Blossoming into quite the pansy

Growing up, every year for Mother’s Day I would go to the nursery with my grandmother and pick out potted flowers. There was a space reserved in the yard specifically for my mother and me to plant these gifts called, for lack of imagination as a toddler, her Mother’s Day garden. The garden contained both […]

Swine and dine

There is an inherent fear of cooking white meats that I got over long ago using a meat thermometer until I was completely comfortable estimating doneness by texture. Case in point: the other day someone commented that the chicken I had served was very tender and delivered the comment not as a compliment but as […]

Curing a boring menu

Most holidays I can think of encompass foods that are saturated in tradition – whether it is familial, religious or secular. For me, Easter encompasses all three, each lending a particular aspect to the annual brunch I throw. I also incorporate foods of another religious celebration because of the diversity and respect it contributes to […]

Hey Mary!

As a lighthouse guides a ship through the fog, so too does the idea of the Bloody Mary guide those through the fog of a hangover; out of their sleeping quarters and off to brunch. I’m assuming after the White Party, Bloody Mary sales will be up and drinkers may even look like the scary […]

Cukes not nukes

In the next few weeks, if not already, we will see the beginning of the cucumber season that will last us through the summer. Being common to almost all Americans, the cucumber probably does not receive the recognition it deserves and falls easily into the background. In this issue, I look at different uses for […]

No spring chicken

Last weekend was my birthday and with it the reminder that I am not getting any younger. Reflecting on life and age, I looked to staples I have in my life – such as family, friends and my love of cooking. I also thought of culinary staples for the column and decided that roasting a […]

Green thumbs are in fashion

Form versus function seems to be an omnipresent choice in my world: shoes, clothes, kitchen organization and even vegetable planting. With spring next week, I will face a new wealth of these choices: a whole quarter of my closet to choose from again, spring cleaning, organizing and what kind of vegetables I will grow. Of […]

Everything’s going to pot

The essence of a one-pot meal is it is economical, dishwasher friendly and (if the recipe is right) brings people together. In this time of a subdued economy, the one-pot meal has brought me household savings and communion over the stove, both of which provide relief from what can otherwise be an unnerving time. So, […]

All hail Caesar Salad

While watching the Academy Awards and deciding who are the best and worst dressed, here is some food for thought. How do you think the celebs were looking at the Hotel Caesars on Revolucion in Tijuana back in the 20s and early 30s? Dashing south of the border to whoop it up, skirting the U.S.’s […]

Fresh berry tart with pastry cream

I usually reserve this recipe for my annual Easter Brunch, but present it here because it fits the bill so well. You will want to use the freshest berries in the market. For the pastry cream: 3 cups of milk 12 large eggs 1 1/2 cups sugar 1/4 cup cornstarch 2 tablespoons unsalted butter 2 […]

Pride Card Deals


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