A distraction like love

I know you’re not going to believe me when I tell you this, but I’ve been practically celibate since I won my Nicky Award and reality show last year. As I’ve detailed before, those experiences really boosted my sense of self-worth and helped me to forgo the meaningless hook-ups that once filled me with a […]

Comparing apples and oranges

I have a bad habit of comparing my accomplishments to those of acquaintances, celebrities and artists. Some of these comparisons make me feel woefully inadequate. Without trophies or a standardized life progress bar marked with universal signs of success, I’m left drowning in confusion, competition and the pressure to do more with my life. I […]

Practicing a positive perspective for a happier life now

I’ll admit to using moisturizer and Rogaine, but never have I feared getting older. I’ve always appreciated the wisdom that age brings and looked forward to maturity. I figured that my built up database of experiences would lend itself to an expanded perspective of the world and would help me better prioritize and maintain happiness. […]

Warts and all

Writing a column is like living life; trying to be or focusing on too many things at once leaves everyone confused. While it feels limiting to only deal with one subject at a time, it’s essential to crafting anything remotely intelligible. Unfortunately, it’s just not in my nature. As a self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades, I like exploring […]

The best of the bad

Mommy dearest always told me to make the most of any situation. There’s always a silver lining or lesson to learn even in the worst possible experiences, she would say. I didn’t realize how much I took this instruction to heart until I started analyzing my own actions and correlating moods. I began paying attention […]

The sweet truth

Someone called my column saccharin the other day – one of the more (ironically) bittersweet critical compliments I’ve received. It’s the aspect I love and hate most in my writing, and one I can’t seem to change. It’s frustrating because I have so many dark and depressing thoughts in my head, but I can never […]

When I grew up

We don’t have much time on Earth to achieve personal fulfillment. Although we have little chance of accomplishing the idealized control and godliness, we do have opportunities to feel happy and satisfied in our daily lives. Each of us has wishes, plans and personal missions, and it’s up to each of us to try to […]

‘ … and ye shall be as gods’

D o you ever stop and ask yourself why you’re really doing something? Some people go their whole lives without ever questioning their base motives and operating procedures. Some are mindless slaves to their instincts and desires, while others predictably follow social constructs and arbitrary definitions of normalcy. Zombies and robots, I joke. We all […]

The gay-list

A few months ago, I met a handsome man at a bar. I recognized him as one of the better-known, more beautiful men of Hillcrest and decided to approach him. We talked for a while about his passion for music and his desire to break into the industry. We both shared big dreams, but aside […]

A small good act

We all have different methods and beliefs, but I would say that most of us try our best to be good people. It is a shame that we do not have an easy way to measure our success, but I believe that’s what keeps us trying. When my mom ran into the room screaming, my […]

Pride Card Deals


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