Filthy drawers

Bills Briefs-

An unpleasant topic today, but one not uncommon among men and women of a certain age. I’ll admit it; my drawers are filthy; and I mean beyond a place to hold my junk. To tell the truth, they are filled with crap. Surely I am not alone in promising time and again to clean it [...]

Melanie’s roller skate key

While chatting about censorship with a young guy about 50, I mentioned Melanie and her roller skate key song and how several groups tried to ban it saying it was too suggestive. Noting his blank expression, I realized Melanie never made it to super stardom and he was confused. As I rattled on about her [...]

Fashion ramblings

My reticence to criticize is well-known, but on occasion I feel duty bound to comment. For instance, on the bus yesterday a young woman had her mini-mini skirt half-way to third base coming within a hair (so to speak) of exposing her most private nether regions. This may be “fashion,” but in my day, it [...]

Kiss the cobra

Opting out of the rafting and a tribal overnight, we headed for the snake farm to observe the vipers, asps, cobras and other creepy crawlies being gaily fondled and petted. As I suspected, volunteers were soon requested to kiss the cobra. Yeah right! My partner jokingly (I think) attempted to raise my hand. A sole [...]

Thailand (mis)adventure

We joined an elephant tour and watched them pull and push huge logs, have a tug of war and dance (a hula!). Later we fed them expensive bananas, but declined a jaunt in a dirty, flimsy howdah; we stayed on the ground where nothing untoward could happen. While some in our group were riding and [...]

Bangkok walkabout

Ignoring the rumors of unrest amongst the locals, we have arrived in Bangkok for a few days before heading north to quieter and cooler Chiang Mai. As usual, we soon skip the tourist areas and wander around the ordinary neighborhoods. At our age we often have to stop for a drink or ice cream. Business [...]

Back in Japan

Bills Briefs

For the next issue or two I may comment about my current travels. I’m with my partner in Tokyo at the moment and cold. Our apartment is about 55 degrees with the kerosene heater on and no heat at all in the toilet and separate shower room. Whatever we do, we do it fast. Speaking [...]

2014 already!

The New Year is upon us and once again rekindling the hope for world peace, universal justice, the elimination of hunger and for Daisy and Minnie to finally get married or at least laid. Sadly, of all these worthy goals the last one is the most likely. However, the human spirit is eternally optimistic and [...]

Holidays of mixed emotions

Celebrants of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and the usually omitted Druid’s Yule, all find December a joyful season this year. And me too; Dec. 25, among other things, is my birthday. It is a day which I am facing with mixed emotions. Certainly, I am happy to still be here considering, as they say, the alternative. [...]

Million dollar winner

I almost dropped the phone last week when I learned I had won several million dollars in a sweepstake. A very nice man congratulated me and then ran through the few simple details for me. I was ecstatic; I couldn’t even remember entering a contest. He assured me the money was mine as long as [...]

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