Everybody has a trans story …

On Christopher Street

Everybody, as they say, has a story to tell. An ancestor was captured in an early war. Parents overcame adversity in a new country. A health scare, a welcome blessing, a lucky streak, a chance meeting, we all have our tales to share. And in On Christopher Street: Transgender Stories, photographs by Mark Seliger, you’ll […]

Bookwatch: ‘The Gay Preacher’s Wife’

Gay Preacher's Wife

The flowers were a very nice touch. They greeted you from the kitchen counter just as you got home, and were followed by a romantic dinner, candlelight conversation, and a quiet evening at home. It was a gift from your spouse, who often has many surprises for you. But, as in the new book The […]

Will we ever stop talking about Marilyn Monroe?


People will talk. And that can be a bad thing: gossip is often mean, and its shelf-life is sometimes longer than we’d like. On the other hand, a bit of scandalous chatter can be great: as in the new book Marilyn Forever by Boze Hadleigh, if people are talking about you, they’ll remember you. Through […]

Got books? The best of 2016

Young man leans on stack of books

Yep, if you were me, the answer would be, “Ohhh, yeah!”  Shelves of them, in fact, over the last 52 weeks, and here are some of the better choices I read in 2016, in no particular order: FICTION I’m not sure why, but I couldn’t stop touching “I Will Send Rain” by Rae Meadows when […]

Bookwatch: ‘Miss Jane’ — A simply beautiful novel

Miss Jane 2

Your mother called it an “angel’s kiss.” Ugh. Lots of people are born with birthmarks or unique features but you saw yours as a flaw and you hated it for years. Slowly, though, you came to embrace it, to see it as something that sets you apart, and now you wouldn’t erase it for the […]

Bookwatch: ‘The Essential RuPaul’

Essential RuPaul

The Queen has spoken. Everyone listens because, well, how can they not? Her bearing, her stature, her very demeanor demand attention from all her subjects and in the new book The Essential RuPaul by John Davis, illustrations by Libby Vanderploeg, these queens have a lot to say. When RuPaul Andre Charles was a little boy, […]

This memoir is easy to like

Oh, the things you did in your youth! All those late nights, sneaking out of the house and thinking your parents didn’t know (they did). The crazy things you did on the road, hoping the police would never stop you (they did). The parties, the goofy fashions, the drama, all the fun and all the […]

Bookwatch: Great premise, good story – just too much fluff


The first day your toddler said he could dress himself was a day you’ll never forget. He tried; you have to hand it to him. When he was done, part of his outfit was out of season and the other part was out of style, the colors were painful together, and nothing matched except his […]

This unlikely couple had much in common


Your closest friend really gets you. You never have to explain yourself when you’re together; everything said (and unsaid) is understood. There may be many years between you, but it doesn’t matter. There may be differences in background, but no worries. Nothing keeps you apart, and in the new book Elizabeth and Michael by Donald […]

Wrestling fans, this book is for you


You are the champion of all-time. Nobody can beat you; nobody can even tie your record. When it comes to thumb-wrestling, you know all the moves and you really throw your arm into it for the win. Hands-down, you’re the best. So now read Accepted by Pat Patterson (with Bertrand Hebert) and take it to […]

Pride Card Deals


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