two people. At least that’s what it seemed as the groom looked at his beloved: there was no one else in the room but them. You could see it on their faces, the way their eyes danced together, alone in a sea of well-wishers, seeing only one another. [...]

Book review: ‘Don’t Be So Gay!’

You really didn’t want to talk about it. Sometimes, you thought it might even be just a rite of passage: everybody endures name-calling at one time or another, right? Everybody’s bullied at some time. You didn’t want to talk about it, but you always wondered if you should’ve. When faced with bullies, is keeping quiet [...]

‘Growing a Feast’ — a book you’ll want to bring home

Tonight, you’re bringing home the bacon. You got it at the grocery store on the way home from work: neat little strips adhered to a rectangle of cardboard, wrapped in plastic. Some bread, a hothouse tomato, a head of lettuce and you’re set. So where does your food come from? Go ahead. Point to the [...]

Book review: ‘Ham: Slices of a Life’

OK, pay attention. Sometimes, that’s all you need: just someone to watch you, to hear what you’re saying or understand your feelings. A little attention can be a bad-mood squasher, a good-mood enhancer or just validation. Yes, a minute in the spotlight can do wonders. And as you’ll see in Ham: Slices of a Life [...]

Book review: ‘The AIDS Generation’

Some of the best experiences you had last year were with your friends. When you think back about the highlights, you remember dancing together, eating together, late-night bull sessions, parties, travels and idle man-watching. Those shared experiences are the glue that forever holds your friendship together. Or maybe, like the men in The Aids Generation [...]

Growing up gay and Catholic in Texas – a memoir (VIDEO)

Teaching the Cat to Sit

Out on Feb. 25, Teaching the Cat to Sit is a memoir by Michelle Theall about growing up gay and Catholic in Texas. In 2010, Michelle Theall and her partner were living in Boulder, Colo. and had their adopted son enrolled at a Catholic school. When the school announced that all children of gay parents [...]

Pilgrim Press continues edgy tradition with release of ‘Queer Clergy’

Queer Clergy--

Since 1640, the Pilgrim Press has published cutting-edge books that challenged convention and irritated church and crown. That edgy tradition continues as Pilgrim Press announces the release of Queer Clergy: A History of Gay and Lesbian Ministry in American Protestantism by Minnesota author, RW Holmen. The book chronicles the journey of gay and lesbian Christians [...]

‘You Can Tell Just By Looking:’ a no-nonsense answer to LGBT ‘myths’

You Can Tell Just By Looking

You’ve been hearing rumors. You don’t know what to believe. Your favorite club is closing, it’s got new owners, it’s being remodeled, none of the above. You can get married anytime, the law is being repealed, it’s being approved. You’re being downsized, you’re getting a raise. Sometimes, you don’t know what to think. Other times, [...]

‘Taken by the Wind:’ a mystery that blows hot and cold

Your bag was packed. There wasn’t much in it except for the necessities: your two favorite toys, a clean T-shirt, the stuffed animal you couldn’t sleep without and $2.31. There wasn’t much there for actual survival, but you were a little kid running away from home – what did you know? At least, unlike in [...]

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