Girl fight tonight!

Ladies and gentlemen, because there were a plethora of strong women introduced this TV season and we love them; I thought we’d see which ones were million dollar babies and others who could stand a little more fancy footwork by pitting them against one another. Let’s get ready to rumble, OK? Of course, this being […]

What Whitney meant to me

There are some recording artists that are intertwined with the coming out process and beyond, forever encased in a piece of memory amber to be looked at under the light of remembrance, intrinsically using the spotlight of said musician to illuminate what they meant on a personal level over the years. For me, during the […]

New Year’s entertainment resolutions, part III

So, we’ve taken a hard look – sponsored in part by Viagra – at the first two installments regarding 2012’s TV shows and movies. But, this year’s musical resolutions aren’t a case of the first Gilligan’s Island theme song, in which I’m presenting an “and the rest” type of scenario. Simply put, it’s time to […]

Entertainment 2012, part II

This year’s entertainment landscape is so schizophrenic, it had to be broken down methodically, hence my two-part strategy. You know, like Kirstie Alley at a Krispy Kreme promising herself to just look at the glazed doughnuts. Schwing dancing Two words oughta get you into the cineplex: Magic Mike. Here’s six more: Joe Manganiello as Big […]

New Year’s entertainment resolutions part I

Every year when the New Year begins to loom large on the final calendar page everyone is all about losing weight, exercising more, quitting their respective vices and resolving to make the upcoming year the one that will be the best ever. Sometimes, the resolutions stick like the floor of a movie theater, while others […]

Holiday queer cheer

It’s that time of year again, when our attention turns to how homo-worthy some past yuletide specials have been. Well, at least mine does. Yes, we have been made aware that Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, and his sidekick Hermie the Elf were super gay. Or that A Year Without a Santa Claus’ two brothers, […]

‘Gay’ penguins separated at Toronto Zoo may not reunite if young are produced

Gay News San Diego | LGBT WEEKLY | Buddy & Pedro

Over the last month, animal activists have mounted concern over the separation of Buddy and Pedro, two male partner penguins at the Toronto Zoo who have been estranged for breeding. The two ‘love birds’ have had quite a past; Buddy, 21, used to have a female partner for “quite a few years” before meeting Pedro, […]

Fall TV report card

The fall TV season is in full swing and some of the shows have already been strung up in a hangman’s noose, but they haven’t left viewers twisting in the wind about their ability to hold us enraptured. It has truly been a case of survival of the fittest, and some series have been gone […]

Pride Card Deals


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