Stuff happens. Live with it!


Looking back there were many times when we came to a fork in the road and, willingly or not, we chose a path which changed our plans, our dreams and for what it’s worth brought us here. Some choices, part of becoming adults, were expected like college, job, where to live, whom to marry, etc. […]

Music and songsters

Rihanna 2

Political correctness suddenly raised its head as I began these comments on today’s popular music. I started to refer to a particular “songstress,” but with the banishment of actress, waitress etc. I feared irate comments and letters from those enraged by my use of an “ess” word; a pre-Middle English Latin/French suffix denoting a female […]

Welcome to 2016


We did it. In various stages of health, appearance and mental ability we have reached 2016. Congratulations! As I have said before dwelling on the negative is a waste of time and an emotional downer and I advised you to be a cup is half-full person especially as it applies to age-related issues and those […]

The address book


The holidays are coming to a close, I hope with happy memories. For many seniors, however, the year’s final days are sometimes tinged with sadness. We are forced to acknowledge another year has gone and with it several of the friends in our circle. This is especially stressful to senior LGBT community members who often […]

Do you have a pen?


My friends and I enjoy tossing around and reacting to briefly worded memory stimuli; squeezing the orange dot in the margarine bag, the Rosenbergs, that swine McCarthy, Julius LaRosa, the stabbing of Johnny Stompanato, Billie Jean King and the Battle of the Sexes, the watusi, etc. (Oh, ask a senior. I can’t explain everything!). Recently […]

Gobbling the goodies


The decorations of ghosts, goblins and plastic turkeys will soon be replaced by Santa and his elves as is befitting the celebration of the all-important December shopping season. Meanwhile, I hope Thanksgiving Day and its significance will be celebrated among family and friends. Despite a setback or two, the LGBT community should acknowledge and give […]

Fry, bake, broil, zap


We had activities and clubs, yet were home for dinner together. With occasional spats and tears, the conversation and sharing of the day’s events strengthened the family bond. For LGBT seniors without their own family, the chance for such an experience has passed along with Father Knows Best (ask a senior). One aspect of that […]

Visit, now!


Frank and I went to university together and ended up in San Diego. The years have flown by and even though he is still looking good with his fabulous hair and his comebacks as quick as ever, he could not ignore the physical failings overtaking him and so has moved to a care facility. We […]

Just around the corner


Writing these articles well in advance of the publication dates, I invariably learn of some worthy senior LGBT news too late to make it a topic. I do have two topics this time, however. First, it is flu shot time. Don’t bother telling me, like the anti-polio vaccine people, you’ve never had the flu and […]

Modern Victorians


A recent trip down memory lane in my hometown was definitely a double-edged sword. True, nostalgia and memories met me at every turn, but shock also when the turn didn’t reveal the expected. For example, my stately high school had morphed into a bizarre condominium. Worse was my childhood neighborhood of large Queen Anne style […]

Pride Card Deals


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