Detailing a lifetime journey toward womanhood

Your own two hands. That’s what it took – plus a bit of paint, pencil or pen, rouge and ribbon and rickrack – to make that of which you are proud. You did that. You made it with your own two hands. As in the new book Self-Made Woman by Denise Chanterelle DuBois, it takes […]

Explore a world that never makes the headlines

You felt surprisingly safe. There you were, in a place that was certainly iffy, but you were totally comfortable there. No danger, no darkness, no problems – and in the new book The Gang’s All Queer by Vanessa R. Panfil, no world you’ve ever seen before, either. Everybody knows that being a teen isn’t easy. […]

This book covers all bases, from ‘will you?’ to ‘I do’

Your beloved asked. And you said “yes.” That’s all it took: so simple, yet so momentous and now you’re getting married. That’s nothing new these days; LGBTQ+ couples have weddings all the time, so how do you make yours special? With the new book Equally Wed by Kirsten Palladino, your vows will wow. Like many […]

Get ready for a lot of education

How does that work? When you were little and that question arose, you simply took things apart – but that didn’t always work so well. In “You’re in the Wrong Bathroom!” by Laura Erickson-Schroth, MD and Laura A. Jacobs, LCSW-R, it’s time for a different way of seeing things. One million people. That’s approximately how […]

Bookwatch: Freddie Mercury — the man who loved to put on a show

Last year was a particularly rough one. Every time you open a newspaper or turned on the computer or TV, it seemed as though someone – a Hollywood actor, singer, or stage performer you liked – had died. Even now, whether it was six months, a year or, as in Somebody to Love by Matt […]

Bookwatch: ‘The Ada Decades’

Tick. Tick. Tick. Your grandmother used to warn you not to wish your life away. The years pass quickly enough, she said, so hold each minute. Savor what you have. Enjoy your days, months, years and The Ada Decades by Paula Martinac. Ada’s daddy needed help around the house. Once, that was Clay Jr.’s job […]

A double-edged peek at the emotional process of transitioning

Your hair is grayer than it was back then. You’ve both packed on pounds here and there, too. A few wrinkles surround your smiles, but that’s okay – you’re not fresh-faced kids anymore. You’ve aged, you’ve softened and, in the new book Transitioning Together by Wenn and Beatrice Lawson, you’ve changed quite a bit. Long […]

This noir novel is an old black-and-white movie in book form

Can you float me a loan? It’s a common question when your friends know you’re flush with cash. Can I hold a ten for a minute? Can you spot me five? Sure, you probably could but will it be hard to collect on that debt or, as in the new noir mystery, Death Goes Overboard […]

Get ready for a first-rate thriller

It wasn’t where you put it down. The last time you saw it, it was over there where you laid it. You remember doing that; you even gave yourself a brain-nudge so you wouldn’t forget but now it’s not where it should be, and that bugs you. Now, as in the new novel Finding Gideon […]

Bookwatch summer reads

Five big X’s. That’s what you’ve got on your calendar, running in a line right across the week you’re on vacation. Yep, five days away and you’re already planning on what to pack – so don’t forget a book… OUT IN JULY Your vacation will be happier with novels by Julie Garwood, Daniel Silva, Susan […]

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