I can’t do it. It’s too long

There comes a time when we have to admit we just can’t handle it. I increasingly face this problem lately as I try to live up to expectations and my reputation. But sadly, my briefs can only be crammed so full. This is the reason it is necessary to abridge my articles which actually start [...]

My recent tribulations

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Recently, a simple coffee break with friends produced several puzzling points for me to ponder. The first occurred when I innocently offered my spoon to a friend to stir his coffee. True, I had just used it in my own coffee, but I had not licked it, rubbed my filthy fingers on it, nor placed [...]

Scam alert — seniors beware

The Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes is well-known and legit, but when a friend called to say he’d won $100,000, I had to break the bad news that the letter he received was a scam. I had seen it explained on TV the night before. Now he is furious because I “ruined everything.” Luckily he had [...]

Sea Dogs 7, Flying Squirrels 1

On my recent trip to visit my family I was thrilled to read the above headline in my hometown newspaper. It means the Portland team now leads the East Division (of something) by 1 1/2 games. “One more win puts them in the playoffs for the first time since 2008.” My heart be still. My [...]

It’s lobster time again

Here I am back visiting my hometown Portland, Maine. Real trees, not those scrawny palms, surround me making everything so green I feel I’m in the Emerald City. Speaking of which (if you have to ask a senior, turn in your gay card), my old cruising, I mean stomping, ground is almost unrecognizable. True, L.L. [...]

To tattoo or not to tattoo

I am fascinated by today’s explosion of tattoo art and decoration amongst the younger generations. Sure we had tattoos in our day: an anchor, the name of a boy/girlfriend or two, a hula girl, “MOM” and a rose thrown in for good measure, but after getting married or a job, all were covered up. Now, [...]

A Pride reflection: Do a street and a stamp erase the Twinkie defense?

Looking at the carefree young faces celebrating Pride, I couldn’t help remembering the world we faced at that age. My thoughts drifted to Harvey and the killings. The above phrase came to mind and I was sadly aware many young LGBTers have no idea it refers to Harvey Milk whom I hope they know was [...]

Here comes Pride!

Can it be that time again? Yes, it can. Pride is here. I mean our outward expression and celebration of LGBTism. We seniors have clear and unhappy memories of our years of secrets, embarrassment, shame and fear for our jobs, safety and even lives for being ourselves. The situation has changed for many of us, [...]

Godfrey, Sullivan, Burnett, Gleason: Variety memories

The talent and variety shows currently monopolizing the TV screens are justifiably enjoyable and engaging to be sure, but have you noticed how many of the acts of our youth are missing? When was the last time you heard a marimba solo? Don’t you miss the accordionist’s anthem “Lady of Spain” or the “The Bell [...]

Stop pestering me with sex ads

I cannot speak for the entire senior LGBT community, but many of the males therein on occasion enjoy a peek at a naughty Web site or two. Once viewed, however, it becomes impossible to escape endless enticements depicting an appalling array of sexual toys, equipment, scandalous outfits, DVDs and “personal services.” This unending invasion of [...]

Pride Card Deals

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