Discover this light, gossipy and a little scandalous read

It’s all about who you know. The guy who bags your groceries might have stock tips for you. A co-worker introduces you to your next best friend. You find a great restaurant from your stylist, a new job from a former classmate, and your neighbor gives you gardening advice. It’s all about who you know […]

Scores: The story of a gay man who owned a mainstream strip club

“I’m telling!” If you were ever a child, that whine is familiar to you. It indicated a tattletale nearby, a secret spilled to Mom, and somebody about to be in trouble. Whatever. Annoying as it was, “I’m telling” never hurt much more than your pride then. Today, as in the new book Scores by Michael […]

Here’s your spring book review roundup!

The pile of holiday cards has finally been dispensed. They’ve been sitting in a lump on the counter for months, and you just now got around to sorting them. Some were too beautiful to let go; others had messages you wanted to save, some had addresses you needed, a couple pictures fell on your lap, […]

The calmness and comprehensiveness of this book sets it apart

Your preschooler has always had an active imagination. Flights of fancy and dress-up fill his days. She’s rough-and-tumble, a scrapper in her mind. Make-believe has always been a big part in your child’s life but now you’re hearing something you know in your heart is not pretend – and in the new book Raising the […]

A no-nonsense guide to marriage, gay and otherwise

The box was too small for a toaster. There was no pony in there, no new car, not even a stuffed animal. The box was too small for all that, but it held so much more: dreams, ideas, happiness, congratulations! And if you’re lucky, your wise new fiancé tucked Before I Do by Elizabeth F. […]

This could-be-thorny subject is beautifully tackled

In its most basic description, it’s a muscle. Nothing computerized, no easy-to-follow instructions or list of parts. Nope, it’s a muscle; a dub-thumping, miraculous group of cells that was beating when you were born, due to simple electrical activity. It’s just a muscle, although in the audiobook Beast by Brie Spangler, the heart knows who […]

Everybody has a trans story …

Everybody, as they say, has a story to tell. An ancestor was captured in an early war. Parents overcame adversity in a new country. A health scare, a welcome blessing, a lucky streak, a chance meeting, we all have our tales to share. And in On Christopher Street: Transgender Stories, photographs by Mark Seliger, you’ll […]

Bookwatch: ‘The Gay Preacher’s Wife’

The flowers were a very nice touch. They greeted you from the kitchen counter just as you got home, and were followed by a romantic dinner, candlelight conversation, and a quiet evening at home. It was a gift from your spouse, who often has many surprises for you. But, as in the new book The […]

Will we ever stop talking about Marilyn Monroe?

People will talk. And that can be a bad thing: gossip is often mean, and its shelf-life is sometimes longer than we’d like. On the other hand, a bit of scandalous chatter can be great: as in the new book Marilyn Forever by Boze Hadleigh, if people are talking about you, they’ll remember you. Through […]

Got books? The best of 2016

Yep, if you were me, the answer would be, “Ohhh, yeah!”  Shelves of them, in fact, over the last 52 weeks, and here are some of the better choices I read in 2016, in no particular order: FICTION I’m not sure why, but I couldn’t stop touching “I Will Send Rain” by Rae Meadows when […]

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