Turkey and trumpery


Thanksgiving Day. The posting on Grandma’s front door read, “NO POLITICS. I MEAN IT!” Cousin Annette arrived with Celia (Sid) whom the family stoutly refers to as “her best friend” resolutely continuing “and we all just love her.” Both were dressed in pantsuits a la you-know-who and wearing huge safety pins which they explained meant […]

A time for thanks


Thanksgiving Day 2016. Well, so much for the prediction the Trumpites would protest in the streets if Hillary won and how awful and un-American that would be. The entrails seem to have been mis-read. Obviously, my advice to vote, at least, for the senate was ignored. I suggest you ask all who complain if they […]

It has ended. Finally!


The “It” may be interpreted: the election, the country, the American Way, etc. As I write this, I have no idea who won what. As a non-partisan columnist, the secret of my preferences is sacrosanct, so I will refrain from detailing the horrors ahead for the LGBT community if she didn’t win. In either case, […]

Don’t let them win


Wake up. Election Day, Nov. 8, is almost here. The steady supply of publicity about state and local issues and the colossal amount of time and money spent on the presidential race indicate the importance of the outcome. Unfortunately, many people from both sides are unhappy with their party’s choice to the point they may […]

How they have aged


Here in Portland, my home town, things don’t change very much so it is easy to feel we don’t either. It is therefore strange when I see seniors the age of my classmates, but I don’t recognize any of them. More puzzling, why does no one recognize me? Even with an added pound or two […]

LGBT affirmative tenants


The LGBT Affirmative Senior Housing’s first public meeting was Sept. 8 at which some points were a surprise to the attendees. It was explained “affirmative” is a necessary inclusion to the project’s description since restricting the building only to LGBT tenants would be discriminatory and therefore illegal. It is possible however to request that the […]

Time to form a security circle


At any age to be on the floor and immobile, the message, “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” is not a joke. The situation is a constant concern to seniors. The time to prepare for such an emergency is now. Maybe you think you have taken care of the problem by giving a key to […]

An Iowa champion


I just returned from a visit to my sister and her family in Iowa. As usual we attended the Corn Festival and, my favorite, the Tractor Fair. Triple blessed, we also got to enjoy the Iowa State Fair in the 92 degree sunshine. Not to be missed was the day’s climax, the “2016 Big Boar […]

Being a Rockette


I shudder at the dreams of the young today as they aspire to be great “stars” like the Kardashians or a singer whose main emphasis is on amassing scandals, friends with benefits and divorce millions. In our day countless high school girls (sorry, that is what they were then) dreamed of packing a suitcase, getting […]

Help with the donut hole


You younger readers will need a senior who can explain the topic. Good luck finding one. Briefly, the “donut hole” is not a cute, new, gay “pin the tail on the donkey” game. It is a serious and unwelcome place to be and means you have to pay full price for your medicines for the […]

Pride Card Deals


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