A book that offers hard lessons in the classroom


What was the name of your favorite teacher? Even after all these years, you still remember the smell of chalk, the sound of her reading aloud, the way he pulled ideas from your head or music from your fingers. That teacher changed your life, and with The Battle for Room 314 by Ed Boland, you’ll […]

An important work of history that’s worth a read


You know your own mind. After thinking things through, you have your opinions and while you’re willing to listen to what others say, you’re also willing to defend what you believe in. And, as in the new book The Firebrand and the First Lady by Patricia Bell-Scott, your friends don’t necessarily have to agree with […]

This ‘Soul Serenade’ is worth a spin


Vinyl is making a comeback. Those are five words that put a smile on a music aficionado’s face. A CD isn’t the same, they say. An MP3 is nowhere near as good. You don’t get the right sound unless you’re spinning a record, so vinyl is coming back – but, for people like Rashod Ollison […]

What happens when ‘I do’ becomes ‘whoo-hoo!’


Your summer is filling up quickly. It starts with graduations and confirmations. You’ve already got a pile of “Save the Date” cards for a bunch of weddings, and the summer wraps up with family reunions and more weddings. It might even end with yours, and in the new book The Best Party of Our Lives […]

Book review: ‘Gay & Lesbian History for Kids’

Gay and Lesbian History for Kids

Every day, you try to catch a little news. It might be online, maybe in a newspaper, magazine, or on TV, but you’re a smart kid and you like to stay informed. Lately, you’ve been hearing a lot about gay rights and gay marriage, and you want to know more. Read Gay & Lesbian History […]

Book review: ‘The Wedding Heard ‘Round the World’


There’s always been a picket fence in your future. You could just picture it: charming spouse, two-point-five kids, minivan, Cape Cod with manicured lawn, birthday parties on the patio, all surrounded by that picket fence. It was a perfect dream of a blissful life. And, as in The Wedding Heard ‘Round the World by Michael […]

Book review: ‘You Don’t Own Me: The Life and Times of Lesley Gore’

You Don't Own Me

Your closet is packed with mistakes. Odd-colored shirts, patchwork jeans, alligators, prairie-wear, weird ties, you wore it all once. But will those things ever be in style again, even if you wait long enough? No, Nehru jackets, leisure suits, and knitted knickers are best left in the rag bag. As you’ll see in the new […]

Book Review: ‘What We Left Behind’ by Robin Talley

What We Left Behind

Years from now, it’ll all seem so sweet. There’ll always be a soft place in your heart for your first kiss, your first I-love-you, and for the person who gave them to you. You’ll never forget the electricity of holding hands or the rush of being together even after, as in the new novel “What […]

Bookwatch: The best of 2015

Books in shelf

As you look back over your year, there are a lot of things you notice. You had fun – probably more than once. You had some really great meals with really great friends – also probably more than once. And in my case, there were books – definitely more than one. Over three hundred twenty, […]

Book review: ‘Naughtier than Nice’ — enjoy a little spice with your Christmas nog!

Naughtier Than Nice

You have to tell somebody. There’s a secret inside you, one you’ve been keeping far too long and you’re about to burst. You need to talk about it. You need some advice, some perspective. As in the new novel Naughtier than Nice by Eric Jerome Dickey, if you don’t talk about this issue soon, it […]

Pride Card Deals


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