Why ‘bfd’ is such a big deal

Lunch, as described in the English Oxford Dictionary from 1580, is a “meal inserted between more substantial meals”. During the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s, factory workers brought a small nosh with them to eat during the middle of the day. Soon after, an hour-long midday break became the workday norm, and small eateries sprang [...]

Venissimo offers a world of cheese

The world is full of all types of amazing food. One of the best things about food is that it can be a geography lesson. There is just so much to learn about food and where it comes from and just how that affects the taste. I often talk a lot about wine and how [...]

True Food Kitchen is topping the food chain

Every once in a while a restaurant comes on to the scene and surprises you. Whether it is the excellent food, interesting décor or hip vibe, it is an exciting thing. So when I heard of a new chain restaurant coming to Fashion Valley in San Diego, I thought, “Oh boy, not another cookie cutter [...]

Pizza and wine come together beautifully at Isola

My favorite two things in this world would have to be pizza and red wine. You can have each on its own or together and the varieties are endless for both. So when I stumbled upon a cute little new bistro in Little Italy, I was thrilled. Isola is a pizza and wine bar. No [...]

Food and wine pairing 101

Being in the food and beverage industry and writing about it, I often get asked how to pair food and wine. Simply answered, pairing food and wine does take some type of knowledge, but it also takes imagination and is a lot of fun. When I first started learning about wine, I was in my [...]

Urban Solace: a treat of modern American cuisine

Modern American cuisine seems to be one of the hottest new trends in dining. Some restaurants are moving away from fusion and focusing more on simple flavors. Modern American fits right up that alley as a new genre of cuisine. There are several places around town that execute this vision well. One however, does it [...]

Kensington Grill: still great after all these years

It is always such a pleasure for me when I can celebrate a restaurant that has been around for years. So often we focus on the new hot trendy ones, we sometimes forget the great classics we have in our own backyard. Recently, I had the good fortune to be reintroduced to one – and [...]

Hundred Hillcrest thank-you’s for 100 Wines

There has been one neighborhood here in San Diego that, for some reason, lacks a certain amount of good quality restaurants. Hillcrest is the hub of our community, yet we don’t have a top restaurant like North Park, Little Italy, or even Bankers Hill. Luckily, our voices have started to be heard and within the [...]

Celebrate the bright colors of Cinco de Mayo

Like so many other food and drink holidays that are celebrated in the United States, very few Americans actually know the significance and history behind these celebrations. I mentioned it before with St. Patrick’s Day and, in my opinion, the Cinco de Mayo celebration has to be next. Cinco de Mayo, or May 5, commemorates [...]

The fleet from Ferrari-Carano is stellar

This industry certainly has its perks and tasting great wine is just one. Last week, I had the great pleasure of sailing around San Diego harbor while tasting the flight and library of one of the best vineyards and wineries today. For more than twenty-five years, Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery has been one of the [...]

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