Acronym puzzles

  Many of us remember Elfrida von Nardroff’s wins, Charles Van Doren’s disgrace, Sputnik and Nixon’s dog. Now such once headlined topics are all trivia; good only for the final Jeopardy question. Great memories and understanding of the past are often of no importance to the younger crowd. I, for one, face constant ridicule for […]

Return to the closet

I phoned an old friend from Tokyo days and had a great time sharing old memories. Sadly the call made me realize how far he had returned to the closet. After retiring and proclaiming he was a farm-boy at heart, he returned to his Nebraska roots and the family ranch 15 miles from the town […]

Privacy, please

You seldom find me in an LGBT bar since, with a few exceptions, the atmosphere is less than welcoming to senior men and women. These places were once our secret/special areas where we could be ourselves, find friends and lovers, dance together (if the police had been paid off) and escape the hate-filled outsiders. Now, […]

The need for kneepads

As a child of staunch New England Protestants I knew little of Catholics except they were awaiting word from the Pope to take over the country with the stacks of rifles and casks of gun powder hidden in the church basement. My father’s friend swore he had seen them. How and why he was there […]

Counter clock

A few Briefs ago I related the story of my partner in my apartment hearing a voice telling him how to resuscitate my antique clock that had stood silent for several months. I’m sure, many of you who have anxiously awaited an update will be happy with the news my beloved timepiece is gonging away […]

A brief three hundred

Does time fly when you’re having fun? It does, and I am as I write this 300th Brief. I try to mix humor with serious suggestions while fitting all into my template of 14 1/2 lines. In the first year with more space, it was easier to write on profound, serious topics like “Mine Is […]

Time went

“Where did the time go?” Who knows, but it went! What a shock to spot that gorgeous, still undulating lava lamp in a display window and then realize it’s in an antique shop. Likewise, when you alone sing along to “Jail House Rock,” enact the whole Who’s on First or confuse the young around you […]

First morning back

My flight back to my old home in Tokyo was uneventful, but started with the security guard taking one look at me and abruptly asking if I had a pacemaker or a knee or hip replacement. It was like being given a senior discount without asking for one. One manages a weak smile. My first […]

You know what I mean

We of a certain age are well acquainted with the term “senior moment” or, as others quaintly phrase it “brain fart.” I have found it popping up quite often recently at my weekly men’s discussion group. While having coffee we solve the world’s problems. The jealous powers-that-be refuse to acknowledge us, thus we progress toward […]

New Year’s cleaning

Before I left for my yearly visit to Japan, my home for 40 years, I engaged in the traditional New Year’s house cleaning, a custom I follow as religiously as my resolution to lose 10 pounds. A hard look at my “must keeps” instantly reminded me of my father’s comment, “If you have a closet, […]

Pride Card Deals


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