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The horror of the Orlando killings is being attributed by most to homophobia, “fear of homosexuality.” The word is not correct as we are clearly not dealing with fear here, but with hate. Using “miso” the more appropriate Greek root, makes the correct formation of the word “homosexualmisia” or more simply “homomisia.” But I guess […]

Congrats to the Chorus


You’ve been under a rock if you haven’t heard of the great screw-up concerning the Gay Men’s Chorus’ singing of the national anthem at the stadium. A female voice boomed out over the speakers and drowned out the guys. This made the news from coast to coast. Charges and denials of deliberate sabotage flew fast […]

Pride needs you. Volunteer!


The regular busy bees in the many and varied organizations within the LGBT community are finalizing their preparations for the Pride weekend. We will certainly never forget last year. It was fantastic. As the deluge continued throughout the parade and afternoon, we kept on with full participation and enthusiasm. The spirit and emotion were a […]

Make a note: May 21


We are lucky to be living in a city with so many senior LGBT opportunities. An important one, the yearly Senior Resources Fair, will be May 21 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at The LGBT Center. All are welcome. There is no official age to becoming a senior; like it or not, sooner or […]

A call from the IRS


Nothing is more upsetting than receiving a letter with an IRS return address. Nothing except perhaps receiving a phone call from them claiming that a subpoena was about to be delivered if one did not call the following number to discuss an immediate tax payment. This is the call I got at 7:45 yesterday. Again […]

Bus riders note: A state law


Don’t you hate it when the young and healthy sit in the senior seats staring intently anywhere but in our direction or are too enraptured by their pod/pad to notice us? Worse, of course, is when they offer you their seat before you’ve even paid the fare. It’s like being given a senior movie ticket […]

Vermin Street observations


Just back from my trip, I took my first bus ride down University Avenue and was surprised at the changes six weeks had brought. Buildings, shops and restaurants were gone, yet often in the same locations buildings, shops and restaurants were opening. Thus is the power of positive thinking, a principle to live by. Walking […]

Angkor Wat?


Oh yes, the Cambodian temples – a bucket list favorite and truly outstanding, if you love ruins. From a distance their enormity and grandeur awed and humbled us as we realized what the toil of thousands of workers had produced. But seriously folks, once inside the huge blocks of stone and surrounded by countless depictions […]

Not voting should not be an option

Voter Registration Application for presidential election 2016

Whilst away, I have been bereft of English news unless you count CNN-Sports and the FOX network. Grudgingly listening to snippets of each, I became aware of the current excitement and/or furor affecting the nation. Thankfully, it was soon over and the Academy Awards chalked up another ratings bonanza. Aside from the Oscars, political events […]

The tuk-tuk terror


Here in Siem Reap one gets around by the three-wheeled tuk-tuks which stir up a huge amount of dirt and dust. As my partner and I roared out to Angkor Wat, our eyes became little slits and our throats were soon dry and sore. Luckily, he was carrying, as usual, a package of the surgical […]

Pride Card Deals


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