Finding art and culture in the leather community

Over the past few months, I’ve reported on and written about various events, contests and festivals. I have really been impressed by the display of all the leather arts, crafts and history behind it. As most of us were, I was exposed to the naked human body through paper pornography. It was used for its […]

The leather world is watching San Diego

The San Diego leather community is evolving into one of the premier communities within the U.S. There has been a lot of attention on us lately and I think it’s about time that we recognize ourselves. Wow, what a showing! Not only have we managed to capture the attention of the world with the pride […]

Time to explore the ‘kink’ curious person in you

San Diego Pride is upon us! The San Diego Leather Realm is back again this year, educating those who are “kink” curious. The kink curious persons are normally those who have kinky thoughts, but most of the time feel they are the only ones who feel that way, until they meet other like-minded men and […]

Competitive contestants ramp up the excitement

Were you there? Did you experience the energy? Did you feel the excitement? If you did, then you know that I’m talking about the 2012 California Leather Sir/boy Community Bootblack and Puppy Contest held at Queen Bee’s on Saturday June 18. It was off the chain, literally! After the National Anthem was performed by T-roy, […]

San Diego’s leather family includes many related groups

Over the years, the leather community has supported numerous charities. During the AIDS crisis, not that it’s over, the community created and financially supported organizations like Mama’s Kitchen, The Food Pantry and Being Alive. These organizations provide food and services to members stricken by what was once a terminal illness that left its mark not […]

Preparing for the bootblack and puppy contest

The San Diego family, which includes the Imperial Court, puppies, sisters, cowboys, bears, local business owners, men and women of the leather community and a few elders, all came together on Sunday, May 15 at Dutch’s “Pink Palace,” a beautiful estate, to send-off Anthony Rollar, Mr. San Diego Leather 2010, to International Mr. Leather (IML) […]

San Diego happenings, Long Beach Leather, safe sex and IML

Over the past 10 years, I have had the opportunity to participate and compete in various contests throughout California and the United States. I got my roots at Wolf’s Bar in 2003 as Mr. Wolfs. I then went on to compete for Southern California Leather Sir 2003, which catapulted me to International Leather Sir 2003 […]

How did leather contests start?

In 1979, Chuck Renslow and his partner Dom Orejudos (Etienne) started the International Mr. Leather contest, which grew from its humble beginnings of Mr. Gold Coast Contest, a bar contest. The contest attracted contestants not only from Chicago, but from surrounding states as well. The contest quickly outgrew the Gold Coast Leather Bar and was […]

Out and about in leather

Since I started writing this column for the San Diego LGBT Weekly, many new people have started to frequent many of the places that I’ve mentioned. I’ve had the pleasure to meet a few of them. I have been asked many questions about the leather community and have received comments like, “I have always been […]

Leather love, compassion: mentorship

As a member of the leather community, I have been privy to the love and compassion of my leather family since my inception more than 10 years ago. I was raised by the San Diego leather community and mentored by former and present community leaders, who took me under their wings and nurtured me to […]

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